What Is Money Is Must? Is Money Is Must a Scam or Legit?

By | November 2, 2017

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A Review of What Is Money Is Must and is it Legitimate.

Here is my review into What is Money Is Must and if it is safe, if MoneyIsMust legit and do they actually pay you for your work. MoneyIsMust.com is a scam site by the owner who has many other sites that rip off people. Among the sites I have investigated into this rather active scammer are EarlyPayJob.com, Buckstip.com, Dollarzip.com, DevelopDollars.com, PayJut.com and have all proven to be nothing but scam websites that do not pay out to anyone!

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Break Down of What Is Money Is Must.

Immediately, I can tell you that I will be putting MoneyIsMust straight into my ‘Scams Sites’ section of my website due to being a part of an online scam network!

It is FREE to sign up to moneyismust.com. It is an advertising platform that promises to pay users to complete ‘tasks’. They describe their opportunity as the ‘easiest way to make money’ where every job takes just 30 seconds to complete for a whopping $10 per task! That really is all I NEED to call MoneyIsMust a total and fraudulent scam website!

Any site that offers more than $00.01 (just 1 cents), then it is a scam, or at least should be considered ‘suspicious’.

The Founder of this site can not be located online and there is no email contact either. That is deceptive and typical of sites that are created to scam people online.

Extraordinary claims of riches is nearly always a scam. MoneyIsMust can be safely classified as a ‘Seller of Dreams’, meaning, it is not real and should not be trusted.



Is Money is Must a scam?



The Home Page is littered with grammatically ill constructed sentences and bad grammar. This is very ‘usual‘ of non-legitimate sites.

The estimated rate of pay per day is between $50 to $100 per day. No one gets that kind of money for any ad site online.

The email on their site is totally fake with a fake sign up bonus of $25.

Basically, you get paid for ‘clicking’ on ads and doing menial online tasks, like surveys and completing offers. By the time you get to ask for your money, if I recall correctly minimum payout is $300, you will be told to compete surveys or ‘offers’ before payment.

Here is where the SCAM GETS REAL! You MUST complete the surveys or offers before payment. Fair enough, I guess. However, you MUST PAY to COMPLETE those surveys or offers. Once paid you will be locked out of your account or your account will ‘mysteriously’ ‘suspended’ without reinstatement or warning or reason!


Your work on this site will generate a considerable amount of revenue as advertisers pay for clicks and for filling out surveys and completing offers. You will NEVER SEE A PENNY OF YOUR WORK FROM MoneyIsMust nor has ANYONE ever been paid by them as well.

IF! If any payments have been paid (big ‘if‘) then this is usual as scam sites will pay a few to make ‘payment proofs’ to provide to new users to convince them that they are legit.



Logical Reasons Why This Is A Scam!

OK, whom among us does not want to get paid a whole and legitimate $10 for a 30-second task/job online? Imagine getting paid $10 for every mere 30 second tasks, by the end of the day, you could easily earn near on 1000s of dollars. I know for me, if a site was really and truly legit and the money was real, I would struggle to get any sleep for that pay rate. Alas, I hope you see how impossible this is in the lower pay scale of no skill to low skilled work.

Secondly, advertisers can not afford to pay anyone $10 a ‘click’. They would go out of business in no time and probably end up owing money for their start up.

If advertisers really want to get high traffic clicks, the all they have to do is give Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube etc, a few quid to get that traffic. Ultimately, it will never equate to $10 per click, unless, you are advertising High End Products or services – where prices go into the hundreds of thousands if not millions, then it is worth it!

The site under review was created on the 7/8/2017 and is already scamming the shirts off of people.


A question on if moneyismust.com a scam.






Owner of MoneyIsMust is a very active scammer and creates these same sites all the time. The home page does be different but the scam remains completely the same. It is estimated there could be thousands of these same sites by the same person and also they sell on your personal details that you used to sign up with. They sell them on for a profit to third parties for a profit, a personal profit for themselves.


A discussion on what is money is must.




I would love to hear from you! Have you been scammed by the site under review of the ones listed in the intro to this post? Have you made money from any of these sites? Not sure about something online promising rices for easy work? Go a head and leave your experiences in the comments section below to help warn others to promote your success. I always respond to comments and I am always willing to help show others how to make money online risk free to start. Just ask me. Thank you for reading my post and I am sure I am answered the question What Is Money Is Must to safe guard you from signing up with them. Please consider sharing this post to help warn others to lessen the scam instances online. Stay safe online everyone!


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2 thoughts on “What Is Money Is Must? Is Money Is Must a Scam or Legit?

  1. Samantha Parker

    Omg! That site is crazy! Look for an easy comparison, Amazon has a program called MechanicalTurk and there is no way that even they could pay that kind of money! Thanks for pointing this out. I feel like all the information here can be used for other sites to see if they are scams too. Very informative!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Samantha,

      Thank kindly for commenting on this article revealing its true nature to scam people!

      I spent considerable hours in the past filling out surveys but never stuck at it to get my few quid! Total and disheartening waste of time.

      The only online work I have ever stuck with is Wealthy Affiliate as they have trained me up from beginner to expert level in Affiliate Marketing, for that, I am deeply grateful.

      Yes, it is utterly crazy! Crazy to even make an offer $10 per referral click. WHAT!? Never would that happen as it is no where near cost effective and you would go bust in no time!!

      MeachanicalTurk? I will definitely have a look at that – thanks for the tip Samantha, much appreciated.

      Thank you kindly once again Samantha and I am always here should you have any questions on how to make money online.




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