What Is JobZipo.com? Is JobZipo.com a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 26, 2017

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What Is JobZipo.com and are they Safe to Join.

Here is my review of What Is JobZipo.com and answering is JobZipo.com a scam, is JobZipo legit and safe? Or maybe you are just looking for reviews on Job Zipo, in any event, all the information you need is to decide for yourself. However, I have already decided, and it is easy for me to say, they are a scam and they do not pay out. Now you know to save you the time of reading in full this article. Should you want to know and how they defraud people then please read on as I have done many reviews into the owner of this site, who have potential 1000s, of similar sites running the same sleazy online criminal deception!!

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You may wish to SIGN UP without further reading to have a look around with no pressure to upgrade or even stay. It is all up to you!



What Is JobZipo.com and is it Honest.

Clearly, no, JobZipo.com is not honest, legit, safe, real, genuine or anything of the like. They are truly corrupt and deliberately seek out victims to defraud online! SO, how does it operate to defraud? Quite simply, you sign up for free. Once in you will quickly realize that all you need to do is just to share your affiliate link. I will speak more of this soon. Firstly, lets check out their online credentials. WHOIS is a site that can tell you if a site is legit or not by the details site owners submit. I see that there is no Founder Name, No Legit Address Details and Email is Hidden! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! Glaring and obvious signs of deception and very suspicious indeed!

Ultimately, this site requires you to just share your link and make referrals for money. Their motivation, since they do not pay out nor have they ever paid anyone, is to get as many people as possible to drive traffic to their site for FREE!! I will now detail the work some more, the compensation (zilch’) and the execution of the scam process.



JobZipo.com Registration Page



Work, Pay and the Scam Process Exposed!

OK! Anyone can join for free whereupon you are advised to share your affiliate to places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, link-spam blogs and forums etc. Just know, if you do indeed own your own website, and if you host links like this, Adsense may will NEVER accept you!! Be careful. Moreover, banners and links that get ‘flagged’ by Google as spam etc may get your Adsense Account discontinued and ‘YOU‘ may be BANNED FOR LIFE!!

Whenever someone ‘clicks’ on your affiliate link and becomes your ‘referral’ (signs up) you are supposed to $10 – for that sign up‘. This is far too high when you consider advertisers can pay $2 for 50 ‘clicks‘, so, why would anyone pay $10 for just one click? Now you see how much of a lie this site is! If not, go to Facebook and find out how many ‘clicks’ you can get for $2 and leave your answer in the comment box below! This alone should be enough to tell you everything you need to know. However, Job Take will even give you $5 if someone just clicks on your affiliate link and visits the site! NOPE!! Not true and not financially sound to give so much money for so little work. They promise a $5 Sign Up Bonus as well which is not real either.

I never advise anyone to post their affiliate links to social networks without a website site first. If they are ‘raw’ affiliate links there is a high probability Facebook etc will flag them as suspicious anyways reducing your chances of referrals. Should you be promoting legit links then I welcome you to take part in Ten Free Video Lessons in Website Creation and Affiliate Marketing. Paid Options are available afterwards, however, you get Two Free Websites for Life so you can keep on directing traffic to it! No pressure to upgrade or even stay afterwards.

The Minimum Payout is $300! This is very high when you know legit sites will pay out from a few cents to a make of $20. However, once you have referred 30 people successfully you will naturally want to cash out. Upon application you will be given one more job to do. You MUST complete an offer or survey to release your earnings. The catch is, you have to PAY MONEY to do so! Should you pay you are locked out of your account. Your password is changed with no legit email to initiate further communication. There is no way to get your earnings as they were never going to pay you anyways, I am sorry to inform you.

The following sites I have reviewed and proven to be scams. These sites all belong to the owner of the site under review. These sites are jobtaka, cashinwork, dollarbirth, usdwork, dutyrevo, moneycomefirst, earninghabit, dutyspace, buxinc, dollartell, payjut, dutykid, developdollars, buckstips, earlypayjob, dollarsplug, moneyismust, dollarmilk, dollar2refer, dutytimes, dollartent and dollarsteller are all similar sites in design but running the exact same fraud! Getting people to send them traffic for free!!

That is all you really need to know about JobZipo. Below is the rating and then you have the chance to have your own say!








It would be great to hear your thoughts on the site under review! Did you sign up to this site and get stung for your time and perhaps money? If so, I am sorry to that happened to you. It has happened to me also in the past with my time! You are most welcome to leave your experience in the comment box below to help others avoid this same fate. Perhaps you are viewing another online opportunity that seems a bit too good to be true? Feel free to ask me in the comment box below where I will research it and let you know, if I have not done so already, whereupon I will leave you the relevant link. There certainly is more than enough information on What Is JobZipo.com in this article, and the related articles, to help everyone stay clear of these horrible online scams! I recommend you sign up to my site newsletter to help you recognize such sites. You may want to check out my #1 GET STARTED ONLINE OPPORTUNITY in the menu, top right, to find out how to be financially successful online, or you can >CLICK HERE< to sign up. Thank you for reading my article and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come. Stay safe online everyone. CHEERS!!



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