What Is Great Minds 247? Is Great Minds 247 a Scam Or Legit?

By | January 7, 2018

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What Is Great Minds 247 and Why I believe Olsen Larsen is at it again!

With 80% monthly interest returns and same monthly compound growth, I wanted to find out what is Great Minds 247 (greatminds247.com) and why MLC247 and MYMLC247 Founder has set up another scam website! I will answer is Great Minds 247 a scam, is GM247 legit and safe and yet another scam website by the founder after the collapse of MLC247.COM!! Apparently, Olsen Larsen’s real name is actually Mafikiri George. Big Thank You to Goje in the comments for that. Please leave your complaints about all sites mentioned, including the new one, in the comment box below to help further get them shut down – like we did with the first one!

I am glad you decided to Google and find out if GreatMinds247 was legit or not. You have saved yourself money and time. However, should you need to find a real way to earn online, and have a website like mine, then you read my review about Wealthy Affiliate >HERE<. Should you no longer want to read any further you can just sign up >HERE< with no cc for a free starter account. Let us now continue with our review of Great Minds 247.




Website:- https://www.greatminds-247.com

Created:- 7/11/2017.Great Minds 247 logo.

Founder:- Notorious Scammer Olsen Larsen. New Name = Makifiri George.


#1 RECOMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate.



What Is Great Minds 247 and Links to SCAM SITES LIKE MLC247, MYMLC247 and RMN247.NET!

I am glad you want to know what is Great Minds 247 as I have been exposing the founder behind in previous articles. He is known as Olsen Larsen and a heartless and prolific scammer! You may wish to read my review on the following sites that is has and currently is taking people for their money and time:-

Click on anyone of the above as they are linked.

Larsen shut down MLC247 on the turn of midnight 2018 leaving New Years Day a nightmare for his members. He tried to come out and say that old members may join up under MYMLC247, but I have reports of non-payments from older members, and it is only an attempt to not pay anyone. Incidentally, Olsen created ‘MY’ version just two days after BoN (Bank of Namibia) warned their citizens of his first website! What has any of this to do with GM247? Well, that is the back ground and GM247 is the scam Ponzi/Pyramid scam as all the other sites he is running.

A ponzi scheme is when you need new sign ups to pay older members. That is it. A pyramid scheme is when most of the money flows upwards. That is it in a nutshell. Let us now take an even deeper look into Olsen’s new venture (GM247 Founder Name is Makifiri George – Still Mr Larsen!).


Signs of a Scam!

Let us now take a good look at the founders new venture after the utter collapse and destruction of his MLCL fraud from exposure online. This is why he has new sites – to start a fresh with new sign ups to con! DON’T SIGN UP WITH THEM PLEASE! YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY. Should you have entered in GreatMinds247 in the beginning, then of course yes, you will make money – more than likely. However, as time passes with new sign ups the payments become more selective and many just will not get paid. Why? It is too difficult to keep on finding new sign ups to pay older members from. That is the only reason.


Picture from Great Minds 247 Website.


Sign 1 of a Scam at Great Minds 247:-

You donate/invest and you will wait one to six months for you investment to return a profit. Please read their nonsense carefully as you are giving a ‘donation’ from the goodness of your heart. You should also receive donations from other members, but, it is not up to the website if you get paid or not. They are not regulated by any official authority and the whole cash gifting scheme (which is illegal everywhere and so is ponzi/pyramid schemes) is glued together on trust!

They say they are not HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), but with 80% COMPOUND GROWTH, 80% MONTHLY INTEREST and 20% interval interest over seven days (what ever that is) – that is EXACTLY what they are! These returns are not normal and are not real. Some, very few, may financially benefit but the rest will be left high and dry. Please see my reviews above at the tons of comments and complaints on these scammers. You will definitely think twice before signing.

Sign 2 of a Scam:-

Their website is riddled with generic and unclear answers in their FAQ’s. So, a donation is repeatedly called an ‘ORDER’ or an ‘ALLOCATION’. When you donate money to other members that is an order or allocation – whatever! Nonsense. The money is sent from one member to another. Now that member, who sent money, is waiting for others to give them money. Please do not fall for this nonsense. I have reports that support is rude and unhelpful as well. Please take an exceptional good read from a snippet that is on their Home Page below:-


What is great minds 247?


