What Is ImMoney Bid? Is ImMoney Bid a Scam or Legit!

By | April 26, 2018

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What Is ImMoney Bid and Why They are a Scam.



Unbiased Answer to What Is ImMoney Bid.

Here we have a new Paid Advertisemnt Viewing System, but really, What Is ImMoney Bid? Is ImMoney. Bid real and paying? Is Im Money Bid a fake site? Welcome to our unaffiliated review of ImMoney as we answer these questions and others like who the owners are? What are the work details and pay outs? And ultimately, why they are not good and just another little scam. Immoney is just an another replica of a host of nearly identical sites running the same scam. The links below are reviews we have already done on their sites. We are finding them daily thanks to the many comments on our YouTube Channel and on our site here:-

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More Info on What Is ImMoney Bid, Work, Pay and Owners.

Let us begin with the owners before delving deeper into what is immoney bid. Short answer no one knows who the hell they are. Scam Witness has been exposing their sites for a long time now and never have we found any details to expose the rightful people. Their site registration never matches and, moreover, different sites have different IP locations. They are all the same script, from wording, fake reviews, figures paid out and down to the code. Only URL and logo of site is different. These sites are being manufactured wholesale.

The operators seem to be selling their PTC Scam Script Globally and we know the originators are Russian who have made English and German ones as well. They began their crooked crusade in 2014 and have only grown since then without any intervention from authorities. I guess, with so many scams being born online every day, it is impossible to police them all.

ImMoney Bid is Selling You Smoke!

ImMoney is a Crooked Sales Man.

The work is your straight forward click an ad for 10 cents. The monies are put into your account immediately and you can view them adding up. Ten Cents per ad is too high and advertisers will not pay such big money. After paying those members that money now they must pay site owners as well some fee for using their site. The site owners do indeed get a commission every time an ad is clicked, however, those profits are not shared out to members.

After signing up to this scam with your email address then you will see bad advice to take your link and share it all over the place. What they are advocating is illegal as it is pure spamming. You can get yourself in to some serious legal bother if you persist with your affiliate marketing campaigns in this manner – I kid you not. You may take a look here to see What Happens to Spammers. Courtesy of businessemaillists.com and opens in a new browser.

Well, many members are planting their link in such a way in order to make new referrals through them. Once these referrals sign up and begin to work via ad watching and captcha code filling out, then you are supposed to 50% of that earnings, however – no one gets paid.

This is only a way for the site to ensure they forever increase membership counts. The Admin will not close down dormant accounts either. The reason is to give a false impression to sign ups then the membership is higher than the number of people on the site to pretend they are more popular than what they are.

It all comes to a nasty halt when participants meet their $150 pay out point. Here you may ask for your monies and then you will see what happens…



How The Scam Explodes in Your Face!

ImMoney Bid will Explode in Your Face!

When they have wasted even more of your time filling out the fake form for your money you will be informed that the processing period is very long indeed. There is a $10 way to speed things thereafter you are expected, though nowhere do you see this nonsense mentioned on their site, that they want 40 people that you referred to them.

Those who do not have these people quite often make these referrals manually. This can take some time as most people are not interested in PTC sites because it is becoming widely known all of these sites are a total waste of time – 99% of them are scams anyways! This is why we no longer recommend any PTC site.

Those members who do not pay up will not see their cash. That is fine because you weren’t going to get it anyways. Those that do pay are doing so because the fee is so low in comparison to the amount to hopefully collect. This is why many risks it. After payments from such people then you will see that you are locked out of your account, or annoyingly, the whole thing restarts. I believe the responses at this point are all automated because it is the same for all of their sites, and as humans, we all respond differently – not so with these sites.

Personal Details are sold onto criminals online for the purposes of making even more money from their members. All videos online promoting any of these sites are from the scammers who are knowingly misleading people. Please report them all as SPAM and MISLEADING!

Here are Ten Tips To Stay Safe Online. From mcafee.com and opens in a new window.



The more that know they are definitely a scam, and I am not just some random blogger talking rubbish, the more that will be saved.



DISCLAIMER:- This article has the weight of many months of research behind it. However, all posts are ultimately my own opinion and others are encouraged to do similarly to be utterly sure of their own conclusion. Should any mistakes occur I will gladly fix them. I also show others How To Make Money Online as well.








So, once again, we ask of you to take a moment and do report these guys if they are scammed. Failure to do this is letting them off scot-free and that is something I am not able to understand myself. Maybe you are being enticed by another online opportunity, but, you don’t know if they are legit. Do let us know and we will definitely take a good look for you. I hope this article helps many people in time and look forward to your comments to come. Take care 🙂 .




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6 thoughts on “What Is ImMoney Bid? Is ImMoney Bid a Scam or Legit!

  1. Wendell De leon

    I have been scam also by the site owemoney. bid its the same as the one you investigate but just different name..thats very true that when you reach 150$ they will tell you that you need to attract 40 referrals before you can withdraw your money or you can buy it for 10$..so i send them 20$ then after that i thought i can withdraw my money already but then they will tell you that your account needs to be verified for 30-60days or you need to pay 10$ and make verification fast..and all the money you earned will then be payed out after 5mins.but then thats the time i doubt..so i stopped..i hope those scammers will get caught..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Wendell,

      I did not know that the waiting period was for ‘Verification’ purposes- I will add this into my next post on these sites. Much appreciated Wendell.

      Yes, the average they try to scam members out of, at ImMoney Bid, is around $20! One lady got scammed for thirty once.

      Thanks for verifying my suspicions on ImMoney and I have no doubt there will be many more member complaints of ImMoney in time.

      Here to assist others to learn online as well if you are interested, no pressure, just good info.

      All the best Wendell 🙂 !

      – Philip.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You are probably just been locked out of your Immoney Bid account. That is the end of the scam. Please read carefully the article above, and, I am sorry this happened to you as well.

  2. omi

    Hello, Mr. Philip, I’m having trouble paying no money. I wanted to use your help. In the past. Name on the site. Emailing. Laying. Getting started. Of course, I read your description. Actually, I doubt it, thanks for the reason I am grateful to help you.


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