What Is GoDutyGo.com? Is GoDutyGo.com a Scam or Legit?

By | December 16, 2017

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Review of What Is GoDutyGo.com.

Should you be looking for a review of GoDutyGo.com to find out what is GoDutyGo.com and is it a scam, is GoDutyGo legit, real, safe and genuine then you have come to the right article. The payment for such easy work is very high and would result in many people becoming quite wealthy fast. However, a long with all their other scam sites such as DollarTent, they have no intention of paying out to anyone. Actually, they only want you to send them free traffic and then they try to financially defraud you at the end. This is only the surface of this scam as they also do other despicable and illegal activities. Going straight into my SCAM SITES list of my site! I do not recommend you sign up to them.

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What Is GoDutyGo.com and their Online Scam.

Created on the 19/6/2017 they are a new site, one of thousands by the same owners, as I have mentioned above. WHOIS details does not have attached owner name and email is completely hidden. Moreover, address is not real. Why would a legit online business not submit such vital details? It is because they are trying to hide their ID knowing they are out to defraud people online with high pay out enticements.

Another one of their sites is DollarTent where you will find a few more of their sites listed. Their sites template does change so do not be fooled thinking it is a separate and legit sites. It is Free to Sign Up to GoDutyGo.com where you are promised a $25 bonus for doing so. They even make the claim that you will earn $1500 in your first week with them. I am still looking online for a single person who has made that money from any of their sites!

The work is very easy and very monotonous. You are expected to share your link, affiliate link that is unique to you, to all social media platforms to recruit as many as possible. For every successful sign up you will receive $10 – which seems reasonable enough. What makes me very suspicious and tells me without that they are a scam site is that they promise to pay you $5 just for one link site visit! NO ONE CAN AFFORD THAT! Total lies and no one has ever been paid by this site!


Home Page of GoDutyGo.com



Understand that $5 can get you nearly 1000 clicks so why would advertisers financially ruin themselves by paying everyone $5 for ‘ONE CLICK’? I do know a better and legit way to do Affiliate Marketing Online. The pay out of $300 is when you can ask for your cash. This is where the scam is triggered!

They will ask you to fill out some survey(s)! Bad thing is you will have to pay money to do this. Despite paying, or not, they will still kick you out of your account and your password will be manipulated so you can’t log in. Your account will remain active telling your referrals there is nothing wrong. There is not a way to even delete your account.

THEY go so far to sell on your details, the details that you used when you first joined up with them, and they are sold for a profit to black hat marketers. With such details you can now be targeted for spam and they can commit all manner of illegal activities with your legit details. Monthly payments are promised but never arrive and should have been paid through payment processors such as BitCoin BTC, PayPal, Money Gram, Bank Transfer and Cheque. Of course, it is all a ruse.

They go even further into criminality as they download malware to your device without your knowledge. This malware will check your cache for things like passwords! It is indeed a very nasty scam to fall for and I do not recommend you continue with them. Should you have spent some time spreading your affiliate link I would advise you to go back to your accounts and warn others. You are most welcome to share this article as proof that GoDutyGo is a scam.

The scammers behind these sites are so prolific that when one site shuts down several more appear to crop up in its place. I am forever finding these sites online and I am determined to put a dent in their wallets for the damage they do to people. Remember as well, any site that offers more than $00.01 to $00.03 per click should be considered suspicious and warrants further investigation.







You are welcome to ‘chime’ on in and let me know what you think! It is always a great pleasure to hear from you all :-). Has this article saved you from joining up to the site under review and stopped you from being scammed? Why not let me know in the comment box below as it is always nice to know my work is helping others. Did you sign up and find out they were not legit and indeed crooks? Your story could save a great many people from being scammed and it would be a great service if you detailed your experience below. I always respond to comments as well. There is sufficient data on What Is GoDutyGo.com to help as many people as possible from being scammed by them. I am looking forward to all of your thoughts and comments and consider signing up to my sites newsletter as well. I post daily and I am always finding and exposing new and old online scams. Thank you for reading my article and stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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