What Is Global Donation Community? Just Another Scam or Legit!

By | January 9, 2018

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What Is Global Donation Community and are they Running an Illegal Ponzi Scheme Online?

I hope you are now looking for answers to questions like What is Global Donation Community (https://gdc-ghana.net), is Global Donation Community a scam or legit and why are they promoting a ponzi/pyramid scheme with insanely high and unsustainable financial returns, before signing up with them? Well, if you joined Global Donation Community early in their online life, then yes, it is more than likely you have earned money. 10% get profits. 90% of participants will be ripped off and left without anything per time and investment. Since gdc-ghana.net is running a ponzi/pyramid scam, I have no choice, to place them in my SCAM SITE area of my website! Not Recommend – Scam! Please leave your opinions and experiences in the comment box below to help warn others – thank you.

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I will now answer what exactly they are, work, pay and ultimately how their mode of operating as a business really is doomed for failure!




What Is Global Donation Community and Why You Need to Stay Away From Them.

To answer What Is Global Donation Community, it is important, we do a small bit of research on their online ID and history first. Upon registering their site I see that they created Global Donation Community 8-8-2017. They are set to take down their site on the same date 2018. This is a very bad sign that an online business is only up for one year – a clear tell-tale sign they are a scam site.

No name attached to ownership of this site, no email and fake address details and one I have seen many online ponzi/pyramid scam sites use. Not good. OK, let us have a look at the nonsense they are trying to sell people from their own site along with clear scam ‘signs’.

Their site looks very professional at a glance with incredible and glaring spelling/grammatical mistakes throughout – Sign 1 of a Scam. Members recruit other members and they ‘gift’ each other a donation. This is know as ‘cash gifting’ and is illegal everything – or – their ‘system’ will match you up with two others whom then give you cash. They now wait for their own match ups or referrals – Sign 2 of a Scam. Such a business model is known as a ponzi scheme – Sign 3 of a Scam. Ponzi Schemes just means you make money from sign ups without any digital service or product. They are also a Pyramid Scheme (Sign 4 of a Scam) as most of the money, when the time comes for them to run, will make some arbitrary payments along the way and run with the bulk of the cash, hence, most of the money flows upwards. It also not uncommon for such sites to create many fake member accounts and get their members to ‘gift’ themselves money – clever and sneaky.


Answers to What Is Global Donation Community


They describe Global Donation Community as an online digital computer platform...lol…OK. Makes no sense and they would have to be such if they are online. This is known as a ‘generic statement’ (Sign 5 of a Scam) as no legit site would be brain-dead to say something so stupid. Incidentally, their site is riddled with such statements and even contradictions cleverly laced into their language – quite funny to read. People you send money to is seen as a ‘donation‘ and GDC accepts no liability for such transactions. Actually, they are not even legally responsible to ensure you even make a single penny even though you could ‘gift’ many thousands to others (Sign 6 of a Scam) – is it really worth the risk guys? Let me know the answer to that in the comments below to see how many are willing to take such a risk on such an unstable site as theirs.

Their whole ‘humanitarian‘ operations to wipe out financial inequality, is based solely on new sign ups. No new sign ups then no new money to pay older members. No fresh money, then they will quickly redirect all such ‘gifting’ transactions to themselves, shut down their site and leave 90% of their loyal members heart broken and without so much as a ‘thank you’ or ‘good bye’. I have seen this happen with MLC247 – you really want to see the comments of that post as a warning.

I know I said they are not legally responsible for your money success with them. However, please read their Legality section, which they misspelled, where they say as such. Any site that has such statements should be ruled a scam website instantly. They admit they are not regulated by any financial institution and so think they have placed themselves outside of binding laws while breaking them – Sign of a Scam 7.

OH! I just caught a blatant lie on the bottom of their ‘Legal Page’. They say participants understand the nature of their site – fair enough – however, they say, many participants have been earning with them for years! LIE! WHOIS details show that is not true per the date of their site registration – Sign of a Scam 8!

