What Is IfMoney Win? Is IfMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 30, 2018

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Researching to Answer What Is IfMoney Win?


Review to Answer What Is IfMoney Win and Why they are no Good.

Should your current mission be to answer What Is IfMoney Win, then you have landed perfectly, as we will answer as well is IfMoney. Win fraudulent? Is If Money Win real and paying to members? This is a review of IfMoney for a complete overview. To begin, Scam Witness can reveal the people who created IfMoney have 1000s identical copies. These copies include ugmoney. win, unmoney. win, armoney. win, afmoney. win, yhmoney. win, ygmoney. win, ytmoney. win, odmoney. win, ummoney. Site, yxmoney. Site, nonmoney. Site, xymoney. Site, armoney. win, uvmoney. win, oxmoney. win, exmoney. win, ubmoney. win, ommoney. win, osmoney. win, uxmoney. win, ekmoney. win, asmoney. win, atmoney. win, esmoney. win, awmoney. win, elmoney. win, ewmoney. win, ogmoney. win, ulmoney. win, uwmoney. win, opmoney. win, ohmoney. club, avmoney. win, agmoney. Site agmoney. win, agmoney. Site, usmoney. win, anmoney. win, ermoney. win, ecmoney. win, akmoney. win, ohmoney. Site olmoney. club. owmoney. win, edmoney. Site, ukmoney. win, ufmoney. club, ucmoney. win etc. Many more have been found since this list above. All scams!

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In depth Answer to What Is IfMoney Win, Owner Info and Making Money Work Details.

Right before expanded upon what is ifmoney win, we always try to search out owner info, to know who we are dealing with. All sites online must be registered. At this juncture people can put in their real name, legit email and address for their business. This is no so important with bloggers. It is important with ventures that are offering work. Those sites offering work and leave out such details are considered to be suspicious. Alas, IfMoney has no legit transparent details of this nature within site registration nor on their site. They created this on the 06/03/28 and due to expire same time in 2019.

Over a nearly ten month period – here is what we do know.

It is an organized scam spanning the globe. Operations began in 2014 and come in three languages. Originally a Russian Scam, they first began defrauding people in German Versions. They expanded into Russian and then English copies. They have about 714 English duplicates. All the sites are exactly and precisely the same, even down to the errors on their site. Many Google snippets of their sites have the same person saying the same thing about being paid and spending their earnings. Pure faker!

Incidentally, the name assigned to this scam operation is WebDengi_Eng – for the English-speaking ones anyways.

To know how the scam operates, let us see how it leads into it.



Work From Home Details to earn up to $4800 Monthly!


Review of IfMoney Win


YUP! You read that correctly. They are convincing people they can potentially earn up to $4800 a month. Earnings from ads earns members 10 cents. This money is added up in their accounts and everyone can see their earnings top in real time.

To Make such referrals you must SPAM your link everywhere. Here is what SPAMMING means for those that don’t know. It will take you to its definition. Courtesy of dictionary.com.

Let us break down this 10 cent per ad logic. This is one of the strongest weapons we can use to dismantle their offer with reason.

All ads being watched come from other websites. These websites will pay IfMoney some advertising fee and this is one way ‘Ex’ earns cash. This money is NOT 10 CENTS! Not in the version of the Universe we currently reside in anyways.

Advertiser is probably only paying 1 to 3 cents and that is all!

SO! Let us say you just watched 100 ads! This is $10 that must be paid to you. Now the advertiser must pay website owner money as well, which usually is higher than what members get, and so now advertiser is becoming very broke very fast.

$10 can get any third party advertiser close to 2K in clicks! This is a fact and so now we see 10 cents an ad is rubbish and only a scam enticement.

Daily Earnings are meant to be between $50 to $300 and paid out within 1 hour. This 1 hour payment time is crucial later on as we reveal how they hood-wink their members permanently.



Huge Money to Earn from Referrals Work!

Everyone you send to ifmoney will earn you handsome returns. Should someone click on your link, go to their site and begin watching nauseating ads, as their referrer your take home pay is 50% of their work! Of course, this s totally fictitious and nowhere, I know of, pays you 50% from someone else’s profit! Let us know if you got one affiliate program doing this he he 🙂 .

