What Is Magica.US? Is Magica.US a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 14, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsWelcome to What Is Magica.US Review!

Created in 02 I want to know What Is Magica.US and is Magica.US actually a scam or really good, legit and not fake. Magica is part of a network of other fraudulent sites that do not pay out and are owned by the same people. I do reviews into suspicious websites by these same scammers such as earninghabit.com, dollarmilk.com, developdollars.com, dollarzip.com, dutykid.com, dollartell.com, dollarsteller.com, dollarsplug.com, buxinc.com, buckstip.com, dollartent.com, earlypayjob.com, paychair.com, refer2earn.com, dollarbirth.com, dutyspace.com, moneyismust.com, casheast.com, payjut.com, dutytimes.com, dutyrevo.com, among other con sites!

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Explanation of What Is Magica.US and if Magica.US is Worth Your Time.

The Founders Name can not be found online. The registration address is bogus for the website under review and the email is fake.

These are incredibly bad signs that you are dealing with scammers and should be dealt with great suspicion.

This promotes itself as a high pay out referral and survey taking site. You can sign up for free where you will be met by a near empty website. There is TOS and FAQ’s and instructions on what to do to make money online. They instruct you to share your affiliate link to all known social media sites, blogs, forums etc.

It is $5 to $10 pay out when someone clicks on your referral link and the minimum pay out is $300. They say you can earn up to $5000 a month, however, as I said before, no one gets paid for all the work they do. You are promoting this site to bring in new people without knowing no one gets paid. These fraudulent people really are heartless.


Review of Magica.US


Magica.US recruits people and then simply directs them to other sites. The other survey sites will soak up a lot of your time. For instance, a survey make take 5 minutes to 20 minutes to complete. The problem and this has happened to me many times, you could get half-way through just to be disqualified because of any whatsoever. You won’t even get a few cents. SO, you just submitted your name, email and man personal details to an unknown site for nothing!

Furthermore, a high percentage of these survey sites will store that data you submitted, and sell those details on to other scammers online for a profit! Only ever sign up to do surveys using a junk email account or your main email will receive thousands of spam mails!

Magica has nothing else online but bad reviews, poor online reputation and complaints of no pay outs by countless users.




How they con you!

The con kicks in when you ask for your money which is typically when all these scams reveal themselves. You will be told, in order to get your cash, you must complete some surveys or sign up to some offers on other sites.

If you are presented with offers, then they will want you bank details etc, so please remember to contact your bank to cancel any and all payments i this matter.

If you sign up to surveys then you will still have your time wasted and you won'[t get paid.

In both instances above you will be told that you have to pay real money from your own wallet to get your earnings!

When you do pay you will be shut out of your account without payment or warning. If you do not pay, the end result is still the same. There is NO WAY t get your money and they have never paid anyone online.







You are invited to have your say! Any complaints you have about any of the sites I have listed, and the site under review, you can leave below in the comments box. This will help better inform others. Is there a site you are thinking about signing up to but you still have doubts? You can ask me below, and if I have not already reviewed it, I will certainly look into it for you and let you know. I do hope I have given you enough information regarding What Is Magica.US to help you make the correct decision. Remember, I do not endorse such a site as the one just reviewed!! I do recommend you take a look into Wealthy Affiliate which can show anyone online how to build a successful website. The training received equates to thousands of dollars but given for pennies a day. You get two free websites for life! There are many other free bonuses waiting into for your with no cc to sign up. I hope you consider sharing my review to help inform others. You sign up to my Newsletter to help keep you safe online. Come back soon as I post daily! CHEERS!!




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2 thoughts on “What Is Magica.US? Is Magica.US a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

  1. Merry

    Is there any way to stop people like this Philip? I mean it is downright fraud. I saw recently where a seller of products sold said products, got paid and never delivered. This person was eventually held responsible but then I suppose it depends on how large the scam is and involving so many other sites. Seems like it might be hard to catch them. And I think I just answered my own question! 🙂
    Thank you for bringing so many to the attention of people searching for a real honest way to earn an income from home. You are appreciated.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Merry,

      Nice to hear from you again Merry and thank you stopping by.

      There are EU Laws being formulated as we speak to make it harder for scam sites to even exist! I hope they require such proofs so people can no longer hide their ID! What the scammers defraud out of people actually really hurts individual economies as the money is taken out of their respective countries. Time is close, I hope, when they will become a thing of the past.

      Thank you kindly and it is certainly nice to be appreciated for effort in exposing online scams especially with what is majica.us.




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