What Is MMM Nigeria Net? Scam or Legit!

By | January 27, 2018

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All You Need to Know on What Is MMM Nigeria Net.

I recently stumbled across MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria (mmm-nigeria.net) and decided to do some research into What Is MMM Nigeria Net, is MMM Nigeria Net illegal or safe and honest? My article will give research background ID and historical data on owner. My article will give details on how it operates, how to make money with MMMNIGERIANET, the pitfalls and what does “MMM” actually mean. However, for now, I am 100% confident in telling you that it is an illegal online ponzi/pyramid scheme operation and comes with some honest risk.

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Sergei Mavrodi CEO of MMM Nigeria Net

Website:- https://mmm-nigeria.net.

CEO:- Sergei Mavrodi.

Founded:- 2016 and set to expire 2019.

Fee’s:- Minimum of 2 BTC Donation.

SCAM:- YES! Not Recommended and Labeled as Highly Unstable Ponzi/Pyramid Platform.

#1 Recommendation:- Wealthy Affiliate.





What Is MMM Nigeria Net, How it Works, Owner Details, Fee’s and ROI.

OK, before even beginning to answer what is MMM Nigeria Net, I always do some research on them first. My article will give give you some historical info near bottom of this post, as I believe, to know such information can tell you terrible things do happen with such ponzi/pyramid schemes.

Glancing briefly at their own online ID I see that there is no Founder Name, email not displayed and address given for Utah, though and obviously, the website primarily caters to Nigerians. OK, that strikes me as strange, but no where near enough to warrant losing ones mind with concern. They are set to shut down, unless they update their expiration date on their site, in 2019, June 7th!

“SO WHAT IS IT PHILIP!!?” I hear you say 🙂 .


MMM Nigeria Net Legal Statement


It is a ponzi scheme (named after Italian Charles Ponzi – Wikipedia does a nice article on this man). This means money comes only from new members you either recruit to the program or members assigned to you via some ‘system’ on such sites. The money from new members now pays older members.

There is NO product/service for this money. Now those recruits repeat this process until we run out of new sign ups, meaning, no new money and the whole thing collapses. Now, the masses will not get returns and the owner and Top Tier (early member sign ups) will do very well indeed. Due to the intrinsic flaws in their business structure they can collapse at any time.

It is also a pyramid scheme. All that means is most of the money floats from the bottom (new sign ups) to the top. The longer a site is around of this nature the more ‘selective’ and erratic payments per investments become. Early members are the lucky ones and should do very well. Many have earned good incomes from such schemes but the majority lose time and time again!

That is how MMM Nigeria Net works.

So, they have a very good and highly responsive Live Chat Support that would put most legal online companies to shame! For that I congratulate their professionalism. It is worth mentioning that the owner of MMM is a man called Sergei Mavrodi.

This man has a rich history with such schemes! A good deal of praise has been said by many for him for making them good money, however and especially of late, I have seen many participants complain of no payouts and looking elsewhere to other new ponzi schemes.

It is also worth mentioning Mavrodi tells his members NOT TO LISTEN TO ANYONE ONLINE REGARDING MMM! He calls stating facts and truth an “Ordered Fudge“. I would say, do your own research, and then make up your own mind.


To attempt upon others a closed mind set on anything is quite dangerous to that individual whom abide by such an ideology and is very occultist in nature to try to impose as such.


That is only my own opinion – you are welcome to disagree with me in the comment box below.


What are the donation levels? Well, I had a good look around their website and, either I am just ‘blind’, but was unable to locate a structured table of donations to expected profits. Now, there is a contradiction in terms that needs clearing up! A donation is cash gifting! Cash Gifting Schemes online, or real world, is actually illegal! Now MMM is illegal three times over!!!

OH, SCRATCH THAT – Just Found It – See image below.


MMM Nigeria Net Calculator of Happiness



Minimum donation is 2 BTC ( ₦8012163.60 – $22,256.51 (have I converted that right? – seems very high!). Take a look at month twelve cash out point and you can see some serious profits are waiting – one hopes anyways.


So, you can start off with ₦1000 ($2.78) – not bad at all. However, it gives you the option of ‘DONATING‘ up to 3.2 million Nairas!! Be careful guys, even in Live Chat Bob told me there is NO GUARANTEE OR PROMISES OF RETURNS and you should only use your spare cash. For that, I have to say, I respect their honesty and it is not often illegal websites would be so forthright.


They are giving you Fair Warning!


