What Is LifeGoals.co.za? LifeGoals.co.za is MLC247 again!

By | January 16, 2018

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Detailed Answer to What Is LifeGoals.co.za and the Online Scam Websites Connection.

LifeGoals.co.za is offering 75% ROI! I will answer What Is LifeGoals.co.za, is LifeGoals.co.za a scam or legit and EXCELLENT reasons why LifeGoals may rip you off! Olsen Larsen, AKA, George Makifiri (fake names) have set up another exact scam as the collapsed ponzi/pyramid scheme known as MLC247 and MYMLC247. Former members of these sites have alerted me to Life Goals asking me to expose them further and to help many be properly informed. To them, I thank you, and I will do just that! Let us now proceed to answer What Is LifeGoals = SCAM! There are other websites set up by them that I will expose in due course as well – stay tuned by signing up to my sites newsletter.

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Website:- http://lifegoals.co.za.

Fee:- R200/$16.29.

Website Owner:- Not Honestly Declared! Founder goes by either Olsen Larsen or George Makifiri.


#1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate.





What Is LifeGoals.co.za and Why are the Owners Setting Up so Many Scam Sites?

In order to answer what is LifeGoals.co.za, I wish to show you a number of reviews I have done on the owner/owners of LifeGoals. See below to their respective reviews:-

  • MLC247. – MyLifeChange.com. Slogan:- “Time for a Change”. Closed:- 00:00 – 2018!
  • MYMLC247. MyMyLifeChange.com. Slogan:- See Above! Closed mere days after set up.
  • Rich Minds Network. RMN247.net. Slogan:- “Think Rich To Get Rich”. Status:- Still Active!
  • Great Minds 247. GreatMinds247.com. Slogan:- “Invest. Earn. Smile”. Status:- Still Active!


Those reviews will open in a new tab for ease of viewing.


Let us now see if they have honest online ID details, which I am can assure you, they will not! LifeGoals was set up January 4th 2018 – Just Four Days after MLC247 ran off with untold numbers of peoples money. You may take a good look in the comments section of those reviews to see the full devastation as reported by the members. No Founder Name attached to website but they do have an address, of which I am sure, is fake as the owners are/should be wanted by the authorities for their online fraudulent criminal activities 🙁 .


Image Taken From LifeGoals.co.za Website.


Work Details:-

It is Free to Sign Up whereupon they want your Bank’s Name, Bank Account Number, Real Name, Country Location, Cell Number and correct Email Address. That is probably enough information on you to set up fake passports, drivers license, birth certificates, mortgage in your name and copious amount of financial fraud as well. I have my suspicions such information maybe sold onto scammers for a profit, thus, they maybe a phishing scam as well.

Initial Investment is reasonable and only set at R200 with five more investment levels to avail of. The higher the donation/investment, the longer you must wait to create your own dream. However, the returns promised are higher. Please see below for exact details.


  1. Bronze is R200 and no higher than R2,000/$163.08. 30 day waiting time for ROI (return on investment). 75% interest!
  2. Silver is a 60-day waiting period with initial investment of R300 but not exceeding R3000/$244.62. 75% returns.
  3. White Gold Level has a three-month period to see returns. Investment required starts at R500 and not going higher than R5000/$407.70. 75% expected return on profit.
  4. Yellow Gold Investment/Donation Level makes you wait for a whooping 120 days! After which, you are meant to receive 75% returns for an initial investment of R1000 and not exceeding R20,000/$1,630.80.
  5. Pure Gold Level requires a minimum of R2000 and no higher than R30,000/$2,446.20. Returns are the same.
  6. Platinum Gold, the highest level, requires a minimum of R3000 which does not exceed donations higher than R50,000/$4,077.00!!!

*Exchange Rates Accurate Per Date of this Post.


Once you are in you will be given a predetermined amount of time to donate your money to another member. You don’t, you will be banned. What will happen then is you will receive donations from two other members, or maybe more than that, thus making an excellent return!