The amount you can apply for your money, first time, is $150. There is an application process that must be completed before any member is paid for their work on their site. Below we will now explain how they will seek to mess with their members heads and use members own money to be conned ever further…



Farcical Scam Process Explained.

One you have entered all pertinent details on your application, the unknown people behind IfMoney will tell you they has received it.

Soon enough they will respond again to inform you that you money will be released to you in about 60 days! Sometimes they will say in about 90 days!! There is a way to speed things up and here is where they will try to get some money out of you.

In order to avail of their quicker way to get your application processed faster you must pay them $10! This is of course flipping backwards! Anyways, once paid NOW they want your 40 referrals.


What Referrals?

Well, in order to gain access to your money you were meant to be some kind of X-Man/X-Woman and have those referrals already made. How anyone could have known this is of course impossible because it is not listed as a condition for your money to be released.

But it is OK because you can buy them for a few quid. $9 was what was reported on one of their sites and then they want $11 for something else that I do not know about. $20 is what they are aiming to get out of you before you realize they are not legit. It is my understanding payment is made via BitCoin.

Should you buy those referrals please do understand that they are insincere in trying to help you. Such referrals as these are fake and not real people. You are paying good money for nothing. Once they are had screwed you over for a few quid then a number of new things may occur as follows.

The whole application steps could be presented to you to be completed again. Another is they might have the cheek to get your doing a survey. This annoying survey will be from another site. Should you complete this survey task then that site may ask you to pay to finish this process. Now, if you pay, ExMone will get a little amount of money for this and is another way they are monetizing people for free. Additionally, the survey might refresh to another and continue on like that forever – or until you come to your senses, which ever is soonest I guess 🙂 .

Watch out for Offers! Yes, ‘Ex’ might send you to another site and that site will want you to fill out their offer. You’re banking info is essential, and actually the target, of such sites. ‘Ex’ will now harvest that banking info to be sold onto scammers. Be careful. If you were unlucky enough to give out such vital data then please cancel your bleeding card before they are using it for themselves.


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Since the dawn of their illegal endeavors online, the owners of all these sites, are not had the good will to pay even 1 penny to any participants. Your requests to Support will go unheeded.

Additionally, here are 5 Ways to Check is Legit. Courtesy of money.co.uk. Will open in a new browser window.





DISCLAIMER:- As always, all articles at Scam Witness are ultimately my own opinion. While I do research and back up what I say, NOTHING is to be taken as the ‘absolute and only truth’ herein. Given the data in this article, all must make up your own minds. Should you require doing further research on ‘Ex’ then this is a good option. I doubt you will find anything positive about them. Thank you your time in these regards.




SCAM RATING:- TOTAL SCAM! In my opinion these unknown people have deliberately set up hoards of identical sites with only 1 INTENTION – TO RIP PEOPLE OFF!! Anyone receive payment for their work efforts Then yes let us know but I have yet to witness even one legit comment that says they have been paid nor any proof.

0/100! I think that is generous enough and well warranted for their behavior towards their unsuspecting members. Those who keep quiet about their experience should reconsider. Bad Reports about sites like ‘Ex’ will discourage much traffic from going there. If no people, then it is not worth the scammers time to keep on operating. Thank you once again.





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Did you sign up and realize there were a scam? Any response from support? Perhaps you were just locked out of your account and permanently blanked? Lastly, did you pay? No one should ever be embarrassed if they were scammed because I have fallen for a good few as well. I once spent a whole day sharing this link to a site. The deal was I get 500 people to that page and I will get $500! Someone online proved it to me that they were a scam site – MORTIFIED! 🙂 . I learned my lesson for sure. Does any know of yet another one of these copies from ‘Ex’? Let us know as we do reader requests all the time and does be a valuable to receive such co-operation. I must finish up now answering What Is IfMoney Win and truly hope this article has helped to stay clear of them, or at least, helped you stop wasting your time with them. Until next time guys, take care of yourself 🙂 and report all suspicious sites to Scam Witness.


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