What are the returns? The returns are 50% per month, which is staggering, and will continuously create a debt situation. This ‘debt’ is what is now OWED to new members after they make their ‘donation’. However, since MMM Nigeria clearly states you are not guaranteed profit, then, they don’t owe you anything and your donation is given freely. Devils in the details

They also offer 30% and 40% for varying donation levels. When you Provide Help (PH) the money (supposedly) is sent from one account to another. Member to Member (same as peer to peer) and MMM Admin have no handling of the cash flow. Makes me wonder how the Founder makes any profit if this be truth? Clearly, there is something more afoot. This a 92-Day Cycle for Profits where the pattern is repeated if you want to.

Is it possible to make money with MMM Nigeria? YES! It absolutely is! However, your strongest chances were at the beginning of their website!! The older the site becomes the harder it is for new recruits to make any money. I am not saying everyone is not getting paid, but I am saying, it just becomes increasingly harder to find new members to pay existing members – THIS IS THE INTRINSIC FLAW I SPOKE OFF EARLIER!

Have you been paid by MMM? Have you donated but not seen any returns? Please do tell, and let my readers and myself know, so Sergei Mavrodis website has a fair and honest perspective in the comment box below this article – thank you.



A Brief History of MMM and What Does MMM Stand For Anyways.

I started off by saying I ‘stumbled’ across MMM online. This is very true and I was shocked at what Wikipedia had to say about Sergei Mavrodi – he has been very busy!

MMM‘ is the first initial of the second name of himself and two other friends who started off MMM in RUSSIA! Their names, one of which was his brother, Vyacheslav Mavrodi, Olga Melnikovo and of course Sergei Mavrodi.

Sergei was born 1955,August 11th. Wiki describes him as a Russian Criminal and further elaborates on his illegal escapades online in the US! However, it is the Russian MMM, which was renamed “Russ-Invest” in 1995 to distance itself from the former name, that intrigues me the most.

In 07 a Russian Court sentence Mavrodi to four and a half years on a penal colony (not a prison – -but a locale like an island for forced labor) after they proved he defrauded 10,000 INVESTORS OF 110 MILLION RUBLES ($4.3 million dollars!) That was bold. Sergei claims to receive no payments. NOW! When this happened several Russian Victims of Mavrodis schemes threatened to set themselves on fire in protest. Sadly, and my point being this, there were also several suicides to follow in the wake of many losing everything they had….


.….Sergei Mavrodi was only fined $390 for his crimes along with a low sentence in the sun! (‘?’).


Wiki Picture of Sergei Mavrodi


I could write all day about what this man has done to so many people in the world, alas, I do believe you must get my point by now = HE Doesn’t CARE ABOUT YOU OR MAKING YOU CASH NO MORE THAN HE CARED ABOUT HIS OWN COUNTRY MEN AND WOMEN! Good Luck if you ignore this post is all I can say to you.

Lastly, he claims that his schemes are only people interacting with each other and donating to each with out reason (LOL! – clearly there is a reason or he would not have stolen $4.3 mill from the local Russian Economy). Finally, Lastly, after the collapse of MMM (bankruptcy) he fled the law for six years and was finally caught in 2003. Before collapsing, his pyramid scheme ran from 1989 – the year the Berlin Wall Fell. Why did it last so long? Pyramid Schemes Are Not Illegal In Russia!! They really need to be for obvious reasons.


Below is my Scam Rating. After that you can leave a comment and tell me how wrong I am or how right, or your stories and opinions etc. My article will give respond to all comments and would appreciate your civility in this forum, as from experience, some people tend to lose their minds regarding such topics as the one I have just written about 🙂 .







SO! I have either informed you or offended – which is it for you? This is the very clear divide online regarding Mavrodi’s opportunities. Many hail him, including himself, as someone that wants to destroy the current money structure as it stands. Noble, but, his words are dishonest and so his deeds disingenuous to say the least of things. Clearly, he has managed to ‘tap-in’ in a great many peoples minds in relation to that idea and garner millions and millions of members throughout the years. What is or has been your experience with the website I just researched? Would you recommend them to anyone? After much research I can see many are asking What Is MMM Nigeria Net and I can only hope I have been accurate and informative for all. Please keep in mind, I am not a member of their site, and sourced my data from their site, Wikipedia and other online resources. I wait in anticipation of all your comments and recommend you sign up to my website to stay informed and safe online. For now, thank you for reading my article  see you next time 🙂 .



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10 thoughts on “What Is MMM Nigeria Net? Scam or Legit!