Can you actually make money this way? YES – YES YOU CAN! But, only if you get in early as Level 1 members i.e. first sign ups, stand the BEST CHANCE OF EARNING MONEY! All members after such a time will not, or, a few will be given profits while others maybe encouraged to make more donations to make their own dreams come true.

SO! My friends, NOW IS THE TIME TO SIGN UP TO THEM – THOUGH I DO NOT ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO – AS IT IS ONLY A NEW PONZ/PYRAMID SCHEME! Such schemes are also called ‘Cash Gifting Schemes‘ as well, which of course, is also illegal given the numbers that just lose all investments! I shall briefly describe a ponzi/pyramid and cash gifting schemes below.


Ponzi Scheme:-

There is no actual product. You sign up and give money. You wait for new members to arrive whereupon you will, hopefully, reap some financial benefit. That is it. When there are no more new members to pump money into this scheme, it will crash, as no fresh money to pay older members and leaving last wave of participants without returns!


Pyramid Scheme:-

I will put an image below I used for another post. It is a good visual to help you understand the money flow of a pyramid scheme:-


An image of a pyramid scheme.


As you can see the new members make up the bulk and primary source of fresh money. The relatively fewer members exist closer to the tip of the pyramid read some good returns. The tip of the spear, so to speak, where the founders are hiding will earn most of the money. WARNING:- It is not uncommon for the creators of such schemes to exaggerate member numbers by setting up untold fake member accounts for the purposes of directing donations to themselves!! Ultimately, should you refer 1000s of people to LifeGoals, your referrer gets a cut, or should, but always the Founder(s) take a very healthy slice as well. The difference between Ponzi and a Pyramid scheme is only its pay structure as displayed in the above image – thus – there is very little difference.


Cash Gifting Schemes:-

These cash gifting schemes come in many guises, but always, depends on members simply handing over real world cash to total strangers online based on the trust you will receive excellent returns. LifeGoals and all the schemes listed here, are not legally obliged to make sure you earn any money whatsoever. Why? Because it is a ‘DONATION’! You are usually forewarned that you give money out of the goodness of your heart and should and deserve to receive in kind. You agree, legally, to this insanity when you create an account with them. The owners usually states this in the TOS or FAQ’s but that is not the case with Life Goals website.


So, now we see not 1, not 2 but 3 illegal schemes rolled into one big nightmare called lifegoals.co.za!


Why have the owners set up so many other online scam sites? Well, BoN (Bank Of Namibia) warned the citizens of MLC247 saying they were concerned that their activities could be sucking out money from local economies. Two days later they set up MYMLC247 because exposure had become too great online, which incidentally, is the only place they operate from. New Sign Ups failed to arrive, thus, leaving them in the inevitable situation, of not having enough funds to pay their older members. So, they fled with nearly all remaining donations (gave ‘some‘ payouts as evidenced by some of their members in the comments section) but most comments are now declaring their experience as a bad one. It is very profitable for scammers to run such schemes, thus, the money is incentivizing further criminal deeds online to satiate their greed!

Below I will list the obvious signs, as per their site, that they are a standalone scam site!



Further, Signs of an Online Scam Website.

  • No Terms and Conditions.
  • No Earnings Disclaimer.
  • No Privacy Policy Page.
  • No Forum so existing members can not make them look bad with complaints for newcomers to see.
  • Literally no information of their offer – lack of transparency is never good!
  • LifeGoals looks almost identical to MLC247 and MYMLC247 did. Please see those reviews of snippets taken.
  • Their site’s slogan is “Time for a Change”. This was the same slogan used for the MLC247 and MYMLC247 as well.
  • Admin Emails is the same as Support Email – unnecessary and easily to fix redundancy.
  • Slide show images are the same as the two aforementioned online scams.
  • 75% ROI is ridiculous and is DEFINITELY a sign of a scam. No online business can afford such payouts and would leave their whole business structure deliberately creating a debt for new sign ups to fix, but, new sign ups now need paying, therefore, the debt continues until the whole show collapses.
  • Their site is copyrighted 2017, but clearly, WHOIS says they were registered in 2018. Why the unnecessary misinformation?
  • Aforementioned, and probably most importantly, THE RETURNS ARE TOO HIGH!! No online business can afford such high payouts relative to time and investment without creating an unsustainable business model.




