What Is ReallyJob.com – Scam or Legit? Full Truth on ReallyJob!

By | February 17, 2018

ReallyJob.com Website






ReallyJob. com and is it Paying out or a Fraud.

Thanks for stopping in to find out more on ReallyJob.com. This article will answer, once and for all, questions like:- What Is ReallyJob com, Is Really Job a fake, dishonest Or is JobReally a legitimate way to earn good money online. They are a site offering $10 per sign up, and $5 per link click, that says they pay out once a month. In this ReallyJob Review you will see the vast number of concerns I have with their offer and website as a whole. While I have doubts they are even legal, I hope this article saves you time, and even some money with their site.


Below, we will prove beyond all doubt, that the site under review is a real and total scam. This may be disappointing to hear for some, however, I do have a #1 Recommendation that won’t scam you as you will be working for yourself on your very own brand new website. This opportunity is called How I earn Money Blogging Affiliate and you can find all business details >HERE< or register >HERE< to sign up. Free Start Up!



ReallyJob. com Exposed – The Truth They Don’t Want You To Know.

This post on ReallyJob. com is an updated version of another one of the unknown founders sites. It is intended to reflect a new source of online threat to help my websites readers to avoid them. I will leave recommendation for similar work, with a site that is legit and that I use, to earn money.

It is almost pointless to try to find out if they have any legit online details but we must check before we can fully answer what is ReallyJob. com. Furthermore, we made a great connection via RippOffReport of users being send from SalaryDaily.com to Job Done Online!! More on that later and yes they are owned by the scam network.

We see there is no ownership details, email or legit address supplied and just a P. O Box (never a good sign) and certainly a great sign of a scam.


The Three Step Scam at JobDone.Online!


So, ReallyJob. com is Running the same gimmick as SalaryDaily.com where you can sign up for free and begin to do some ‘TASKS’. These tasks take less that 30 seconds and is a job anyone can do. Upon initial sign up there maybe some tasks like surveys, offers etc but the real job is to get you to share your affiliate link. Here is how it works.


  • Sign Up!
  • Copy your Affiliate Link.
  • Paste Affiliate Link all over the net to places Facebook, Tweet on it, blog about it (best option to make referrals via owning Your Own Website), make a video, refer friends and family by hook or crook! You get the picture.


What is the Compensation Plan?

What they offer for pay is out of this world, and if it were real, would lift all the unemployment into a permanent state of wealth. You get a welcome $5 sign up bonus. For every referral you make you will earn $10 – this is fine and reasonable. Now, if someone SIMPLY ‘CLICKS’ YOUR AFFILIATE LINK AND VISITS THE SITE, without signing up or doing any work at al – YOU WILL EARN $5!


HOLD UP! $5 can net any online marketer nearly a 1000 ‘CLICKS’ from across the web and to a targeted audience that are looking for his or her’s product or service! So someone tell me why this website would lose out on so much traffic by paying $5 for just ONE (‘1′) CLICK?


Now we see it can not be real and legit and is indeed a fake. However, this is not our only basis for calling this website a scam.


How The Scam Works.

The minimum payout is $300! Should you not already know $300 for a minimum payout is astronomical and a sure sign you are dealing with scammers. Why? The minimum payout on legit sites would never exceed $100 but usually good sites will let you cash out from pennies.

When you have shared your affiliate link to reach $300 you will be asked one of a few things to do to release your earnings. It must be said that no where on their nearly empty site do they state this condition.

Possible Hidden Fee's at JobDone.Online

  • Do a survey.
  • Complete an offer.
  • Upgrade.


All these actions may require you to pay money from your own pocket to complete! This is where they make some cash from you. Should you have completed an OFFER please ring your bank to cancel any debits that maybe incurred after the trial period is over – N. B!

OK, let us talk about the SalaryDaily.com ‘connection’ I mentioned earlier.

I found a very interesting report on the website called RippOffReport. A gentleman made his $300 minimum cash out criteria with SalaryDaily.com. Problem was, when he completed the cash out process, he was immediately redirected to Job Done Online to make money online!! YIKES! Now we definitely know it is owned by the same people and I think they are just having a laugh at other peoples expense.


What Is The True Purpose if they Don’t Payout?

