What Is Jeunesseglobal.com? Is Jeunesseglobal.com a Pyramid Scam!

By | February 9, 2018

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Asking What Is Jeunessglobal.com?

Overview of What Is Jeunesseglobal.com – Things You Need to Know Before Signing 4/6 Contracts.

Hello There! Perhaps you have been invited to Jeunesseglobal and wondering What Is Jeunessegloba.com (https://www.jeunesseglobal.com), is Jeunesseglobal a scam pyramid scheme, if not, is it profitable and how easy is it to make huge profits? I will answer these and seek data on owners and how it all works to earn. We will also take a brief look at the ‘darker side’ of Jeunesse. Should you still wish to pursue being one of their affiliates then I will be recommending the best Tools to Market Your Products Successfully Online!

To set your mind at ease I can tell you now Jeunesse IS NOT A SCAM! However, they are being sued for what appears to be on a regular basis! I will explore that briefly. I am not an affiliate of Jeunesse so everyone can know this is an unbiased review. Data is sourced online and collated here as accurately as humanly possible.

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What Is Jeunesseglobal.com Selling and Do Young Super Models Really Have Wrinkles? LOL!

I will explain the title in a minute from an absurd observation from their sites promo video soon. To answer what is Jeunesseglobal.com is very straightforward. They sell primarily health products that you either consume or apply to your skin (skin products). They have drinks that are ‘scientifically’ proven to work wonders – more on that later.

Their websites online ID in WHOIS ain’t too impressive with no email, no founder name and no address. However, in this instance, it is fine as the online world knows the Founders are Randy Ray (unfortunate name) and Wendy Lewis. I am just surprised that their names are either not on their site or is not obvious to its visitors.


Jeunesse Global Founders Under Review!


So what are they? They are an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company that was started in 2009. To date, they have expanded to 115 different territories, with over half a million members, and listed as one of the best in Inc.500 within Forbes Magazine for a privately owned business. They broke all MLM records and grossed over 1 Billion dollars revenue from 100% growth year in and year out. They are a BIG DEAL to say the least. Very impressive enterprise so far.


Don’t Super Models Need Anti Aging Creams to Philip? LOL! Yeah, I guess so.


What’s the problem here? Well, they are using creams meant to prevent and actually halt/remove wrinkles. It is not exactly a fair test of their product when they are promoting skin cream products via the already flawless skin of models.

Better to have people that had terrible wrinkles promoting the creams so we see a real and legit benefit. It just struck me as odd.


Easy to Earn Money with Jeunesse? Firstly, you need to be referred by one of their affiliate distributors to sign up with them! This was my experience when I tried to for research purposes. A common enough practice I dislike for its occultist undertones. Obviously, you earn commissions selling their products.

Quite surprisingly though, Top 1 Million a Year (Kim Hui) says you earn very little from commissions selling product and people need to recruit others. Then train those people to recruit others. That is where the real money is – I am paraphrasing. Problem here is:- She is actively promoting an illegal business structure known as a Pyramid Scheme! Founders are being sued (and Top Distributors as Co-Conspirators) in court in Arizona for operating their business via a Pyramid Scheme style fashion for “Unlawful Racketeering“, in 2015. (Sourced:- TINA.org).

Ergo, it is not easy to earn money with Jeunesse simply selling product. Especially when the distributors do not adequately know how to tap into the floods of online traffic! However, it seems if you were to recruit others in a pyramid style fashion, you can do well. Remember:- This Practice as a Business Model Is Illegal.



The Darker Side of Jeunesse – Must Read!

I will not go into extraneous details here and will only give a brief outline of what my research has uncovered. To go into extraneous detail, that can be sourced elsewhere, is to waste both our time. Here is a general overview of the most common complaints (historically speaking) against Jeunesse. Should you be thinking about signing with them, and you have skimmed through this article so far, this part is the most important for your own consideration.


  1. Jeunesse have been caught making statements that their products can alter aging genes to halt them. They further state their products can positively change the cellular level of the body. This has not been proved and it is Illegal under FDA Regulations.
  2. They have been caught allowing their Distributors making unproven income claims. One ladies’s ‘success story’ blew me away! In four months she was able to gross a six figure pay, travel to 10 different countries! All that travel…where’d she get the time to build her business?
  3. Jeunesse has been brought to court (countless times – prior to 2015 – at least 16 times!) for breaking the law on many grounds.
  4. Displaying images of super wrinkled faces (before and after images of people) to no wrinkle faces! This is something akin to ‘proving’ their product eradicates wrinkles. Unfortunately for them, it has been proven (of what number I don’t know) these images were sourced from Internet Stock Images.
  5. They did not have an Income Disclosure for new sign ups prior 2015. Tina.org made them to have a real Income Disclosure which shows pretty poor performing per investment over one years work. Its just not worth the time for most distributors. A tiny fraction actually earned 1 Million+ but their investment was astronomical it seems. 77% of members made nothing and were considered as people who signed up to get bulk discounted items for personal use.
  6. Their products are a little pricey.
  7. You must sign a minimum of 3/4 contracts as a Distributor! Two such stipulations in those contracts is YOU CAN NOT MOVE TO ANOTHER MLM! YOU CAN NOT TAKE ANY OF YOUR DOWN LINES TO ANOTHER MLM! It is my first time to see such control being legally implemented on people just to sell health products. 6 CONTRACTS IF YOU SIGN UP FOR A HIGHER MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE – THAT IS A LITTLE OFF PUTTING!
  8. They subpeona’ed’ed Google to release the personal details of a YouTuber who put up a video calling them a Pyramid Scheme – they have a point – they have a product thus they are not a pyramid scheme.