The above rubbish basically means, if you gave money to one of their members, the person who received your money must confirm your donation. Should they not do this then they are saying there is nothing they can do about it! However, in their FAQ’s section, they say if this happens to you, simply write to ‘support’ (a complete misnomer by the way) with proof of payment – then they will confirm you. It is important to get ‘confirmed’ or you will not be eligible to receive money in this way. TOTAL B. S CONTRADICTION – No?

Sign 3 of a Scam:-

WHOIS details reveals Great Minds 247 was registered on the 7/11/2017 with an expiration date of 7/11/2019. What legit online business registers for only two years? None! That is enough time to get traffic and victims to your website and run off with potentially millions in profit, leaving their members, without pay per time and investment.

Sign 4 of a Scam:-

When you receive a donation, you are now a Keeper. However, if you use those funds you will be blocked for two months. WHAT! Wait a minute…is it not the point for you to receive money as well!!?? LOL! Do your own research and be very careful. After you sign up you tacitly agree to all of these lop holes. You have been warned. Should you join after my warning then you deserve to be scammed!

Sign of a Scam 5:-

In pleasant green color they have a statement saying if you put in an order (provided help by giving away your money to a total stranger online) you must provide more ‘help’. See full statement below as an attempt to squeeze more money out of unsuspecting victims:-


Illogical Great Minds 247 statement.



My other reviews of these scammers sites are listed above if you want even more details. I will say no more about Great Minds and I think we are on the same page.







Please do not forget:- if you want more info just read my reviews on their other sites! Have you signed up to the website under review? Did you get paid? Some will – most in time will lose as 90% participants in ponzi/pyramid schemes get taken. Have you already been scammed? Was their ‘Support’ helpful or were they just belligerent? You are welcome to leave you opinion/experience below and I will always respond to you. If you do not speak up now then you will let these crooks away with their criminality – so use your voice and be heard, to help others avoid similar negative situations. I believe I have answered what is Great Minds 247 for everyone to know to keep away. Please share to expose these people! Thank for reading my article and I look forward to all of your comments. You may wish to subscribe to my sites newsletter to keep up to date to out smart online scammers. Please stay safe online everyone and I will be back soon to help make the Internet a safe place for all.


That is all I have to say and would like to remind you of my work from offer below. Simply click the image to sign up or read my review of WA >HERE<.


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26 thoughts on “What Is Great Minds 247? Is Great Minds 247 a Scam Or Legit?

  1. Candice

    Hi Philip.
    Just wanted to know if ‘my cash injection ‘is scam or not.

    As well as wealthy community reloaded

    And Freeport mcmoran inc by Carla Taylor

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Lebo,

      Thank you very much for your question.

      So, I typed in innovatedlife into Google and I read their snipped description. Terms like’GH’ – Give Help = well, that is the language of Ponzi Pyramid Schemes. I am already pretty sure it is a scam.

      However, I will do more research to be better informed and certainly get back to you soon.

      Thanks Lebo, for now – hold fire, It already looks very suspicious.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Catherine,

      Thank you for you question. I Googled it and I could not find any site relating to those words. You don’t perhaps have a URL for me please Catherine? So, “life change”, conjures up MLC247 to me but of course need to find them first hehe.

      Thanks again Catherine and look forward to your response.



  2. Pinklady

    Hi Philip
    Thanks for all the research on the websites. Who is the register company that create the website/domain for mylifechange247, so we in south africa can get a court order against them to give us the info of the owner of mlc247. And report a fraud case, because we cant open a fraud case, if we dont have any info. For many people in south africa and africa country’s mlc247 gave the people hope, and create dreams for kids to go to school ecs. I beleive the people in south africa who lost money in mlc247 will be glad to see this scammer behind bars. I have the tel no of George Mafriki, he promote plenty stokvels and is well known under the people.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Pinklady,

      My apologies for my delayed response. Please see this link that will take you to WHOIS https://www.whois.com/whois/mylifechange247.com. hERE you will find such details.

      I found it amazing you actually have this man’s phone number. Perhaps you can find an address in the local phone book or maybe the cops can track down his address with just that? I do wish you well in your objective and I am glad to see the people rising for justice.

      as for mylifechange247 website, well, it is now redirecting to milblueprint dot com and so hard not to think that is owned by Mr Mckifiri as well?

      Hope this helps you and do let kindly keep us up to date on any websites they own and of course your objective for justice.