Additionally, before I forget to mention, they run a referral program that nets you 10% of your new sign up donations. Let us say you are a ‘Manager’ in their community you can set up your own multi level scheme. Remember:- Some will/have made money with them, but most will get scammed. You agree to this when you sign up – whether you know it or not. Should you write a letter of happiness and post it on Facebook they will give you 3% bonus. They do not say 3% of what though.

OK, I could go on all day and find a tragic number of scam signs on their site. However, I have one more gem that should leave you in doubt to their obvious criminal intentions towards their members. Please refer to snippet taken from their site below and I will further explain its contradictory nature:-



Global Donation Community is a Ponzi Scheme.



Sign 9 of a Scam. Basically, you donate. Relative to your donation your returns increase per the percentage stated – ergo – it is not a donation but an investment by nature. But that is not the point exactly. 20% is re-gifted to others automatically by their ‘system’ to help keep equilibrium in their community – meaning – another way for them to keep your cash. Now take an even closer look at their B. S – “The further 80% will be donated later”. That means you agree to make nothing! That is 100% zero no chance of a profit. Now, think about EVERY MEMBER signing up to this and agreeing to this nightmare = means members agree not to make a profit after donation, keep passing on the money to others – who repeat this process – till the site shuts down!! Someone please correct me if I am wrong here? Thank you.

I could write more on how wrong they are but there is enough there to help you decide whether you should gamble with them or not. Just know, if you do join after reading here, you have been warned. Below you can see my rating of them and further down you may wish to be heard on anything I have written here. I always respond to comments and we can discuss the finer points of GDC together to come to a better understanding for one and all.

So, yes, they are running an illegal ponzi/pyramid scheme. Those higher members who actively promote such sites are open to prosecution by local authorities if caught – not always – but it has happened.






You are warmly invited to take part in this forum. Do you have any questions regarding the site I reviewed? Please feel free to ask me in the comment box provided below. Do you know something about the site that I do not? Please, inform me better for fairness and transparency. I am open to questions about my Work From Home Opportunity as well and would be very happy to show anyone how to make money online the scam free way. I feel I have more than enough answered What Is Global Donation Community to help everyone to be more clear as to their pitfalls and intentions. Looking forward to all of your comments and wish you pleasant farewell for now. Stay tuned to up coming articles as I work to help make the Internet a safer place by exposing risky online scams. You can do so by subscribing my sites highly entertaining posts 🙂 Should you still want to sign up with them – all I can say is – Good Luck!


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17 thoughts on “What Is Global Donation Community? Just Another Scam or Legit!

  1. Jesse

    They are really a scam. They spent my money and now I can’t get access to the site anymore. Hmmm

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jesse,

      I am really sorry to hear of this. They have done this to a number of people, and best to my knowledge, the owners are well known in their region and still walking as free people ~strange world.

      Let me know if you are looking for an honest way to earn online as I can help with that.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  2. Thomas

    Am very sad about this system l thought is 15days for100% but provide help 19/03/18 upto 4/04/18 after paid mt recommitment fee why

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Thomas,

      I do not believe, in my opinion, Global Donation Community is legit. Do keep us up to date on your situation going forward to help others as well.



  3. Thomas

    Why gdc ghana now countdown in get help after recommitment being paid am so much worry about this system

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Thomas,

      I imagine the count down is the limit for others to make donations to you. If not donations in the time limit then perhaps Global Donation Community will ask you to recommit again. They may say it is to keep the system alive or other such nonsense.

      Ultimately Thomas, they are a Ponzi Scheme and I recommend you stay away from them. Any more questions please feel free to ask 🙂 .



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Courage,

      I am afraid the man that runs MMM Ghana is a notorious prolific Russian Criminal! He specializes in creating Ponzi Schemes and then collapsing them. The authorities know who he is and still they won’t stop him. Thanks for letting everyone about MMM Ghana Courage.



