What Is InaMoney Bid? Scam or Legit – Know Before You Sign Up!

By | June 26, 2018

All You Need to Answer What Is InaMoney Bid.

InaMoney Bid Exposed!

InaMoney Bid was created 23/06/2018 by unknown but notorious scam artists! That is the short answer to What Is InaMoney. Bid. And also to is InaMoney. Bid a Scam? Is Ina Money Bid real and genuine? This InaMoney Review will give you all we have to share on their sites work, pay offer and how they always intend to scam every member. There are copies of this operation and they are numbering into the 1000s! Fraudster active since 2014, as a collective and global scam collaboration, no one has ever been paid for their efforts and many have been conned out of money.


For some this is going to be some bad news you did not want to hear. We apologize to bear it to you but at least now you can move onto something that is not a scam. To learn to work from home you may see some links and info at the bottom of this article or read our #1 recommendation.


Company:- inamoney. bid.

Created:- 23-06-2018. Expires:- 1 Year from date created.

Owners:- Unknown.

Scam/Legit:- A SCAM! – Stay clear.



InaMoney Bid Paid Advertisement Viewing System Scam Revealed in Full.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

InaMoney Bid is going into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.

Now we will get into more detail as to why we are 100% certain in our claims of calling InaMoney Bid a fraudulent Paid to Click site. Owners, as said are unknown, and have left no traces of any legit online ID to ensure their anonymity. Their sites come in three languages which are Russian, German and in English. There are now 1110 of these Paid Advertiswement Viewing Systems operating in English. We don’t know the amount for the others but one can only guess those copies are colossal as well. Many of their sites last 1 year and then shut down. Even some will be shut down in a matter of weeks due to no interest or bad online reputation already.


Below is a list of the sites that are nearly exact copies of the site we are reviewing now:-


  1. rimoney club.
  2. oxomoney site.
  3. vkumoney win.
  4. oximoney win.
  5. almoney bid.
  6. akomoneyclub.
  7. atmoney bid.
  8. opymoney bid.
  9. ewumoney club.
  10. enymoney site.
  11. ugamoney bid.
  12. audmoney site.
  13. olmoney club.
  14. enamoney site.
  15. fsamoney bid.
  16. ugmoney win.
  17. eromoney win.
  18. afmoney win.
  19. satmoney win.
  20. ukmoney win.
  21. ummoney win.
  22. elmoney club.
  23. afumoney club.
  24. nonmoney bid.
  25. yxmoney bid.
  26. ydmoney bid.
  27. edmoney site.
  28. elmoney win.
  29. akmoney win.
  30. ubmoney win.
  31. agmoney bid.
  32. utemoney club.
  33. etimoney bid.
  34. oxmoney win.
  35. ogmoney win.
  36. opmoney win.
  37. avmoney win.
  38. yhmoney win
  39. ovmoney win.
  40. epmoney win.
  41. abamoney bid.
  42. fawmoney site.
  43. ebomoney win.
  44. ocemoney bid.
  45. ubemoney site.
  46. ammoney win.
  47. agmoney site.
  48. uxmoney win.
  49. osmoney win.
  50. ommoney win.
  51. ifmoney win.
  52. exmoney win.
  53. asmoney win.
  54. uvmoney win.
  55. odmoney win.
  56. ytmoney win.
  57. ygmoney win.
  58. olomoney site.
  59. ewmoney win.
  60. ekmoney win.
  61. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  62. ehmoney site.
  63. obamoney win.
  64. ormoney win.
  65. emumoney club.
  66. arimoney bid.
  67. immoney club.
  68. ubamoney club.
  69. duomoney site.
  70. otmoney club.
  71. atmoney win.
  72. ecamoney site.
  73. aqmoney win.
  74. epomoney club.
  75. ucemoney bid, netmoney.2017. ycamoney win, apimoney. win. exumoney club. ozumoney site. efomoney win. termoney bid.

*Those reviews will open in a new tab and are only the ones we have had the time to expose in 2018.