  3. carmen

    Hi Philip
    i understand your concern about these websites but all i can say is that its not the system or website that is stealing money the website does not have a central account where people deposit money. People do this to gain a better live and belive you me im on both of these stockvals and i have received money numerous times so do not blame the system at all cause the money is there and people can carry on without the system but that not possible as the SYSTEM was members admin to indicate when you will get paid, who will pay you etc so even if the system is not there it can still continue but no1 will know where to start and who to play.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Carmen,

      Ultimately, I think you have a misunderstanding on the word ‘system’. Yes, humans can be apart of a ‘system’ – but a system is a step by step process for a predetermined out come.

      Great Minds 247 is not a ‘stokvel’ as you say. Stokvel is when a number of people put money into one account and earn greater interest (profit per person per investment). You even say there is no ONE ACC and yet call it a stokvel. This is misrepresentation, or, a misunderstanding on your part. Either, it happens 🙂 .

      A stokvel can also be a gathering of people to raise money. It is primarily a South African thing. However, if I am wrong on this – then please let me know as I like to learn new things.

      So, much of your statement is actually very evident and does not say much that most people would not already know. I am struggling to see your point actually.

      So, you say the ‘system’ can continue, but since no one knows where all the admins are gone to, “…but no1 will know where to start and who to play”. Thus, in your own garbled way, you are saying the system can not continue though it can.

      You know what I call that kind of communication?


      Statements left to incite confusion, generic in nature and actually only tries to add confusion where clarity should have been, in this instance, the truth of What Is Great Minds 247!

      However, it does not matter either ways Carmen as MLC247 stole money from people! They are crooks! Founder can not be located! BoN warning of this illegal scheme 17 Oct 20217, 19 October 2017 they set up MYMLC247 leaving many comments on my site asking “Where has MLC247 gone to”.

      I wish you well and hope we can continue our dialog for greater ‘clarity’.



      1. CARMEN

        MLC did not steal money from anyone i kinda think that you dont understand how things work and please do not twist my words as i meant when i was speaking about ADMIN i meant the system was our ADMIN its got nothing to do with people that can not be found.
        i get that you like to inform people about whats working and whats not but please do it with facts cause from where i am standing its not u saying that MLC and GREATMINDS stole money how and when just because the system is down oh and GREATMINDS is back up but thats not the point im trying to make i will say this again THERE IS NO CENTRAL ACCOUNT FOR MLC OR GREATMINDS WHERE PEOPLE DEPOSIT MONEY INTO AND THEN THE SYSTEM PAYS YOU OUT. PEOPLE PAY PEOPLE THE SYSTEM IS JUST THERE TO HELP PEOPLE IDENTIFY WHO THEY SHOULD PAY AND WHO SHOULD PAY THEM. members communicate with each other when its time to be paid or get paid so i strongly believe when you say these system STOLE money its very much incorrect. MLC AND GREATMINDS ARE JUST WEBSITES

      2. nkululeko

        hi.. may you advice me about thisgreat minds is this investiment or

    2. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Carmen,

      I think the time for splitting hairs is over.

      System:- A series of steps one takes to achieve an outcome = system.

      Getting up in the morning and doing your morning routine = system.

      Breathing = bodily system.

      It matters not where this word is applied, and it is, applicable in the context of my article.

      MLC247 did not steal. Perhaps you are right in this as MLC247 does not guarantee financial success. However, they TÓOK peoples money without fair exchange.

      Alas, it was illegal from the out set and so is Great Minds 247! = illegal business model.

      Why illegal? Time and time again TOO MANY PEOPLE LOSE MONEY! How, Carmen, do you not seem to have a problem with this? I am speechless.

      All I know is the creators of such schemes did not ‘lose’ – financially speaking – and continue to break the law with every new sign up.

      Ultimately, redemption lies in the paying of its members. Can this be made possible Carmen? I am asking ÝOU as you have willingly put yourself forward to answer on the behalf of those, responsible, hide.

      For that – I respect you and hope to continue this dialog in a friendly fashion. It is not just me asking where the mone and MLC247 have gone – there are many others asking to! Twitter – Facebook and my site is where such a question has been asked of me. Answers need to be submitted and not just nit-picking at my article.

      Always a pleasure Carmen,


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Patronicia,

      I know a stockvel is a legit way for a group of people to save in the one account. The more people who save this way the more interest accumulates. I have not heard of Capital Investment before – have you got a URL I can see please?



  4. Alex

    Hello Philip

    I appreciate this article. There are way too many scams on the internet these days, making it quite dangerous for consumers. It is frightening to say the least. Fortunately though, there are people like you to look out for those who want to make it big online. You laid out each and every way that this site is a scam, so people can turn their attention elsewhere.

