UogMoney. icu Review – Is ‘UogMoney’ Scam or Legit Work From Home Job?

By | September 30, 2019

‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Clones Continues Since 2014! – Avoid UogMoney. icu!

We are here to warn you about yet another ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Replica called UogMoney. icu. I see other bloggers jumping on this bandwagon but I can assure you we have exposed over 200 of these nasty little sites. They have earned millions of dollars by now ripping off good people who only want a real opportunity to earn online. No matter how many times we expose their sites they replicate even more. 

Those that want to share what you know may do so in the comments provided. The more that help out to warn others the more people we can collectively save from losing their personal details to fraudsters, their cash and their precious time.


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UogMoney. icu Exposed.

Easy Money or a Fraud?

UogMoney. icu is a scam and they recently registered their site to replace older copies as their Google reputation is beyond dirt by now. They registered their fake site in 2019/10/26 and only for a year. That is a very short business and highly indicative of a scam. Please don’t forget to leave your own reports in the comments to help warn others. Also, if you are serious about making money online, then do check out our recommendation in this article. It is free to begin with no cc to sign up so you have nothing to lose by having a look 🙂 . 


  • Sign up for free, as stated. No hassle so far.
  • You get welcomed with your account and affiliate link.
  • You are told to get to work by working ‘ad unit’s’.
  • You will credit to your account 10 cents for ‘unit’.
  • If you make referrals you will earn up to 50% of their commission! WOW! IF only hey?
  • Continue to watch ads and make referrals until you hit the withdrawal threshold of $150.00!

What happens when you decide that $150 should be in your bank account, within one hour, as they promised? You request your money, upon which, they will ‘helpfully, inform you that you still need to make 40 referrals to qualify for your money. This is not stated in any terms and conditions of which they are none at this site.

After you buy those referrals or send them to this site organically your account is shut down immediately! YOU ARE LOCKED OUT OF YOUR OWN AFFILIATE ACCOUNT! SCAM OVER!

People are wasting valuable time and effort trying to make money out of this website. People are also buying those referrals as well because they amount is typically far greater than the fee to release the earnings. I am sorry to inform you of all of this especially if you spent money and or considerable time watching ad views. It is a rotter, I know the feeling, I have been scammed before, years gone by.


This is a scam website ran by a Global-ill-intentioned-black-hat-affiliate-marketeers-organization! Nothing more. It is not a genuine and legitimate online business enterprise, far from it.



Signs of Deception.

Here will see proof that the jam dengi club is not trustworthy. Here are a few bullet points to look out for if you decide to visit their site:-

  • When you translate this websites page you will see spelling error’s, most notably, at the bottom saying ‘Fedback‘. All these websites have the same error.
  • Home page contains a list of very high earners for one days pay, NONSENSE! High earnings in a short amount of time is nearly always, if not always, bogus. Those figures are false.
  • Founder can not be located online.
  • Too many admin names responding to feed back.
  • Feed back is highly too positive given the short amount of time this site has been up for.
  • YouTube is overflowing with comments of no pay from such sites like this one, as, they are all the same owners anyways, it makes no difference what their names are.



This post is an updated post that exposed jamdengi. club. They have since shut down. Here is the new PTC Scams from same owners as ‘UoMoney’:- UPDATED AGAIN 🙂 from Jamdengi. club to what you see now. 


