What Is GrandClick.com? Is GrandClick.com a Scam or Legit? Review!

By | November 19, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsWhat is GrandClick. com and is it Worth it.

Trying to find out What Is GrandClick. com, or is GrandClick. com a fraud or safe and genuine? Or maybe you are looking for reviews into GrandClick? I have all the information and will detail a full break down of GrandClick. However, with such little money to be made, per time invested, I have to ask if it is even worth any ones time? The Founder of this site also owns GrandMonopoly, TheBuxer and GrandRevShare which are all PTC sites.

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Still Need more data on What Is GrandClick. com? Let’s continue…

I will now inform you of what is GrandClick. com! GrandClick was created on 14/1/2014. Founder Name is Mihkel Einaste who also goes by Teiejumal who is from Spain. There appears to be no business registration details and no clear sign of an email address at WHOIS or even on their site.

Reviews online agree it is nearly impossible to be profitable on this PTC site! Actually, we have found it is nearly impossible to earn anything on ANY PTC SITE! This is the reason why we no longer endorse or recommend any PTC Sites – of course, the choice is your own.

PTC means Paid To Click where members are getting paid just for clicking on adds. There appears to be fifteen advertisements for every 24 hour period. You must view each ad for at least five seconds then you can leave it. If you leave before the time you will not be paid. They get paid a mere $00.0025 per every 5 second ad!

This is incredibly low and many struggle to earn anything for the minimum withdrawal limit, which is $2, that can take many months to earn. Because of this many users just leave their earnings on the table as a profit for Grand Click. I believe this is probably the reason why they are still around.






With a simple calculation we can find out if fifteen adds a day adds up too much over a month based on 28 days.

15 times 28 is 420!

420 times $00.0025 is $00.10.5 a month!!

So, there must be a quicker way to make money with GrandClick? No but they say you can rent referrals. Rented Referrals, or RR’s, is a very difficult way to make money and is considered to be a scam given its low success rate! I never recommend you buy referrals due to this, and some sites actually use bots to mimic referral activity, I am not saying this is the case with the site under review.

Many of the advertisements look just like Mihkel Einaste’s sites! You may wish to advertise on the site but you are only advertising to people on the site, whom, do not wants to buy anything but only wants to make money. Because of this, they will only click on your advertisements to earn and not want to lose money. You may make a sale or two but will not, in most cases, make back even your initial investment! Not a good way to make money online and sounds like a bad deal for advertisers.

Another, very important reason, renting referrals is not a good idea is because many referrals will just leave the site in a matter of days. They leave because they realize how hard it is to make ANY money and very difficult to make unpaid referrals. So, even if you buy referrals, it is a waste of time and money and the chances are high you will not make money this way, despite investing. Just proves that you can not buy online success this easily and it does require good old fashion elbow grease and determination!

Has this been your experience with this site under review? I would love to hear about your story and you can leave your experience in the comment box below this article.




As I have said, GrandClick is NOT being RECOMMENDED!! It is a near impossible entrepreneurial endeavor given its remarkable low payout per ad, and actually, it is the lowest I have ever seen for a ptc site! If you do not take any other activity with them you only stand to earn, ABOUT, $00.10.5 per month for viewing 15 adds per day, which is on average, 420 advertisements per month!!

This is insanity at best to want to earn so little and hardly makes anyone want to stick around. Most PTC sites are scams and most and the rest usually turn into scams by making high payout claims just to not pay anyone!

I believe any ones time is worth far higher than what is being offered by this particular Paid To Click site. I can personally kick start your new online career by giving you the start up training and tools you need to achieve this. It is tough going at the beginning, but, only at the beginning. All earlier work actually pays dividends 24/7 as I will show you how to get FREE TRAFFIC through the expert use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization = best practices for Google to land you to Page 1! This is not as hard as many online ‘guru’s’ would have you believe and certainly not worth the money they charge you for. Click Here to Get Started!!






Remember, all PTC sites do not guarantee any financial success despite investment!!




I would love to hear from you!

Did you sign up to this site? What was your experience and were you successful and do you feel it was worth your time? However, did you find it very impossible to earn anything and you even wait around to collect your hard-earned $2!? You are welcome to leave your story in the comment box below and I am sure it will help others to make up their up own minds on this topic. There is enough information on What Is GrandClick. com for everyone to be certain of their next step. I recommend you share my article to help inform others and all shares are deeply appreciated. I recommend you SIGN UP TO MY WEBSITES NEWSLETTER as it will help you fair better at avoiding online scams. Thank you kindly for reading my article and I am looking forward to all of your comments. Come back soon as I post daily. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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