  4. Felix

    There is a new App called EARNiT in Ghana. Can you pls do a review on that for us.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Felix,

      I will definitely have a good look into it for you. It is a scam I will let you know. If good I may do review denoting how good it is.

      Thanks for the heads up and I will que for and get to it asap!

      Much appreciated Felix 🙂 for letting me know.



  5. Derrick Godhead

    Hahahahahaha, You are a very Foolish human being to Rate GDC as Scam LOL
    I just made some cool cash after paying my re-commitment fee ,
    Why talk ill about this website ?
    If i were the owner of this website , why would i want to have it registred in my name !!!
    you think its owners are Stupid , Dull and foolish as you are ???
    Mad Man knows nothing ..
    Have you tried it ???
    Are you a risk taker ??
    Fool calling an innocent website which has paid me trice SCAM ..!!

    Now I’m pissed !!
    May you die a slow death and be buried with onions .. !!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Derrick,

      I hope you are having a lovely a day.

      I am happy to see you are passionate and thank you for your comment.

      So, you know who the owners are? Tell me more about them. How do you know such things about them. As I am sure you know, SCAM SITES DO NOT PUT UP IDENTIFYING DETAILS OF THEMSELVES SO AUTHORITIES CAN NOT ARREST THEM FOR SCAMMING PEOPLE! THAT WOULD BE HIGHLY COUNTER PRODUCTIVE TO RUNNING A SCAM SITE – WOULD IT NOT? I said that in capitals because I fear you have missed a few KEY points in my post.

      I do not invest in scam sites so no I have not tried them as they are illegal.
      When/If owners are located – sometimes – the Authorities will chase those involved as well – be warned.

      Risk Taker? I believe in working hard to build something that will not scam you. Life is a risk but I know a scam when a I see one – I have gotten pretty at locating and recognizing as such.

      I am sad to see you have degraded yourself by speaking in such a manner as it does NOT reflect well on Global Donation Community 🙁 .

      So Derrick, if you read my article closely, you will have read that such schemes will pay well to some members (namely TIER 1 =- First In Members). As members become harder to find then money becomes more scarce to pay older members. This is where the problem is. Why Problem? Well, ROI is too high to sustain and their business becomes in debt to quickly to last. Ultimately, the last wave, the biggest that is, will lose as there is just no money to pay them.

      So, I am glad you got paid but sad for others who will not. Most will not have benefited and that is WHY SUCH SCHEMES ARE ILLEGAL!

      HAHA. Your last sentence made me laugh and it is something I would of heard from the school play ground growing up – funny.

      I wish you well and hope you always keep your passion with you but tone down your other immature comments, otherwise, I probably would of taken your comment more seriously. You, all by yourself, have DEBUNKED your own case, by your horrible comments.

      Take it easy and be prosperous 🙂 ,



  6. Daniel

    Hi Philip,
    So glad you are naming and shaming so many online websites willing to scam thousands from people. It’s great what you are doing to help potential victims of these scams. Keep up the good work!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      I am always glad to get such positive comments where people can see what it is I am trying to achieve by exposing online scams such as the Global Donation Community – gdc-ghana.net.

      Thank ever so kindly for your lovely words and hope to hear back you very soon.

      Thanks again.



  7. Scam Detector Post author

    Hi Sinead,

    It is great to hear from you again! 🙂 . I am glad you appreciate the effort it takes to reveal these scams online. The Global Donation Community (gdc-ghana.net)is a cash gifting, ponzi/pyramid scheme doomed to failure! When it does collapse, it will take many unsuspecting victims with it, leaving them wondering where has the website gone to.

    I wish you a prosperous 2018 Sinead and hope you hear from you again some time in the future 🙂 .



  8. Sinead

    I have seen many scams like this and gland someone is doing something to shame them so you can help 100s of people from loss of money.


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