    Just like you, I use Wealthy Affiliate instead of something bogus like this and it works wonders. It does require you to work, but that is no different than any other job and it will not rob you of any money like this scam. I encourage anyone reading this to check out WA like he suggests.

    Otherwise, I do have a question for you. What would you say are your top tips for a reader to figure out if something online is a scam? There are a lot of scams popping everyday, so it would be helpful if people had the knowledge to tell if something is a scam. I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make today a great day!


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you ever so kindly Alex for such a lovely comment. Yeah the net is swarming with scams and I find several to expose every day.

      I will lay out my top tips for recognizing a scam website online:-

      1). Always start at WHOIS . com. WHOIS will hold all the details of a site when it first comes online. If there is no Founder Name, fake or no address and no email – this is alarming and why would anyone hide their ID online less they were up to something. Sites that ‘monitor’other sites label the lack of such data as ‘SUSPICIOUS’!

      2). IF the URL is way too long. Scam sites tend to have too long URL’s and is another little sign of a suspect site.

      3). If there is no Privacy Policy Page on their site. If pay is way too high for far too easy work.

      4). Watch out for words like ÍNSTANT’and ÁUTOMATIC regarding payments.

      5). Cash out is over a max of $100.

      6). Their site is full of generic meaningless statements. For instance, a site might say, “we are here to provide you with earning opportunities online.” Next line. “You can earn online with us from the comfort of your own home.” Next line..”So why not learn to make money the right way and we can show you how.” “Making quick cash in no time is why we are here.” = It all means the same thing put in different ways. Long pages of meaningless statements a scam tactic to stop you reading it all the way through and they will throw in some sneaky Terms and Conditions such as (my favorite) = “We can not guarantee you will make money from this site!” WHAT! LOL! OK, I think you get the gist.

      7). Check sites date at bottom of page, and if it does not correlate to WHOIS date of registration for their site, then no legit site would lie in this way. A sure sign of a scam.

      8). Fake Payment Proofs. What does a legit Payement Proof look like? Please refer to scamdetector .info. There you will find an example of a legit payment proof.

      9). Biased and exaggerated reviews of sites that have horrendous negative reports online.

      10). Watch out for sites that have half naked ladies and flash cars – SCAM! No respectable online biz would promote and damage their ‘legit’ opportunity in such a fashion.

      I sincerely hope this helps Alex and hope a great number of people can take much away from those tips.

      Thank you once again for commenting and hope to hear from you soon.



    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Ntwazana,

      Should you be referring to virtualbank dot com – they seem to be legit. The interest rate for two years seems normal. No glaring and obvious signs of a bank. I can usually tell if a site is a scam in seconds, these guys, do appear legit. However, I have never heard of them and I would advise you continue to research them with the financial industry and until a money expert can 100% answer your question.

      For me, I don’t have any worries about them

      Thanks for your comment and hope to hear from you soon.



  5. Sinead

    Omg!!!! I was thinking of signing up and after seeing this I don’t think so. Thanks so much for that Phil, I will make sure always to visit your site to make sure I don’t fall for any scams. Best wishes.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Sinead,

      WOW! I am delighted you found my review before making a huge mistake. I am glad you were able to come to the right decision and that my site is of good use for you.

      Always here to answer any of your questions Sinead 🙂 .



  6. Sarah L

    Hey Philip , you have saved me and many others from a scam again!
    keep up the good work! website looks great plus great content ,
    your the first person people should be contacting to sniff out a online scam!!

    wish you all the best.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day and commenting on this article. I really appreciate the compliments and of course you are more than welcome. It is a free service and I also point people in the right direction regarding How To Make Money Online. Two passions rolled in to one!

      Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon Sarah 🙂 .



  7. Líam Ó'Col

    A great read cheers for the warning didn’t believe it until I did my own independent research , thanks for the heads up.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Liam,

      Thank you very much for your comment. It is always exciting when you get the first comment on a new post and I am very much appreciative for the time you took to make it.

      So, I am glad you did your research before diving into a raving scam like Great Minds 247! Not nice people and the Founder has certainly cleaned out a lot of people sadly. I am literally chasing them all over the Internet to expose them and lessen their harmful effects online.

      You, of course, are most welcome and I hope you come back soon. Thanks once again for popping bye and I am glad it helped you.




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