What Is IMARKETSLIVE.COM? Is Imarketslive.com a Scam or Legit?

By | January 26, 2018

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What Is IMARKETSLIVE.COM and Why They are a Scam.

Imarketslive.com does not even have legal permission to offer its services in several countries, but, that has not stopped them! I will answer What Is Imarketslive.com, is Imarketslive.com actually a Pyramid Scheme, what services does Imarketslive offer? I can already tell you one thing, they are breaking the law in Belgium, France and Spain where they are not even allowed to offer their services or give rewards for referrals. This makes them completely illegal, and since they have structured themselves far to similarly to a Pyramid Scheme, are indeed, a SCAM! Their product/services has also spread to Nigeria.

Already, you know these guys are operating outside the laws in several regions! Should you be in need of an honest and legit opportunity then why read my review of Wealthy Affiliate >HERE< or sign up >HERE> for a free account.




Imarketslive.com Logo.

Website:- http://imarketslive.com.

Owner:- Christopher Terry.

Website Start:- 2013. Website Expiration:- 2020.


Referral Program:- YES! Pyramid Scheme Style Structure!


1# RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate.




What Is IMARKETSLIVE.COM (International Markets Live) – Back Ground Research.

Before getting further into answering what is imarketslive.com I always try to find out who owns the website, if there is a contact email and a real address. Any honest online business would have all three.

WHOIS shows me Christopher Terry is the owner.but there is no email or registration address. International Markets Live Inc is the parent organization. That is all the details and really is not sufficient for a website of this nature.

The website, which deals in Forex Trading, Futures (in trading, this is a contract that allows you buy commodities etc for a certain price for a predetermined delivery date) and CFD’s (Contract For a Difference – a trading contract that allows you to ‘speculate’ i.e. gamble on the rise and/or fall on shares, commodities, currencies etc) services/products to their client base, was created on the 29/1/2013 and set to expire in 2020 (a year that may gift us all excellent eyesight LOL 🙂 !).


Christopher Terry as CEO of Imarketslive.com


OK! Imarketslive.com claim to have proprietary (they own it) trading software tools and training that allows anyone to learn how to be financially successful in Stock Trading. After you are a member you then have access to such tools. You can of course make good money by referring others to them as well. The more members you recruit the more compensation increases and advantages as well.

They also possess an auto-trader that will make the same decisions on your behalf as their experts do! I hope they do not lose all of your cash. I read something online about auto-traders once. It is a software that simply picks up the ‘signals’ of what the big boys are betting on in Wall Street and thus mirrors them. Crash of 2008 anyone!! Really, copying those GUYS! There, obviously, is no guarantee of success this way but I guess it is better than pulling it out of a hat.

Shall we see why these guys are operating illegal in at least three countries? See below.



Why Is International Markets Live Illegal In Belgium, Spain and France.

Simply, they do not have permission, under these countries laws, to provide the services they are offering. Regarding Belgium, they are deliberately targeting young people, and the FSMA (Financial Services Marketing Authority) says they are operating illegally.

From 2016, August 18th, all investment companies are prohibited from áctively distributing Forex Products and CFDS – whether authorized or not! Christopher Terry has of course been duly updated and, it appears, not to be heeding this warning.

FSMA also damns International Markets Live further by saying they have “features of a classic pyramid scheme”! Now that is a nail in any websites coffin!

Regarding France, the French Supervisory Authority is warning the public on imarketslive by saying they are targeting young people, even teenagers, by offering training in the hopes of participating in the Stock Markets. IML has a high incentive program, so, the more people you bring in the higher and higher your own commission becomes!

Just like Belgium, France has clearly stated International Markets Live is not legal in their territory. They even received reports/phone calls from concerned parents on behalf of their teenage kids!!

On the 15th of January 2015 the CNMV (Comision Nacional Del Mercado De Valores) of Spain issued a warning stating Imarketslive is not registered with them. Thus, they are illegal in Spain as well.


