Review – Is ‘VnuMoney’ Scam or Legit Work Offer for All?

By | October 24, 2017

VnuMoney. xyz Scam Exposed.

Sorry to say but VnuMoney. xyz is a scam just like all of their sister sites! So avoid also 

Though this article will not be endorsing OboMoney, there is a way to earn online, for those interested. You can find out how I earn online (and how anyone can) via this article on Ways to Earn by Blogging. To save you time you can sign up HERE and see for yourself. This is your own online business by making a website and learning how to monetize it. No cc to start.



do not login into www. vnumoney. xyz!


  1. So beware of VnuMoney. xyz and all sites that we have mentioned above. They never pay out. Their site was registered online in 2019/1026 for only a year and so we are always suspicious of sites that go into business for so little time. If you know of another then feel free to let us know below in the comments.
  3. Like I said, there exists 1000’s of these websites, and a review of one is a review of them, all as they are all the same owners running the same scam, across the web. Many are falling for it!!
  4. Here is how it all goes down to make you drown in total and utter disappointment, a feeling, I have known in the past due to being scammed many times, all too well! HORRIBLE!
  5. When you first land on the Home Page of any of these websites you will see a list of top money earners for that day. You will notice, as it is designed of make you do, how high those earnings are. However, do not be fooled, as they are all fake and the ‘numbers’ are the same from one site to another. COPY PASTE ANYONE!
  6. Only difference is the site name and domain name. They hail from Panama but actually are a Russian Scam Network, no wait, my online resources tell them they are from the USA. I don’t really known where they are from, even though in many previous posts about these scammers, I have said it was a ‘Russian Scam Network’. These guys are really good at hiding themselves online – I will give them that much!! Lots of conflicting data online about these people.
  7. What kind of money can you expect to earn with hud money club? None! But here is what they say you can earn with them. 10 CENTS for every video watched. 50% COMMISSIONS on referrals watched videos. God, I’d crack up if I was a ‘pro’ ad watcher! KILL ME NOW! LOL! Average earnings per day is between $50 to $300 from day one! Average earnings after watching 1000 ads (OMG!) is $4800. If that was true I would suffer those ads for that money!! But it ain’t, so there is no point.




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