Those are the cons that concern me. However, MLM’s are quite hard to be successful in as a rule and not unique to Jeunesse (a French word meaning “from a time you were young” i.e. a kid).




I want to talk quickly how you have a better chance of succeeding in any MLM online. I have said it is difficult to keep selling to family and friends and total strangers. Surely no one has a big enough circle of family and friends that will buy enough product from you to pay you, and besides, you don’t want to be that family member that never shuts up about skin care products just to make so little commission – do you?

However, if you were able to make regular sales across the Internet then you have something and a very sharp edge to success. Remember as well, the Internet Has nearly 4 Billion Active Users – How can you not earn from that? Here is the route that successful members of such schemes take and do well in selling products online:-




Affiliate Marketing Overview!



That is an overview. I’d advise you make a website (Two Free Websites of which you get for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate) and learn to create content with your affiliate links in them. This can be done on the basis of doing reviews on products.

Sounds too simple? This is how it works for successful marketers. You are catering for people that are trying to find products like yours and there is no reason why YOU can not learn SEO to Rank Paged 1 for your websites and posts. Page 1 is the money shot for all bloggers.

The image below shows you two of my websites ranked in Google.


How to Get Page 1 Rankings in Google!


The first position is my old site that is redirecting all content to scamwitness.com (of course, my new site – this one). Scamwitness is in second for the same post. Basically I am paged 1 position for that post and many like it in the past as well.

Obviously, I can now show anyone how to rank Page 1 in Google if they want online successes.

Those who come with products to sell will learn to make money faster as that is the nature of having your own product to sell online.


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SCAM RATING:- 45/100! Should Jeunesse fix up some of their problems they’d be one of the best MLM’s online. Since they are still quite young I hold out great hope for them. I will recommend them, only with SEO Training of Course, and put them in my Good Jobs Section. Those who go into selling products online without training on how to do this is potentially setting themselves up for failure! This can be said for any MLM out there. Be warned.




THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Have you joined up to the site under review here? What was your experience? Were you financially successful or the opposite? Whatever your experiences or opinions on this matter I recommend you place them below so others learn from you. Any questions regarding the best way to sell your products online I will be happy to answer. I have tried to be as fair as possible in answering What Is Jeunesseglobal.com and hope it has been answered to help you make the right decision. Fare well for now guys 🙂 .



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8 thoughts on “What Is Jeunesseglobal.com? Is Jeunesseglobal.com a Pyramid Scam!

  1. Lucky Lizz Wairimu

    Hi Philip. Kindly expose this guy. He is claiming to be earning on edmoney site. But he is a scammer as well. His name is John Nyirenda. A very scamming guy using the edmoney site

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Lucky Lizz,

      I am very intrigued that you have a name attached to EdMoney Site = that is linked to its review we already covered. I may update it with the name. Is he promoting it on YouTube or where did you come across his name in relation to the site you reported here?

      Really looking forward to hearing back from you Lucky Lizz and thank you so much for letting us all know. Really appreciated as, in over 150 reviews of their site, I have only come across one other name – MARTIN WOOD, PROJECT MANAGER – so this is exciting news.



  2. james

    Hi Philip
    Well, I never…I’d not heard of this MLM group until just now. Having read your review, I feel I’m well warned against the likelihood of being scammed this group should they ever pass my way. I doubt they would, but the online world is fickle as we all know.
    Scam witness is doing the online world a great service in posting information about such groups. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on us all to exercise due dilligence before engaging in any contractual arrangements. Posts such as yours makes this a little easier.
    Kind regards

  3. Danielle

    Oh gosh, those false success stories! I personally think that MLM marketing is such a hassle. MLM members can earn from doing the business, I have seen high earners in MLM. but it doesn’t create a solid, stable business and usually requires a lot of travelling or calling to keep down-lines motivated. Not worth it for me. I would rather follow the affiliate marketing route.

    I found your article very informative


    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Danielle,

      Thank you very much of your opinion and knowledge regarding Jeunesseglobal.com. It is very profitable for too few for me to ever entertain any MLM business without SEO training. However, with such training then the playing field has leveled out and now one has an excellent chance of making good money online in a reasonable amount of time.

      Thanks Again Danielle and I really do appreciate your comment.



  4. Merry

    What a great post, Philip. The honesty with which you shared this company is appreciated. I have been approached by a few online friends doing this one. And as is typical of so many, models are used and the advertising is pretty high end. I personally know from experience in MLM that yes, you do need to recruit to really make any money and most have a mandatory monthly auto-ship to qualify for any payments. I think you gave them a fair rating with all the issues they are having and things that need to be addressed.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Merry,

      Thank you kindly for your lovely words 🙂 .

      MLM’s do have a few bad habits but the earning potential is huge if you know about SEO! Anyone selling products for Jeunessglobal.com can learn to be an expert and get free traffic by creating content and placing their product links on their own website. This is HOW TO TAP INTO NEARLY 4 BILLION PEOPLE THAT ARE ACTIVE INTERNET USERS!

      Thanks again Merry.




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