What Is MommyJobsOnline.com? Is MommyJobsOnline.com a Scam!

By | February 16, 2018

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Review Answering What Is MommyJobsOnline.com




What Is MommyJobsOnline.com and does it Work.

Looking to find legit work online and wondering What Is MommyJobsOnline.com, does MommyJobsOnline provide real and honest work from home opportunities and is Mommy Jobs Online actually just a scam? This is an unaffiliated review where I have endeavored to source accurate data for my readers benefit. I can say the jobs are real but the job leads they offer their members can be a little out dated. It costs money on this site to try to find a job which flies in the face that one should never pay another for a job. Here is what we will cover:-


MommyJobsOnline.com Is BBB Accredited

  • Owner Details.
  • What is it and How it Works.
  • Short list of Work on Offer.
  • User Complaints.
  • The Pro’s and Con’s.
  • How To Own Your Website and Make Money In Affiliate Marketing – $0 Cash Start Up!
  • Have Your Say.


I have to say you do have to pay this website for sometimes out-of-date info which I can’t recommend as being legit in this instance. To find a real work from job I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You may find all details in my review >HERE< or sign up >HERE< to start with CC for the free options. Paid Options Available.



What Is MommyJobsOnline.com and Who is the Owner.

We begin by trying to find out who owns this website before we can answer fully what is MommyJobsOnline. At a swift glance it is easy to tell they do not have an owner, address or email attached to their website. They do however have an email on their website along with a phone number but no Founder name. This is suspicious and if they were 100% would not be hiding such vital detaisl. Ultimately, you don’t know who you are dealing with.

What Is it and How does it Work? This website has been dedicating itself to helping Mommy’s find work online to work from home since 2012. Incidentally they expire just after mid 2018. They claim to have found at least 5000+ online safe and legit jobs that you can apply for. This saves you time and effort in finding real job leads and is not a bad idea at all.


MommyJobsOnline.com Legit Jobs for Mums and Dads

Is there a start up cost? Unfortunately there is. You are paying for information that you could have found anyways but the fee is a lifetime one and there appear not to be any recurring costs from this point forward. The start up cost for one list is $85 lifetime fee. To get all six lists you must pay a one time fee of $210. Considering we do not know how fresh these job leads are and who owns this website it is a huge risk to say the least.

Below is a short list out of the 5000+ jobs they claim to have on offer for Mom’s – and Dad’s as well:-


  • Teaching Jobs.
  • Virtual Assistant.
  • Medical Coding.
  • Data Entry Clerk.
  • Recruiting Transcription.
  • Clerical.
  • Customer Service.
  • HR Personnel Assistant.
  • Virtual Recruiter.
  • Work at Home Blog – this is the best route for those that want to make an income for the long term.
  • Freelance Job Promoter.
  • Agent Verification.

The List goes on.


Once you have acquired your list you are advised to make contact with these ‘pre-screened’ job offers. They also give out advice on how to be more employable such as learning body language, not say personal things in interviews, how to do correct emails, branding yourself, taking a real and sincere interest in people, joining groups that you should take part in and mostly highly patronizing advice they should have just kept to themselves.


Silly Advice Given By MommyJobsOnline.com

They are not coming across as too legit to me when they start spouting advice like theirs and then repeat the same advice four times, reworded, in several points. This is a sign of scam when websites become so generic.


User Complaints.

It has been noticed they are BBB Accredited and so decided to check them out. They possess a B+ Rating with eight complaints since they first launched. This is not bad at all for time online, however, there are many places online I have seen many more complaints of poor support, out-of-date lists, misleading job descriptions and the company are not too quick to hand back refunds either. Below are some more concerning of the complaints from the BBB:-


MommyJobsOnline.com User Complaints

User Complaint for MommyJobsOnline.com

I did see one refund to be fair.



As can be seen we seen stale lists, misleading job description among other complaints. What was even more surprising for me was the Business Response was very impatient at times and wrangled to find ways not to give refunds. Even implying it is the user’s fault and saying the user was not being genuine in one such complaint response – lol – ever heard the customer is always right?




  • They save you time to find legit jobs online to work from home with.
  • Offer advice on how to be a grown up in finding work (I was not impressed with their condescension, but that is just me I guess).
  • Have 5000+ pre-screened jobs available – apparently.
  • Email and phone number for support.
  • BBB Accredited – BIG PLUS 🙂 .



  • Not quick to give refunds.
  • Hard to use website.
  • Generic and patronizing advice.
  • I researched one instance of a ‘list‘ that was not up to date and that lady’s referrer said she must buy a new one!
  • You are paying someone else for a job – This is one of the biggest NO’s online.
  • Additionally, people are paying for information they could have got off of any Job Search Website.
  • Support appears to be unprofessionally combative and unhelpful to user complaints.
  • Poor online reviews.
  • Misleading job descriptions telling me Mommy Online Jobs does not have an adequate vetting system for potential employers, EVEN THOUGH, they say the ‘list’ is a pre-screened employers list.
  • Out of date list(s).
  • The pay is poor for most of the jobs. One lady ‘processed’ (whatever that means) thousands of emails and received $20 for her work and time. That is just insulting and I pay more than that to get my grass cut.

*It must be said that we don’t know how many people got real and good paying jobs from their website and so I can not, as so many other online blogs are, be too quick to call them a scam. We can see their are some Support issues and kinks in their lists to be sorted out but I believe they are genuine and doing their best to provide work for people online. However, paying for these lists when the information can be sourced by oneself for free is a bit much as well.


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THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Has anyone here signed up to the website I just reviewed? Were your lists out-of-date for the money you paid them? I think that is very unprofessional and you are only beggin to get a poor online reputation. Perhaps you were lucky enough to find a real and good paying job for your $85/201 investment? Let us know all of your successes as well as I find it hard they would survive online if I were to go by other reviews of them. I will wrap this up now by saying thank you kindly for reading this article on What Is MommyJobsOnline.com and I sincerely hope to hear from you all in the comment box below. Farewell for now 🙂 .



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