They get as many people as possible to send them as much traffic as possible before revealing they are not legit. The reason why the minimum cash out is SO HIGH is to make their members make tons of referrals that can be ripped off as well. When people do a survey, complete an offer and actually pay money to do this then the website will make a little commission. Probably not much but upscale those commissions into hundreds of thousands of people and we can now clearly see they are the only ones getting paid and rich doing it.

They collect emails, the one you may have signed up with, and put them an email list. This list is sold onto scammers for a personal profit. They are a Phishing Site that harvests people personal information for profit. Please report your story/experience below to expose them!

You cannot delete your account with them – ever.


How Many Other Sites Do They Have?

QUICK ANSWER:- No one knows. Bloggers like myself, and popular YouTube scam exposer’s, estimate these sites to be in the thousands and owned by the same person or group of people. We have found many sites where the coding, wording, images, grammatical errors and scam offer is identical. Only difference is the site URL and name. However, they do have several templates to give the appearance of being different but too many like myself in the past have made the connection right back to the same owners.

Below is some we have uncovered online and exposed in the past:-

  1. themonthlysalary.
  2. vire.info.
  3. dollarswork.info.
  4. paywork.
  5. dollartent.
  6. dutytimes.
  7. dollarsjet.
  8. thepayz.
  9. .dollarplane.
  10. dollarbirth.
  11. dutykid.
  12. payjut.
  13. startmycash.
  14. bestcashjob.
  15. incomedoze.
  16. freshcash.
  17. salaryon.
  18. And the Now redirecting salarydaily.com.
  19. earninghabit.
  20. dollarsteller.
  21. dollarsplug.
  22. jobzipo.
  23. jobtaka.
  24. dollarstrue.
  25. earlypayjob.
  26. buxtip.
  27. moneycomefirst.
  28. buxinc.
  29. moneyismust.
  30. developdollars.
  31. dollar2refer.
  32. dollartell.
  33. developdollars.
  34. dutyrevo.
  35. dollartell.
  36. cashinwork.
  37. usdwork.
  38. dollarmilk.


The above list of reviewed websites by the same owners as Job Done as linked to their respective reviews and will open up in a new browser window.



Is There Any Chance of Getting Paid or Getting My Money Back?

Good news and Bad news. The bad news is you have no chance of getting paid. No one on any of the many thousands of sites have ever been paid and I don’t see why they will start now. The Good News is if you paid via PayPal or Western Union you may get your cash back. Simply contact PayPal and prove to them why you were scammed and they will usually reimburse you. As for Western Union, they were caught processing fraudulent funds knowingly. Now, should you pay online to a scam opportunity via them, they should reimburse you. Give them a call and let us know in the comment box below how either recommendation turn out for you.


Last Point before our SCAM RATING!

They set up their website in late 2017 and expires late 2018. This tells me they are only staying around long enough to scam as many people as they can before their online reputation decreases. It is very common for scam operations to only register for a year (not always a sign of a scam mind you), or maybe even two years, and then shut down their website when online reputation gets too bad. Please stop sharing your affiliate link if you are still doing so and warn your social media platform friends to stay away from these guys as well.









I would love to hear from youDid anyone join up with the website I just exposed as a scam? Should this be the case it would be great if you could leave your story of what happened below so others may know this scam is the real deal. It will further help people to decide for themselves as well. Perhaps you know of another one of their website scams? We would be delighted if you could leave their URL or website name in the comment box below and we will expose them for you here at scamwitness.com 🙂 .

Before you depart, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of my 1# Work From Home Offer. This is my review of it >HERE< or sign up >HERE< to learn how to be a Financial Success Online. Hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate which I KNOW you are going to love 🙂 .

That wraps up this article on ReallyJob. com and I hope it has saved you some time and potentially a few quid as well. Feel free to share this post to help others avoid them online.

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2 thoughts on “What Is ReallyJob.com – Scam or Legit? Full Truth on ReallyJob!

  1. Furkan

    It really looks like a scam and as you said many programs have a minimum threshold around $100 but considering that it makes me pay for getting my money is just wrong. I will definitely stay away from it.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Furkan,

      Thank kindly for your interest in What Is JobDone.Online article and yes $100 is THE MAX any good site would go. After that, you are being swindled good and proper for sure.


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