For further details, that I have no doubt have been ‘translated‘ from MLC247 to their NEW SITE, please refer to the listed reviews on the same scammers! Below, I will now deliver my scam rating and then yo can have your say 🙂 .









Feel Free To Share This Article To Help Warn Others – Lets Get These Guys Shutting Down Like We Did With Some Of Their Other Sites! Thank You.





Everyone is now invited to chirp up and chime on in with their own opinions/stories. You may place all of your comments below in the box provided. Have you signed up and have you received anything in return yet? Per date of this post, it maybe too early to ask such a question, but as time passes it will be more relevant – same with the next question. Did you invest but still no return? Were you prompted to reinvest? After your donation did you receive a message that you were not confirmed by the beneficiary? That question there is very important as I have seen comments that after payment, even after contacting their very poor support, they were not able to get confirmed. You do not get confirmed it puts your account at risk of deletion. My other reviews explain this part of their scam operation very well. I hope I have informed one and all adequately enough to What Is LifeGoals.co.za and good luck if you are STILL thinking of signing with them. Looking forward to all of your comments to come, and never fear, I always respond to all comments. Sign up to my sites newsletter as well as it will keep you informed of this ongoing scam saga by the founders of the site I have just reviewed. Take care for now everyone and best of luck! 🙂 .



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10 thoughts on “What Is LifeGoals.co.za? LifeGoals.co.za is MLC247 again!

  1. Rooi

    HI Phillip

    I ‘m also glad to have bumped on you, I have also been a victim on these on line scams, but can you tell me more about Wealthy Affiliates, I would like to make money on line but I do not wanna be dooped again.

    2nd question, Carlswald? is it legitimate? or can I also list cople of them that I have and all started in January, will you be able to tell if they are ligit or scamms?


  2. Lollipop

    Hi Phillip. Thanks for your good work on letting us know and be ware of scam business… please I would like to know if Carlswardcapital a scam or not because some of my friends have joine and am scared for them…..thank you

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Lollipop,

      There were no returns for Carlswardcapital. Did you possibly give me the wrong name of the site?

      Thanks for your questions.



  3. Bobbi

    I am so glad that I came across this website. I make a list of all the scams out there, so that I will not get dooped again into purchasing a program that does not give you what they promise. I lost hundreds of dollars with Aspire and Blogging with Rory, I am new to the Affiliate Marketing world, but I have learned my lesson. I still want to make money on line, so thank you very much for posting the scams out there like MLC247 and MYMLC247. I WILL PUT THEM IN MY DROPBOX FOR SCAMS. Thanks again for a great and honest post and I look forward to more from you.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Bobbi,

      I have heard of Aspire and I think they are now gone! Really sorry to hear about your experience with them and thank you for letting everyone know. I am also glad you have archived some of my posts for future reference as well.

      It is very hard to have faith in the Online World when something like this happens to you – for -I too got scammed a few times. Finally, I found Wealthy Affiliate and have never looked back.

      I have never heard about Blooging with Rory but I will give him some unwanted attention from me soon, perhaps, if he is still scamming people. Thank you for the tip off.

      Thanks again Bobbi,



  4. Paula Waldeck

    This is crazy. It is sad that some people might actually fall for a scam like this. I I hope the autorities figure out who is doing this and put a stop to it. Thamks for the information.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Paula,

      Thank you for popping in and having your say. It has to stop one day, but the Internet is so big, it seems it is paralleling the real world for criminality.

      All we can do is keep our fingers crossed the brain boxes will have it fixed up soon.




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