What Is IncomeDoze? Is IncomeDoze a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 23, 2017

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What Is IncomeDoze and is IncomeDoze Legitimate or a Fraud Site.

Following a flood of reviews into similar sites, I spotted and researched, What Is IncomeDoze. This review will answer questions like is IncomeDoze fraudulent, is IncomeDoze.com safe and honest? Perhaps, you are just looking for Income Doze reviews, whatever your reasons for being here, I will answer all of your questions to leave you in no doubt. So, this site is owned by highly active online scammers, who have their ID hidden online, and have many other online scams running as well.

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What Is IcomeDoze and Is IncomeDoze Honest or a Fraud.

IncomeDoze was created on the 17/08/2017 with no Founders Name, registration address is fake and email not available. These are important WHOIS details for all online business, and when they are missing as much as they are with IcomeDoze, then you really should investigate further before singing up with them. The exception is some websites just do not want to be spammed etc and so leave out details like email. However, it is considered ‘suspicious’ behavior by the majority of website monitors and should take as your first sign of dishonesty.

I hereby (formally lol) declare IncomeDoze.com a complete scam and you should not trust anything they say!! They have many other sites running the same scam. If you want reasons why I say this then consider they pay out too much for the work they offer. It is not financially possible to pay out so much for so little and unskilled work.

Payjut is but one of many other scam sites that run the same scam by the same people. ALL the ‘same’.



Who Can Join, Work and Pay and WHY it does NOT make sense.

Anyone can join Income Doze as they do not leave out anyone despite demographics. It is Free to Sign Up as well and it is easy to do so, even without, email verification.

You will be required to copy and paste your affiliate link to any and all sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, write posts with your affiliate link attached and really anywhere you can get away with spamming people online.

You are given $5 just for signing up. Everyone you refer using your affiliate link is meant to earn you $5! WOW! Everyone that just ‘CLICKS YOUR LINK‘ you are supposed to get $5! Does that sound like something that could ever be real to you? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




Not Recommended!!



How to make money recap:-

  • Register.
  • Refer others.
  • Earn Money
  • LOL! This step is optional and therapeutic.


The minimum withdrawal is $300 and you may wish to ask for your earnings at this point. Here is where the scam really kicks in and you should definitely not expect payment. They never paid anyone nor do they intend to pay out to you, I am sorry to inform you.

At this point they will present you with some other options. They will require you to either:-


  • Complete a survey.
  • Sign up to an offer.
  • Upgrade your account.
  • Pay money out of your own pocket to do any of the above for your earnings.


Whether you pay or not, you are locked out of your account, your password will be changed and you will have no access to ask for help from admin. They do not care as that is the purpose of their site – to scam you!

You must also spare a thought for all those people you may have referred to IncomeDoze and I RECOMMEND you jump onto your respective social media accounts to warn others.


Why the Payments Make No Sense.

$5 per click is 1000s of % over the industry profitability scale. NO site can afford this when you consider that advertisers, sites etc, can easily get up to 50 clicks for just a few dollars. Why then is it financially feasible to pay out so high for just ONE CLICK! It is just too high.


IncomeDoze sells on your email addresses to other third parties for a profit. When signing up to sites such as this please use a junk email account to avoid thousands of spam emails.












I would love to hear from you! Did you sign up to the site above and now finding out about these problems? You are welcome to leave your experience below to help warn others. There are other online scams run by the same owner as the site under review. I will keep you informed with further reviews of these. Are you being invited or being tempted by another online opportunity but you are not to sure about them? You may ask me in the comment box below and I will certainly look in to them for you. As soon as I know I will let you know in good time.

Be assured, I always respond to comments, so never feel like leaving a comment is a waste of your time. There is certainly enough information on What Is IncomeDoze to keep you well away from them Of course, it is up to you, if you still wish to join them. Just know I do not endorse them as safe and honest! I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you kindly for reading my article. All shares are deeply appreciated and welcome, which, goes a long way to help a growing site like mine to get the truth out there online! Come back soon as I post daily, speaking of which, you can Sign Up to my Sites Free Newsletter! Top right. This will help you out smart scammers and inform you of Good to OK online jobs. Should you have any questions on my #1 RECOMMENDATION then you are free to ask me below. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!

8 thoughts on “What Is IncomeDoze? Is IncomeDoze a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

  1. Barbara Primous-Jackson

    I signed up based off of a friend’s referral. I didn’t vet the site because I assumed she had. She is a very intelligent woman and a published author so I felt safe. I initially realized that I had a problem when Instagram shut me out of interacting with the posts on its site. I removed the link from that site and had no further problems. Now I am having the same type of issues with Facebook but the link is not showing in my profile as far as I can see. I have been shut out of my account multiple times resulting in 4 password changes in the last 3 days alone. I never tried to collect payment as I never expected to get paid what they claimed; I was in it to help a friend get the clicks she wanted. Now the website no longer can even be found (IncomeDoze dot com) and I can’t figure out how to regain full control of my social media account.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Barbara,

      I don’t use instagram at all – I get most my traffic from Google for free.

      Only thing I can think is to try and email insta to explain that you did not know they were a scam website.

      Perhaps they will let you back into your account after thirty days?

      Maybe just set up a new one and leave it as a lesson learned and re-add your friends.

      Next time you leave links you should look up how to shorten links. When you shorten links they get re-direct to a blank site then to a real site, thus, facebook, insta etc thinks it is a ‘normal’ link.


    I signed up for this. Had over $1000 in account. Went to claim, and now they have a new web account. The pay grill. To bad a class action lawsuit can’t be filed against them.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi WILLIAM,

      That is a lot of money! I agree, they need to get caught and sued to the hilt. Alas, not even the authorities can find these crooks. I think I have found about 50 copies of this scam by the same people. They have 1000s of them online. Thank you helping to warn others and I really do appreciate your input on What Is IncomeDoze. Let me know if I can help you earn money online as this is what I do for a living.

      All the best WILLIAM!



  3. Nana akosua Danso

    Pls can I have an honest online way to earn some income pls

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Nana,

      Thank kindly for your comment and question.

      I have been through some online scams before where I got my time and in one case my money wasted. I know it is frustrating.

      I found Wealthy Affiliate some time ago and they can teach anyone how to be successful online. If you are willing to take the time, learn and work hard you can make it online legitimately. What they teach is Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate has very good commissions to be made by referring others to them. The Start Up cost is $0 but comes with paid options after your Free Trial Period (Premium for 7 Days) to see if it is for you.

      You may sign up >HERE (no credit card required for a Free Starter Account – comes with Two Free Websites) or you can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate >HERE for more information.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi javonsewell,

      I am sorry to inform that IncomeDoze.com pays out to no one! They have never paid out and they will never pay you either.

      I hope, as bad news as it is to get, I have answered your question.

      If you want a real way to earn online honestly then you are free to ask me how.




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