What Is LiveNetJobs.com? Is LiveNetJobs.com a Scam or Legit! Full Review!

By | November 17, 2017

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Need A Job? I want to see What is LiveNetJobs.com and do they deliver!

Researching What Is LiveNetJobs.com, or if LiveNetJobs.com is a scam, asking is LiveNetJobs legit or looking for Live Net Jobs review? Then, you have come to the right place! I do reviews on suspicious sites and this one is especially so!! Despite over two years in business online this site has a remarkable lack of information on it. Moreover, there are very few reviews that are actually still online! YouTube is even worse! I spent ages trying to find a video explaining this site. While many had links to it, more than likely affiliate links, there was no data of value to be had. It’s OK though, I got the information, with patient and meticulous research!!!

I would never sign up to the site under review, for reasons I will soon explain, nor would I ever endorse them. If you are looking for an online opportunity to build a website that WILL earn you money, with time and effort, I can confidently recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This is my #1 Work From Home Recommendation! There is far too much to Wealthy Affiliate to explain here, so I recommend you SIGN UP HERE for Free, to see if you want your Two Free Websites for Life, Ten Free Training Videos among other Bonuses! Upload a picture and write a few lines about yourself in your bio once in!





Revealing What Is LiveNetJobs.com.

LiveNetJobs.com was created 31/12/2015 with no Founder Name detailed on WHOIS with no registration address or email address. Many major online sites, that monitor other sites ‘flag‘ this, as ‘suspicious‘! Actually, it is a common practice for scam sites to hide their online ID for obvious reasons.

Once you go to LiveNetJobs website you will be struck by so little information! It is quite mysterious and you don’t really know what to do next. At the bottom there is zero data and instructions. Most notably, there is no SIGN UP OPTION, and you have to realize you must click on the buttons that they have displayed.


So, I did!

List of the sites they re-direct you to:-

  • https://binary-autotrader.com.
  • http://www.slotsvegascampaign.
  • hthttp://ackmancapital.com.
  • www.guaranteedmoneysyst. This appears to be the most ‘enthusiastic’ scam disguising itself as a legit job!

These are the ‘jobs’ available per their website name!!






LiveNetJobs ‘Jobs’ Defined.

SO! Interesting, huh? You are re-directed to four sites for a ‘job’.

There is no work on their site to be done other than clicking on some links that take you to other sites trying to sell you some rubbish!

And yes! It is rubbish and actually completely scams!

So – why are they re-directing you?


Simple case of affiliate commissions!

This is surprising when you land on LiveNetJobs and you are struck at how professional and serious they appear to be. You are presented with a site that has a nice photo slide-show displaying huge smiles from ‘pretty’ people. I thought I landed on a toothpaste ad site!!

When you click through on their links to get a ‘job’ (misnomer) you only sign up to ‘opportunities’ that are not really ‘jobs’!

They are sites that want you to sign up to make money off of you. I have given you the link above, you can go and Google them, however, I will give a brief description of each to save you the trouble.



I won’t go into huge detail but just point one or two points of nonsense. This claims to have software, ‘magical software‘, that can isolate the best options to bet on the Stock Market! OK! SO! No software ever created succeeded in giving ANYONE an over 84% SUCCESS RATE!!! They are saying they have that rate of success in ‘guessing’ if a stock goes up or down! That is all it is – a gamble!! Crash of 1929/2008 anyone?

Interestingly enough, on the site above, they say that you are not guaranteed any profit, and it all depends on individual interests and experiences = LOL! SCAM!!!!! THAT WAS Too EASY TO CALL!



How this site a job!?


These jokers offer you to Trade Markets Without Looking At Charts. That’s their ‘slogan’.

They offer 10K FREE TRADING ACCOUNT! I have seen this before and that is not real money. It is a ‘demo’ account.

Trading Training Videos.


The site immediately asks for your name, password and phone number! NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PHONE AS THERE IS TOO MUCH DATA ATTACHED TO IT ONLINE!

It is another scam site, and I will be doing reviews on these sites soon!!


This has a video that has a lady that has a ‘disproportionate‘ top half to the rest of her scantily clad physic. Judging by that one line description, I am sure you know, no online legitimate business comes across this way!!!

SHE is saying, from a script, that anyone can earn 1.3 million in just over 30 days!


You can Google it if you want to. It is so obviously a scam that I am no longer willing to research it further.





OK! This is one of few online reviews of NetJobsOnline that is around warning people of its fakery.






There is so little, as I have said, about this site that this is all I can say. It is more than enough to know it is not legit, safe, real, genuine and indeed a scam and a pure fraud! They do not offer ‘jobs’! They just redirect you to other scam sites, AND SINCE THEY DO, makes them a scam site as well, and not real!!




Have Your Say!

You are welcome to have your say! Did you sign up to the site under review? What was your experience? You are welcome to let others know in the comment box below. Should you be looking at another site online offering high money for easy work then you can ask me about it. I will research it and let you know if it is legit and safe. With so little information on What Is LiveNetJobs.com, I feel confident, I have found enough data to help anyone to make their own minds up. I post daily so often come for more. I recommend you sign up to me websites newsletter that will keep you up to date on online scams. Thank you for reading my article. Stay safe online! CHEERS!!



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