What Is MoneyExchanger.Biz? Is MoneyExchanger.Biz a Scam or Legit!

By | January 24, 2018

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The Truth on What Is MoneyExchanger.Biz and Why It IS Completely ILLEGAL!

So here we have another scheme at MoneyExchanger.Biz promising huge returns per investment. Should you need to find out What Is MoneyExchanger.Biz, asking is MoneyExchangerBiz a fraud or safe or need to find out Money Exchanger Biz work details then you have come to the right place. I can already say they are an illegal ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme and cash gifting scheme! SCAM!

I am not an affiliate of the website I am writing about and so you will not find any links to their site. Data sourced from reputable online websites and from my own extensive knowledge in exposing online scams. The purpose of my article is to warn others of the very real threats posed by Money Exchanger Biz!

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What Is MoneyExchanger.Biz? Online Owner ID, Work, Fee’s, Pay, Illegal Activities Detailed and Exposed.

Let us find out who owns this site first before we can answer What Is MoneyExchanger.Biz. Quick look and I can see they are from South Africa with an owner name of Obakeng (means “Praise the Lord”) Morake.

Money Exhanger Biz was created 07/04/2017 and set to expire same date in 2018. No online business would only give their business just one year to succeed online so tells me they are a hit-and-run site. Their email is not visible and is a good sign we are dealing with an online scam.

They promote themselves as a Member to Member (same as peer to peer) funding platform where you will INSTANTLY (#scammerspeak word favored by scammers and is a sign of a scam when you see it online – 99%!) receive donations once signed up. They try to ‘hook’ you when they say you can turn $10 into $6000 and $40 into $1740.


Investment Levels at MoneyExchanger.Biz



So, if you invest more money you earn lessSounds Legit (lol).

They are already not making sense as why would a higher investment yield a lower return? Major Scam Sign Warning.

OK, it would seem they are running a Charity of sorts as all donations goes to all members without any admin fee’s. This is very nice of them and also not true. Below I will detail how it all works.



How it Works and Who Is It For.

  1. You sign up.
  2. You invite two others. Invite as many as you like actually. Open as many accounts as you like.
  3. SUCCESS! Repeat step two forever until they run off with all the money.

All banks and BitCoins accepted and payment is given likewise.

It is important we realize they ARE NOT AN MLM (Multi Level Marketing Company) as they have no real product to sell or service to sell. I only say this as I found some articles, pretending to be unbiased and impartial, saying they were! Simply a lie, or they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. It is firstly a ponzi scheme. I will detail it further later.

They operate a 2×5 forced matrix. Meaning, you get commissions five levels deep = meaning – when your first two referrals makes two referrals, you make money.

Those two referrals makes two more referrals each you earn money. Repeat this times five in total for your own commissions. Even though you may not have recruited the descending recruits, you still get paid, and this is a pyramid scheme as well, as most of the money flows upwards.

When they can not get any more sign ups, no more money, then the whole program collapses leaving existing members without pay per investment, hence, this is what a ponzi scheme is.

HOWEVER,! Really important, the word DONATION is scripted into this nightmare and so now you have bound your self to agree not to receive a return, because, it is a DONATION! Though they describe donations will receive profits, so, it is not a donation by definition and must be an investment? Do not trust sites that use the word donation (gifting cash to total strangers online) and investment, returns etc.

Word Magic at its finest.

It is open to everyone that has internet and a BTC WALLET.



Fee’s and Returns.

Start off with just R100 ($8.38) to get a return of an incredible R6000 ($502.86). First members to sign up may have a shot of receiving such returns, late comers, will get stung. This is by their 2×5 forced matrix pyramid scheme.

They have two other matrix levels and you may see it in their own words from their site below this paragraph. All returns are unrealistic and not sustainable! To pay out to everyone that signs up and pays a fee would leave this company in a perpetual state of debt to their members, which it is. People will lose money when the company can no longer recruit others and owe the majority of their members money! Many will one day try to find the website just to find it gone – I have seen this happen many times now.


Matrix System at MoneyExchanger.Biz




Level 3 Donation at MoneyExchanger.Biz



As you can see there are three levels and the monies per members that will be dragged into ti can not be sustained. Per their own business setup they only have 32 Levels Deep for the population of Planet Earth to be involved, so we now see, how quickly a site like this can collapse. This collapse could happen any time even after you just donated!!




I understand there are some who join up knowing the risks. However, many join up thinking it is a real free money opportunity. It is not for most members. Tell me your experiences in the comment below if you are getting rich with these guys, or indeed, been ripped off as I know most members have or will be.


Below is my rating and then you can have your own say!



Scales of Justice










I would be very interested to know, as would many readers would be as well, if anyone signed up and made some pretty decent money? Did you perhaps donate but was badly let down when they would not pay you? Many ponzi schemes will set up fake accounts and take legit members monies and not pay anything afterwards. It is a multi layered con and one you must approach with caution. I am sure some will disagree with me, and that is OK as well, as everyone is welcome to leave their comments below, of which, I respond to all. Regarding What Is MoneyExchanger.Biz I believe there is sufficient data for all to make a decision going forward. Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to all of your experiences/opinions. Bye for now 🙂 .


8 thoughts on “What Is MoneyExchanger.Biz? Is MoneyExchanger.Biz a Scam or Legit!

  1. Irma

    Amazing post! And thank you for watching out for us!

    I cannot believe the government is more concerned about people pirating movies from the internet when there are thousands of these scammers robbing people of their hard earned savings!

    As someone who has very nearly fallen for something along these lines, I am happy to see someone pointing out the various jargon used by scammers to dupe people into signing up and giving them money. These scammers are so lazy and cannot get a real job and believe that somehow they are entitled to scam people who are ignorant in their ways.

    However, after all this time, people should also be aware that you do not get something for nothing. I see these types of scams with MLM’s, where folks think that for a $200 investment they will reap thousands and thousands of dollars. People want to believe that this is legit, and I get that, but seriously?

    Thank you for keeping us informed and keep up the good work!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Irma,

      You are very welcome Irma 🙂 .

      Yes, I know right – pirate movies!! I know there was a trial in the USA to try and prosecute every single human being on the planet for downloading pirate movies! Here is the kicker – those movies were being supplied by main stream providers of such movies via their own websites.

      Judge threw it out of court as they set up the pirating situation to begin to, not the judges words I am about to use, to monetize people by getting them fined and jailed. We are talking taking people from all over the world and bringing them to the USA for jail and fines. Sneaky and evil and a waste of resources.

      Yes, one of the ways I know I am dealing with a scam site is of their preferred buzz words to entice sign ups. It is quite reliable to say the least, and MoneyExchanger.Biz, has such a language.

      Small investment equaling huge profits- NOPE – not in the legal real world anyways.

      You are welcome and hope to hear again from you soon Irma.



  2. Anubhav Singh

    It takes a lot of effort to do the research and find about these SCAMS!

    You are doing a great job here.

    Now I know one more Online Scam that I won’t get into.


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Julie,

      You said it! The Internet is such a huge and ever expanding online space that the world simply does not appear to have the resources to find them all and shut them down! But, that is OK, as there are many bloggers like myself in the fight to keep the Internet a safe place for all by exposing online scam websites.

  3. Rich

    You are doing a GREAT service with your website! I can’t help but think of the people you are helping. I know I have been scammed to one degree or other.


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Rich,

      Thank you kindly Rich and I also have been scammed as well. So, I noticed many were asking What Is MoneyExchanger .Biz, I was on it to find out to see if they were legit or not.

      Thanks again for stopping by 🙂 .


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