What Is FSAMoney Bid? Is FSAMoney Bid Scam or Legit!

By | June 3, 2018

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FSAMoney Bid Bets Against Its Members.

Welcome as we answer What Is FSAMoney Bid. They are a new Paid Advertisment Viewing System enticing new sign ups for to make referrals and earn cash for viewing ads. We will try to find out who owns it including the work and the pay they offer. We can say that there are now 1031 of these sites, almost identical, been created in English. There are Russian and German versions as well. None pay out! We easily call FSAMoney a scam as all work offers do not pay out to anyone.

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Those that were Scammed by FSAMoney are advised to report them below. Those still working on their site in the hopes of pay – should really stop now – you won’t see a penny of your fake earnings.


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FSAMoney Bid Agents, Work and Salary Info.

We already said its fake, but, here is all the info we have on these peoples site. FSAMoney Bid owners are ‘ghosts’ online – there are no traces of who they are. We know that FSAMoney was created 06-01-2018 and will end same time in 2019. We have found them early and so have the best opportunity to warn everyone.

FSAMoney Bid Owner ID.

No Owner Traces Online for FSAMoney Bid.

The people that make these sites are from Russia and they started this line of illegal work in 2014. It appears they are franchising their crooked PTC script to others online. We say this because whenever they release a new batch of these sites, like they did this month (see date of this post), IP addresses usually spring up in different parts of the World. This is really a huge scam network that is running rampant online.

Below is the one’s they have released in 2018. There are too many to cover but here is a sample anyway:-

  1. ugamoney bid.
  2. olmoney club.
  3. enamoney site.
  4. ugmoney win.
  5. eromoney win.
  6. afmoney win.
  7. satmoney win.
  8. ukmoney win.
  9. ummoney win.
  10. elmoney club.
  11. afumoney club.
  12. nonmoney bid.
  13. yxmoney bid.
  14. ydmoney bid.
  15. edmoney site.
  16. elmoney win.
  17. akmoney win.
  18. ubmoney win.
  19. agmoney bid.
  20. utemoney club.
  21. etimoney bid.
  22. oxmoney win.
  23. ogmoney win.
  24. opmoney win.
  25. avmoney win.
  26. yhmoney win
  27. ovmoney win.
  28. epmoney win.
  29. abamoney bid.
  30. fawmoney site.
  31. ebomoney win.
  32. ocemoney bid.
  33. ubemoney site.
  34. ammoney win.
  35. agmoney site.
  36. uxmoney win.
  37. osmoney win.
  38. ommoney win.
  39. ifmoney win.
  40. exmoney win.
  41. asmoney win.
  42. uvmoney win.
  43. odmoney win.
  44. ytmoney win.
  45. ygmoney win.
  46. olomoney site.
  47. ewmoney win.
  48. ekmoney win.
  49. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  50. ehmoney site.
  51. obamoney win.
  52. ormoney win.
  53. emumoney club.
  54. arimoney bid.
  55. immoney club.
  56. ubamoney club.
  57. otmoney club.
  58. atmoney win.
  59. ecamoney site.
  60. aqmoney win.
  61. epomoney club.
  62. efomoney win, apimoney win.exumoney club, ozumoney site, netmoney 2017, termoney bid, ucemoney bid, ycamoney win,

Those are linked reviews and will open in a new tab.


Work They Expect of You.

Free to begin and where clicking on ads is pretty much the bulk of your work. These ads come with codes that need to be filled out as well. This does generate a small amount of income for the site but nowhere near the 10c per ad they claim. Such ads only generate splits of a cent revenue mostly and sometimes, on some sites, up to 2 or 3 cents is paid to participants. Pay out for these actions is too high and not sustainable. All monies appear to be credited to your account in real time and ads a layer of authenticity and trust to it.

Referrals and the Commissions.

You are advised to place your affiliate link just about anywhere online you can find white space. This is called spamming and is heavily not advised you do this. When you start to make referrals, and your referrals become convinced and begin to work, you are to expect half of their earnings. 40 in total is required and that amount comes into play at the point you request cash out. Up until then, no one knows they 40 new members under them.

Payments on a Daily Basis.

What they say you can earn is actually laughable considering that the value of monies generates per action, is in reality, very little. Anyways, they say you are now in the position of earning $500 (almost) per day and the option to earn $4800 monthly. This is insane pay for extremely low skilled work. They are playing on peoples desperate need to earn money quick and lots of it.

Alas, since they started all these sites back in 2014, we have yet to locate one payment proof that is actually legit. Things you want to look out for to define real payment proofs can be as follows:-

  • A bank receipt showing proof of payment from a traceable source.
  • PayPal transaction.
  • Paper receipt leaving you know you were paid or someone else was paid.

Should you be unable to locate such payment proofs of this or a similar nature, research them first.




Cash Out Let Down.

Don't Give FSAMoney Bid Your Cash.

Don’t Finance the Scammers at FSAMoney Bid.

Well, this is the most disappointing part of it all. This site has received many complaints, from across these unknown scammers sites, of the sheer disappointment that comes with realizing they are not getting paid. It can be a little tough to read. But, I say to such people, you can’t expect to earn good money online without making even a small financial investment in your own future.

There will be further info on this at the end of this article for those serious to it online without any catches. Work hard, and you can do it as well.

Anyways, when you make $150 then you can ask for your money. These monies can be raked up in very quick time which is very alarming given it may only take 2 or 3 hours to do so.

When you apply you will be coaxed to click on another option as you will be told the way you just applied takes about 3 months. Not good.

You choose the other option and now they only want $10 to release earnings. Seems a bit odd, but members are invested up to the hilt at this point, and may be decide $10 is fair exchange for $150.

When you pay then you are asked for $9 more to buy some referrals. These referrals are about 100 and all fake – only digits on your screen.

Should you pay again then you are done! You will not be able to access your account again. Your account will remain ‘active’ but only to give out the impression to your referrals all is well. It also helps to keep member numbers seem to be appear high to feign popularity and legitimacy.

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Here one and all is invited to chime right on in and have your own say. Were you scammed by the site under question. Perhaps you know of someone else who go cheated? Maybe you have a question on what is said here or on our #1 Recommendation? We accept all questions and we also show others how to make money online. Just Ask 🙂 . Thank you for finding us and reading our article on What Is FSAMoney Bid and we can only hope it helps you to avoid them. Check out our #1 Choice below.


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