What Is InboxDollars.com? Scam or Legit? Reviews of ‘Suspicious’ Sites!

By | October 30, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsIs InboxDollars Running A Scam? Review Of What Is InboxDollars.com.

I do reviews of ‘suspicious’ looking sites and InboxDollars caught my attention. With an excess of 59K monthly searches I wanted to know What Is InboxDollars.com? If InboxDollars is a scam, safe, real, legit and if Inbox Dollars is just wastes your time, if they pay you, for pennies a day! The reviews are very mixed to say the least. Some say it is a ‘fun‘ way to pass time while earning a few cents for doing so. Others say it is very hard to get their pay, waiting for two weeks, if not over a month to do so. I viewed complaints on Inbox Dollars and they do ‘squabble’ over a few cents – I was appalled and not impressed!!

I will be sourcing this sites ‘reputation status’ to see if they really are trustworthy. However, I can tell you one thing – they do pay out! So, it is a legit way to earn online but you won’t make a lot. I mean, you will NOT make enough money to make it worth your time, just to warn you!

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Already, we see, there is good news (inbox does pay out) and bad news (takes a long time to earn enough to withdraw money), and many times that can go wrong.

Let us now continue with this review into Inbox Dollars.


WEBSITE:- inbox dollars.com.What is inboxdollars.com?

FOUNDER:- Darren Cotter, Darren Cotter Enterprises.

CREATED:- 30/6/2000.


SCAM RATING:– LEGIT! But – not a serious way to make much money.


Investigation Into What Is InboxDollars.com.

Incredibly, I have never even heard of InboxDollars before. Given its highly evident popularity, I wanted to know if ‘I’ could make a few easy extra quid on the side, but first I had to ask of what is InboxDollars.com? Well, it is a site that pays you money for watching TV, completing surveys, taking part and completing offers. You will even get a FREE $5 SIGN UP BONUS! This is great news! Playing games and watching videos are just a few other ways to earn cash!

When you sign up to Inbox’s special offers you get them at a discounted price. The price for sign up to such offers actually gets you paid! See below for some examples.


What is inboxdollars.com?



How Much Can You Really Earn with Inbox Dollars.

I have read some surveys offer up to $4.50, but those are rare to say the least, and the usual amounts go from:-

  • $00.25.
  • $00.50.
  • $01.00.

Keep in mind that it can take up to a staggering 20 minutes to complete a survey! Is $1 really worth your time? If yes, then consider this, you will not always ‘qualify’ to complete these surveys! This is the main ‘inherent’ flaw with doing surveys! It has happened to me on many occasions where I am 10 minutes plus more and then I get ‘disqualified’ because of my demographic criteria! Very frustrating to say the least!! But, if you do get disqualified, ‘inbox’ will give you One Free Spin on Billy’s Wheel, which, is a software you have to download. ‘MEH‘ – better than nothing I guess but still no where near good enough for completing nearly a whole survey!

One can easily be ‘disqualified’ many times in a row depending on your age, race, geographical-location among many other ‘Quantum-Physical-Paradoxical-Anomalies‘! – that just means it is very hard to ‘qualify’ – LOL! I no longer do surveys…waste of time! Should you qualify, the questions, I find that I am thinking, how much more ‘personal’ could those questions get? Far too invasive and the money is lousy to boot.

When you sign up you will need to complete a few steps to get your $5 Bonus. I read one review where someone gave this site a real go. That person spent, in total, nearly 24 hours with a staggering meager few dollars onto of the five dollars he got! NOT WORTH IT GUYS!


Is Inbox Dollars.com really a Scam?

No, it is legit and it does pay out. However, the amount of time it takes to do these online menial tasks, far out weights the money achieved, therefor, I have to say it is a bit of a ‘scam’. I mean, it won’t make you enough to save for anything for the time you invest. You should just take it as a fun way to pass the time and not a serious online ‘entrepreneurial‘ endeavor. Taken in this state of mind, then, “yup” – go for it!


Major Cons:-

  • scamadvisor.com rates the site under review as ‘HIGH RISK‘! Only 10% trust – personally, I think that is a bit harsh.
  • Complaints of no payment of very late payment.
  • Too many ways to ‘violate’ their Terms of Service to ‘justify‘ not paying users.
  • Takes a really long time to make any amount of money after bonus sign up.
  • I am from Ireland (yayyy for me!) and I do not ‘qualify’ = there is that ‘word‘ again lol – to be able to join this site due to my ‘geographical-location’. Oh, well – “go ‘stuff’ yourselves then!” HAHA! I am just kidding.
  • Other reviews allude to this site exaggerating claims of ‘easy money’ without actually saying the words.
  • ‘Squabbles’ over a few cents – see BBB complaints. That is a big turn off for me.


Big Plus’s:-

  • Does pay out.
  • Founder and contact details are legit.
  • Been in business online for a long time.
  • High Popularity Rating.
  • Many ways to make a few extra quid a month.
  • Responds to user complaints.
  • Many positive reviews.
  • Many users happy with payment.


All in all I am happy this site is legal and legit and honest! IF NOT more than a little unprofitable for time spent.


SCAM RATING:- 35/100!


Generally speaking, I think this site is ‘OK‘. You won’t make much.

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I would love to hear from you! Have you signed up to the site under review? What was your experience? would appreciate if your story in the comment box below to help inform others. Were you unhappy with pay for time spent? Again, let everyone know below in the comment box. Personally, I do not think this is worth any ones time, but then, that is only my opinion. I believe you now have enough information on what is InboxDollars to decide for yourself. If you have any questions regarding anything in this article, or on my sign up offer to you, then please just ask me in the comment box below where I will always be happy to further assist you in any way I can. Please feel free to sign up to my Websites Free Newsletter to keep ahead of all the scams online. All shares of this, or any article on my website, are deeply appreciated as I am an independent blogger and your support will help me grow! Thank guys and please stay safe online out there!


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