Their Work for Nothing Program.

You only need an email to sign up to their site and no locations on Earth will be rejected. No prior experience or qualifications are needed to earn nearly $500 a day clicking on ads!

Once you sign up then you no doubt click on ads to earn. Each ad comes with a code that needs to be completed as well. Those earnings will rattle up very fast in your account and nothing will seem suspicious to you.



Fake Referral Program Details.

You are promised exactly 50% of whatever your down line makes. That is when you make a sign up through your affiliate link to InaMoney. Those earnings will be added to the earnings from viewing ads as well.

Those are the two ways that you think you are earning with their program.


Earnings – More Lies Exposed.

We would like to be excruciatingly clear with you on something!

You may notice we have not said one single good thing about the site we are writing on today. This is because there is just too proof of cyber-criminality to even find one good thing to say about them. Should you know of others sites like the one we are exposing then we will very much appreciate it if you report them to us. Thank you. Let us continue.

You daily earnings are actually colossal compared what is normally paid out for this kind of work. You are only meant to get a fraction of a cent or anywhere up to 3 per click. That is all. A site promising 10c a click is an obvious lie because advertisers can get pretty close to 1000 clicks for just $5 and so now we see paying 10c per click is way too high.

As a general rule:- We do not endorse any PTC site for the pay is horrifically poor to be tantamount to being illegal! And yet, they are not. Should such operations were real world work then they all would have been shut down some time ago.

Close to $500 a day is promised as said, and the BIGGEST LIE OF ALL is when they say you will get $4800 a month if you view 1000 ads on average!

In all the time we have been exposing these scammers websites we have not once seen a positive review, that was legit and not from a scammer, proving such payments. The owners have never come forward to defend their online companies and their continued silence says it all.



Critical Point of Scam Occurrence.

Find Out if InaMoney Bid is SAFE

Watch for the Scam Signs with InaMoney Bid!

Should you know what to look for then you won’t get scammed. You can definitely apply what we are about to say to any site online as a general rule of thumb.

1).Minimum Pay out is $150 – that is $50 too high! Highest ANY site will ever go is $100. Anything above that should raise your suspicion level enough to warrant further questioning.

2). They want you to PAY THEM $10 – when you try to cash out they will say you must pay them $10 for the quicker process. This is nonsense. You should never pay anyone online to access your earnings and is a reliable sign you are dealing with fraudsters. After payment, you still won’t get your earnings.

3). They want more money from you – they will try to get further cash from you of $9 to buy referrals from them. 100 in total. Those referrals are all fake.

4). Should you pay from your BTC wallet, or not, they you will still never get your earnings. Those that pay will be locked out of their accounts with no way to deactivate it. Those that don’t pay will just be stuck without any chance of going forward without falling for this scam.


This is a useful resource that advises about money scams online:- Beginners Guide to Scams. – Opens in a new tab.


There are many contradictions on their site such as the time it takes to pay out varies on their home page description and FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) section.


That really is all we need to say on this site.

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What are some ways to earn money blogging.


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2 thoughts on “What Is InaMoney Bid? Scam or Legit – Know Before You Sign Up!

  1. Danielle

    Thank you for exposing these pesky sites. You are a true scamwitness. The number increases every day. With sites like yours exposing them, I believe this will come to a stop one day and people can focus on creating true and legitimate businesses with true guidance as offered by your #1 recommendation.

    What is inamoney Bid? I can definitely answer that question now! is inamoney bid a scam or legit? Once again, thank you., I know the answer to that. Inamoney bid is a scam!


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Yes InaMoney Bid is a clear cut fraudulent operation. There can be no doubt based on too many factors like the pay out is far too high per time and effort. No owner ID anywhere onlilne. No forum for members. Missing vital website components like Privacy Policy, Contact Page etc. Too many scam signs to call it anything other than a scam.

      Really appreciate your comment Danielle and it is lovely to hear from you.

      I wish you well and much success online for the future.

      – Philip.


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