What Is HitsLook.com – Is ‘Hits Look’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | February 14, 2020



What Is HitsLook.com really all about – Our ‘Hits Look’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

Welcome to our Promotion Free Review to answer What Is HitsLook.com and can we trust them or not. And so they are a new e-store that has garnered some online support with many queries concerning ‘Hits Look’. They look to be another short domain registration e-store and that usually signals trouble. Those defrauded by ‘HitsLook’ (www hitslook com), or any other e-store, are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1900+ and counting.

We advise you to contact your payment adviser if any website has stolen your cash for inferior goods or nothing at all. Those that have images to prove they were scammed are welcome to avail of this SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. All are welcome to use the comments to share what you may know about ‘HitsLook’

Time to make a start on our ‘HitsLook’ Review and see the comments for real ‘HitsLook’ Customer Reviews, if any at this time. If you do not see any then why not be the first to kick-start the conversation 🙂 .



We begin to ask some simple questions. Unlike other reviews we take you through the simple steps on how to identify an online scam e-store. We go to WHOIS.com first. That is a free resource that documents the registration details of sites.

We want to see a founders name, business address, contact information and the age of their site and that is all the components to any real business. Except for the registration date, if all else is missing or they are using a privacy protection service, this can spell a scam quite often. But not always.

There are sometimes the people that run their own e-store from home and fail to let everyone know. That is not good as they are not required to give biz info like their address as that would be their home. Not advisable to do that.

But it is still their responsibility to provide legit proof they are genuine and you can shop there without worry. Generally speaking, if there is no business information with limited forms of contact, and this has not been explained away logically, then that is usually an online scam – 99% of the time.

OK! So we see that their sites domain registration was on the 2019-11-20 for one year. That is not good as what kind of business goes through the entirety of business set up, with all the associated costs, stress, overheads, etc, etc, just to go into business for only twelve months?

Well, online security experts say such time frames for online businesses is suspicious, for the reasons stated. But more so than this, it is the start of a well trodden scam pattern laid down by years of scammers stealing from good people online.

Unfortunately ‘HitsLook’ is tracing into this scam pattern by not leaving a founders name when the registered their site. Nor is there a real address for their business as they are using a privacy protection service which of course hides their real location.

The address in WHOIS, for those that went and had a quick peak, is not their own and I have seen it being used by many many other websites in my thousands and thousands of hours researching online scams. 

Heading to their site we see that they have an address of 1299 Nanbinhe West Road Qilihe District Lanzhou City Gansu Province 730051 China. Sadly most online e-store scams are coming out of China and they have done for years now. 

So that is something to beware of. The one’s that do deliver quite typically send out the wrong sizes to customers or the quality is not as good as advertised. Some are happy with what they get and others are rightfully not happy. 

We Googled their business address and there is only one page in Google about it, and curiously enough, it is not there. This may indicate a fake address and only scam sites serve up fake addresses on their own websites. Bad sign to say the least.

Their phone number for customer service is +86 17100951795 and so we just Google that number also. We see that it links back to their site perfectly with no other results. We were looking out for scam reports but none showed up for it. That is an excellent sign. 

contactus@hitslook.com is the email address their site and once again we ask Google if there are any scam reports connected to it by simply… Googling it. As you can see there is little to no ‘rocket science’ behind this scam busting gig and only some time and patience required to protect yourself and your family online.

Well, we have hit a big and major problem now with their email in our research. There is a PayPal Forum stirring up a riot in the comments Declaring ‘HitsLook’ Nothing but a Scam, a good and convincing one, but nevertheless a fraudulent e-store.


The Contact Name Is Chen Tianze, but with all of this seemingly very convincing contact information, people are still saying that they are a scam site to avoid.






Their business address appears not to exist. Some info shows up a riotous situation in the comments on the PayPal Forum about them. Other resources online stating they are a scam site, however, they have done little research and some only give you pointers to make up your own mind.

They are a new e-store that has garnered much interest in its short time online and seemingly scammed a lot of people already. No social media links on their site and that is not a good sign. Legit companies will typically invest time and effort and even money into social media.

Their discounts are insane and they have shaven off far too much per item on all items it appears. That is a classic switch and bait scam enticements and now I know they are not to be trusted!

And so…










list of scam websites.



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