What Is Kany.Info? Is Kany.Info a Scam or Legit Online Job? Review!

By | December 17, 2017

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Only Review You Need on What Is Kany.Info.

I have found another site by the name of Kany.Info and I will detail What Is Kany.Info, is Kany Info a scam or safe, real, genuine and legit. Just like Salaryon. com, FreshCash. online and BestCashJob. com, KanyInfo is a pure scam whose founders have 100’s perhaps even 1000s of these online scams operating 24 hours daily! They induce people to sign up with riches for easy work thus playing on peoples need to earn lots of money quickly. Their sites are well-known for no payments to members and locking their users out of their accounts for no to made up reasons. Listing Kany in my SCAM SITES menu above! I do not endorse them as their only intent is to waste your time and take your money. There are other reasons, I will soon state, why they are a dangerous online scam site to fall victim to.

Should you have spent a lot of time promoting the site I am reviewing then I am sorry to break this news to you. However, the good news is you have landed on an article that does know one highly established way to make a living online with minimum costs. My #1 RECOMMENDATION is Wealthy Affiliate! You can read more about the in my review >HERE< to find out all you need to know how t begin your own online journey to financial success. Should you wish to sign up you can do so >HERE< to avoid reading more. No CC required for a free account with paid options available for your consideration. Let us continue with our review of Kany.Info.




What Is Kany.Info and How is it a Scam.

In finding out What Is Kany.Info I went to WHOIS to see what I could find about the owner of this site. Though most of the owners sites do not list any real website registration details, this one does. If it is legit or not is any ones guess, and I am guessing not, because the authorities would have him/her/them arrested by now and put in jail! The site was made on the 1/5/2017 with owner name as Mark Tellen with an address in Lahore.

Its Organizations name is Marcotellen, which I Googled, and Scamdadvisor gives it a zero trust rating saying it is connected to other high risk sites. This site further states that KanyInfo says you can make $2000 plus weekly and earn $10 for every task that only takes 30 seconds to complete. It is not true these figures are paid out and if they were there would be 100’s of excellent reviews saying this to be the case.


Home Page of Kany.info




Kany Info states that you can make money via one click visit to their site via your affiliate link. Even if that unique visitor does not sign up – YOU STILL GET PAID $5! LOL! If only and I am sorry to say that no legit online business has the capital to rob themselves of their own profits by paying out so high for so little unskilled work!


HOW To Make Money With Kany.

Well, you can’t! However, here is the advice they give you once you sign up for free. After sign up they pretend to give out a $5 welcome bonus that no one ever see’s. OK, Kany.Info tells you to go to anywhere online such as blogs, forums, chat rooms, Twitter etc and spam your link there – err – I mean paste your link there. But, this is spamming and Google will not a happy bunny if you persist along these lines. Should you Own Your Own Website, and par-take in such black hat operations, your site may be banned from Adsense for life or never qualify for it.

The lowest amount they payout is $300 and once you apply for it then you will discover the nature of this scam!



The Scam Has Just Been Triggered!

A simple request for your money, that is meant to be paid via through PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer and all the good payment processors you’d see on a normal honest site. Upon receipt of your request you will have to upgrade your account, do a survey or complete an offer to get your cash. But, they want you to give them cash for doing this! You will never receive any money, no matter how much time you spent on their site or referrals made to them, and you will be dismissed from your own account for life – with no way of shutting it down! This is how they make commissions from you and your referrals and I’d advise you share my article to help warn other people you may have unwittingly exposed this scam to.







I would love to hear from you especially if you signed up the site I am exposing! What was your experience and when did you realize something was ‘up’? Why not let others and myself know, in the comment box below, to help prevent a wave of people being scammed online this way. There is plenty of info on What Is Kany.Info to help you decide for yourselves and I hope you stay clear of them as well. I am looking forward to all of your comments and hope to see you all very soon as I post daily. Why not subscribe to my sites newsletter that will help keep you informed of all online scams. CHEERS!



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