  1. osomoney win.
  2. dismoney bid.
  3. upemoney bid.
  4. acimoney win.
  5. okamoney club.
  6. usemoney site.
  7. ormoney site.
  8. opomoney bid.
  9. otomoney win.
  10. inamoney bid.
  11. rimoney club.
  12. oxomoney site.
  13. vkumoney win.
  14. oximoney win.
  15. almoney bid.
  16. akomoneyclub.
  17. atmoney bid.
  18. opymoney bid.
  19. ewumoney club.
  20. enymoney site.
  21. ugamoney bid.
  22. audmoney site.
  23. olmoney club.
  24. enamoney site.
  25. fsamoney bid.
  26. ugmoney win.
  27. eromoney win.
  28. afmoney win.
  29. satmoney win.
  30. ukmoney win.
  31. ummoney win.
  32. elmoney club.
  33. afumoney club.
  34. nonmoney bid.
  35. yxmoney bid.
  36. ydmoney bid.
  37. edmoney site.
  38. elmoney win.
  39. akmoney win.
  40. ubmoney win.
  41. agmoney bid.
  42. utemoney club.
  43. etimoney bid.
  44. oxmoney win.
  45. ogmoney win.
  46. opmoney win.
  47. avmoney win.
  48. yhmoney win
  49. ovmoney win.
  50. epmoney win.
  51. abamoney bid.
  52. fawmoney site.
  53. ebomoney win.
  54. ocemoney bid.
  55. ubemoney site.
  56. ammoney win.
  57. agmoney site.
  58. uxmoney win.
  59. osmoney win.
  60. ommoney win.
  61. ifmoney win.
  62. exmoney win.
  63. asmoney win.
  64. uvmoney win.
  65. odmoney win.
  66. ytmoney win.
  67. ygmoney win.
  68. olomoney site.
  69. ewmoney win.
  70. ekmoney win.
  71. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  72. ehmoney site.
  73. obamoney win.
  74. ormoney win.
  75. emumoney club.
  76. arimoney bid.
  77. immoney club.
  78. ubamoney club.
  79. duomoney site.
  80. otmoney club.
  81. atmoney win.
  82. ecamoney site.
  83. aqmoney win.
  84. epomoney club.
  85. ucemoney bid, apimoney. win. pzumoney site. netmoney. 2017. exumoney club. ycamoney win, termoney bid. 
  86. efomoney win.



These sites are probably dead and or redirected by now. This article you are reading is an update from one of their previous scam sites so we are trying to keep up with these scammers. If you found one or some then let us know. Thanks. 




Tips to Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams after your:-

The word in silver blue color.

  • If you can’t find the founder of a website, somethings up. Warrants further investigation.
  • Google affiliate program and see if they are getting too many negative reviews online.
  • Click on their Social Media Buttons at website, if any, and see what people are saying about them, complaints.
  • Look out for no contact details like a business email.
  • Look out for false and highly inflated reviews or feedback. Compare the reviews and see if they all sound similar by close to same wording, expressions, spelling errors.
  • Gross grammatical errors throughout website.
  • Go to BBB and see if they got any positive feedback next to negative.
  • Look them on www.surbl.org to see if they are black listed.
  • Don’t go near get-rick-quick-schemes. The amount of these schemes people try to get me into on Facebook is ridiculous. No matter how many times I say to them it is a scam, give them detailed reasons, they still run to it.
  • Don’t pay ANY sign up fee. You should not have to pay another for a job on line. It is OK to pay after you have had a test drive so to speak and then make an informed decision, otherwise, you really are risking your money.

Top 10 Safety Tips for Newbies Online:-

Here are the top 10 safety tips to help you stay safe online.

  1. Don’t click links in emails or Facebook messenger, on Twitter, Pinterest or anywhere that you don’t know.
  2. Don’t add people to social accounts you don’t know, they usually want to solicit scams to you.
  3. Stay away from ‘Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes‘.
  4. Be Never pressured into paying a sign up fee online before test driving any affiliate offer first.
  5. Be wary of affiliate programs that have not been around on the internet for long. Many vanish overnight.
  6. Google them!! Look for reviews. More bad ones than not, stay away.
  7. Hash tag them on Twitter. See what people are saying.
  8. Keep an up to date Anti Virus Software on all your families devices. Scam sites will download malware, usually.
  9. If you are uncertain of something on the net then report here on this post or any other on my website.
  10. If want to learn how to make money on the internet then sign up through my review right here.

Final Thoughts.

Now you must know you can never cash out with UogMoney. icu. They are a sham and I am sorry to break this news to you especially if you have worked on that site. I too have been scammed a few times. I remember the feeling and annoyed and disillusioned with the internet at large. I tried one more time and found a way. The way is in the article below – click the image to get started!



How To Make Money Online

2 thoughts on “UogMoney. icu Review – Is ‘UogMoney’ Scam or Legit Work From Home Job?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Great Question Rabeah!

      Short answer is, you shouldn’t until you are satisfied. That is the only way to be certain you are not falling into a trap.

      You see that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Look for reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and see what turns up. Here is my review of them HERE.

      So, I don’t preach getting rich quick. I don’t tell you that running your own site is easy peasy, cos, its hard bloody work my friend! It takes time, belief, huge effort to try to earn anything online. Over time, then you start seeing results. For some, that is too long but for those that stick at it, then financial success begins to grow – little by little.

      You may notice in my WA review that the earnings are small. That is fine. That is a sign of a new online business beginning to earn something online. I intend to continue to add payment proofs in time.

      Ultimately, I can’t come through your device and tell you how legit I am, you must do research and come to your own decision.

      Any questions, just ask.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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