  1. GiuliaB

    Well Philip, as you say, it is not guaranteed that you will not make money with MMM Nigeria Net, not that you will loose money, but there is no guarantee either that you earn any penny at all. What puzzles me – and that is one of the reasons why I have decided to steer clear of this enterprise – is the fact that the business is based on the good will of members who decide to donate money to the business, because … And that’s exactly my point. Unlike with charities, where you donate money for a specific cause, this business does not seem to offer anything in return of your money – even if we decided to be kind hearted, we are not told how our money is going to be invested. Building a new school in Nigeria maybe, or a new hospital, or bringing water to a village? Nope, it all seems to go to be top tiers of membership. But then again, as you mention, it was Mr Mavrodi himself that admitted his scheme is only a bunch of people donating money to each other for no reason – clever admission possibly aimed to avoid taxation.
    As you can see, I am not normally one for falling short of words. But with this gentleman and his clever schemes, I am just stunned.
    Thank you ever so much for warning us away from MMM Nigeria. It was really good to know.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi GiuliaB,

      Thank you kindly for your take on What Is MMM Nigeria Net and I really do appreciate your perspective. I know it will help others what even more precisely what is being said in this article.

      🙂 Regards,


  2. Michael

    Scams are everywhere. You did bring up some good points that make it seem like it’s not, but it seems more like a scam then not. Like you said Mavrodi doesn’t really care about his own people or anyone else. I think with his past, it is wise to stay away from MMM. It’s unfortunate to see this happen and people fall for it. Thanks for the review. hopefully people will stay away after reading this.

    1. Scam Detector

      Hi Michael,

      Sad news is, I just got an email, and Mavrodi was in Kenya yesterday giving out money or something telling the people he is going to build something is going to be far bigger than MMM ever was!! I will be keeping tabs on him and see what he barfs up next.

      Thanks for your comment Michael.



  3. Luna

    MMM Nigeria sounds like a scam to me. The amazing thing about most of the scam sites if you read the Disclaimer you will realize that you will not make any money from the product. I would be afraid to sign up for a program that is based in Nigeria.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a good alternative. One can be assured that there is no scamming on that platform. WA is like a breath of fresh air. It is the ideal place to start and grow a business.
    Good Read

    1. Scam Detector

      Hi Luna,

      Of late, Nigerian online space has become flooded with Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes after a warning was aired to tell people to stay away. Ironically, given the financial situation of a lot of people in Nigeria and elsewhere, and while being quite aware of the risks involved, people desperately jumped on board with these schemes in hopes of being the few lucky few that will make money.

      Now, that on air warning has sparked a new dawn for online scam opportunists, whom were given Free Advertising for their ‘Services’ from a member of the Government – whoops.

      Thanks for your comment Luna.



  4. Luna

    Hi Phillip, MMM Nigeria sounds very much like a scan to me. The fascinating thing about most of the scam sites, they have the truth written in the Disclaimer that you might not make any money. The very name of the product scares me. I would not want to do anything with a company based in Nigeria.

    There is always an alternative. Wealthy Affiliate is like a breath of fresh air. One can rest assure that honesty is practiced on that platform, It is the ideal place to start and grow a business.
    Good Read

    1. Scam Detector

      Oh, Hi Luna,

      You may have thought your first comment did not go through somehow.

      I appreciate you commenting again.



  5. Kseniya

    Hi Philip,

    Wow – this is so unfortunate that scams like these are still going strong and are re-created yearly to make themselves rich! I’ve never heard of MMM, but have seen my share of MLM’s and online scheme’s that promise you all the money in the world to be made in your first month with the business.

    I have a number of friends that been with MLM type’s and guess what? They’ve never made a dime! They’ve spent all their weekends and time off hustling and recruiting but who benefits? The ones at the very top, of course!

    Any who, this is a great, well written article that goes in depth of WHY someone should stay away from these money hungry, FAKE companies that steal from individuals that want to go into working for themselves but end up crucified.

    I’ve been with WA for a few years now and love the community + training that it offers. The price is great for everything that’s included!

    Keep up the great work on exposing these con artists – as people need to see this!

    1. Scam Detector

      Hi Kseniya,

      MLM’s are fast becoming a complete waste of time, and there are good reasons, why less that 20% (even lower) do not make any form of a living from them. I predict they will be outlawed given that most MLM’s have shoddy products that can not be shifted!

      Yes, I was disturbed to read the effects of MMM in Russia! – Acutually, my jaw dropped = I was shocked!!! I am disgusted he was even let out to continue, as he is still doing, his usual criminal operations in plain view of the authorities. I mean, what is going on? The whole world knows who this man is and he is STILL BEING ALLOWED TO CONTINUE THIS WAY!!??? Oh, there’d be a lot of questions being hammered a round if I was Chief!

      Anyways, I gave Sergei Mavrodi ‘special’ attention in revealing the answer to what is MMM Nigeria Net, which of course, is a crooks paradise for fleecing the less fortunate! Shameful and all done in guise of helping to create a financial equality for everyone. Really? Lol! I do not believe it for one moment. He has proven himself too many times in the States, Russia and now Nigeria for not paying members. He will just stop and shut down operations – its insane this continues when we know who he is – I am so bewildered lol.

      Anyways, that is my rant for the day, and thank you kindly Kseniya for your comment.




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