RECAP:- IML is targeting young people and offering high incentives for making them referrals. This is of course indicative of a pyramid scheme where we see most of the profits go to the top-level. However, since they do have a product, they are barely a Multi Level Marketing Company – However – they have been cited for pyramid scheme activities. Why is this important? It is of critical importance to understand that pyramid schemes yield little financial benefit to most of its members, and since so many gets scammed in such schemes, is illegal. Top earners are always the Founders and early sign ups.












You are now more than welcome to have your say regarding what I have said in this article. Did you, or someone you know, sign up to IML? What was your experience with them and did you earn much money? Would you recommend them or not? Personally, I can not believe they have the audacity to ignore these warnings by these governing bodies and are literally playing with their own freedom. I would like to thank the FSMA for warning us and is where I sourced for this article to help warn my readers. Well, there are a lot of people asking What Is IMARKETSLIVE.COM and I certainly hope to have satiated your curiosity! I will respond and looking forward to all of your comments and recommend you sign up to my site to keep up to date with all the scam goings-on online. Thank you for your time and hope to see you all again soon. For now, farewell until next time 🙂 .




8 thoughts on “What Is IMARKETSLIVE.COM? Is Imarketslive.com a Scam or Legit?

  1. Logan

    I had never heard of Imarkets.com before and I’m glad I’ve never come across them. Thanks to you I know to completely disregard this site as they are a fake company. It is crazy what some people will do to make some money. And it’s even worse that they target teenagers who may not know any better.
    Thanks for this review and I look forward to more of your posts.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Logan,

      You are most welcome Logan.

      Yes I was pretty shocked to hear parents contacting such authorities concerning their own children. Would legit company targets youngsters anyways and that is/was what ImarketsLive.com is/has been doing!

  2. anthony

    Hi Phillip!

    Thanks for the info, I’ve been looking into itsmarketlive for a while, trying to figure out if it’s a legitimate way into the stock market industry. I’m so glad I came across this website! Last thing I need to do is invest my hard earned money in a pyramid scheme.
    Can you recommend a good company to teach me the ropes of stock trade? Or maybe some sort of affiliate marketing/dropshipping?

    Thanks, Anthony.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Anthony,

      I am glad my article helped you avoid such a thing as ImarketsLive.com. I can not currently recommend anything to do with stock trading as it is too far out side my area of expertise.

      Wealthy Affiliate is of course my #1 Recommendation! I have yet to find too many online opportunities to recommend given my short time online.

  3. GiuliaB

    Most interesting insight, Philip. I must admit, I had never come across iMarketsLive before reading your review – possibly as I no longer fulfill their market target 🙂 But on a serious note, yes, I can see that, if you are operating in a not wholly legally recognised and legitimate way, you may start targeting vulnerable client groups such as teenagers. The fact is, whether right or wrong, they are illegal in those countries if the local authorities declare them illegal or if the company is not even registered to operate in the same countries.
    I think I’ll steer clear off of them for now.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi GiuliaB,

      Haha, yes, they are targeting younger people who may not be too savvy regarding online works. I am glad you decided to stay clear of ImarketsLive.com as they really do sound like they don’t mind ignoring the warnings against them.

  4. John

    Hi Philip,

    This feels like another scumbag operation to make a quick buck and get out of town. And to put an inexperienced trader in front of an auto trader? That is a recipe for losing your money quickly. Have you reviewed any good (non-scam) trading product? I feel most trading products tend to be somewhat scammy, or maybe I just have found the bad ones.

    Thank you for a good review.

    Best regards

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi John,

      No where on Earth has an auto-trader proven itself to be an special advantage to traders! Its nonsense and only picks up the signals from wall street and mimicks!

      It has no psychic powers and you could lose a lot of cash. Anything less that half a million on the stock markets is a waste of time, as one tiny glitch, and all of your small monies is gone!

      Thanks for your comment John and I am sure I will see you again sometime soon.

      All the best.


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