What Is FreshCash.Online? Is FreshCash a Scam or Legit?

By | December 7, 2017

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What Is FreshCash.Online and is it Safe.

Searching for answers to What Is FreshCash.Online, is FreshCash.Online a scam or safe and real or perhaps you are in need of FreshCash Reviews? Maybe we should be asking What Is LifeJobSet.com instead! I do reviews exposing online scams and Fresh Cash, or LifeJobSet.com, is certainly one not to go near. The owner is truly productive as he has 1000’s of other online scam sites running same to similar defrauding con. You should not sign up to them or any of their scammer sites! You will not be paid, actually, NO ONE gets PAID and there is no way to get your earnings as online authorities appear not to be able to shut them down. Some have been running a few years while others are new to replace the ones closed down. Their older sites get shut down once their online reputation is damaged beyond repair. FreshCash is not recommended and will be placed in my ‘SCAM SITES’ section of my site. They are Being re-directed to LifeJobSet.com!

This is now a review of both aforementioned sites above as a review of one is a review of them all anyways. Either ways,, they are all scams, and should you need a real and safe way to make money online I highly recommend you read my #1 RECOMMENDATION! They are Wealthy Affiliate and are a Global Phenomenon in teaching Affiliate Marketing from newbies up to Expert Level! Learn to stay at home and make a living. $0 for a Starter Account. Paid options later without pressure to upgrade. Click >HERE< to sign up without a Credit Card for Free Account!!



Instead of Asking What Is FreshCash.Online, We Should Be asking, What Is LifeJobSet.com!

FreshCash.com appears to be re-directing to LifeJobSet.com and so no longer appears to exist!! Never mind as the scam is the same, so, if you are here because you want to know if LifeJobset.com is a scam then please continue to read on. I will show you the work, the fake pay and the execution of this online scam step by step.

While FreshCash was created in 1999, LifeJobSet.com was set up on the 26/9/2017, and does not come with a Founders Name within WHOIS! The supplied address is fake and used regularly by online scammers. Email is hidden so to avoid peoples questions when they realize no money is being paid out to them for the FREE TRAFFIC they have sent! And that is the true purpose of their sites – to get free traffic sent to places like LifeJobSet.com!

LifeJobSet says you can make $4500 per month with earning $50 to $100 per day! Their Marketing Manager is Lauren Murray, who is not really working for them, and is just a random ‘happy’ face they pulled from the Net. They make another false claim of giving out a Sign Up Bonus of $25. Anyone ever got that? Let me know in the comment box below – thank you.


FreshCash.com Redirects to LifeJobSet.com



The work, as usual with all the sites I have reviewed from the same owners of FreshCash and LifeJobSet, is simply to Share Your Affiliate Link. Each Instance is called a ‘task‘. There maybe other tasks concurrent with this like surveys etc but sharing your link will be the main way to earn money with them. These links, you will be advised, should be shared to online platforms like Twitter (hot spot for such spam), Facebook (who is better are warning their members about suspect links), Instagram, blogs and forums (which, if these are moderated by spam filtering software, is a pointless endeavor anyways) and many other places where you would like to be known as a spammer! Stop this now if you are doing it as they don’t pay out anyways. PLEASE warn others whom you have exposed this to.

I have not signed up to LifeJobSet so I don’t know for sure the minimum payout. It is usually between $150 to $300 with these scammers! Either one is too high anyways as real and honest sites will payout up on a few cents to dollars. The payout is monthly, leaving thousands to work for many hours, to sting them with a nasty surprise!

When you apply for your cash on the Minimum Threshold you will be given an option. YOU MUST complete Of ONE of the following:-

  • Do a Survey.
  • Complete an Offer.
  • Upgrade your account.

Catch is thisTHEY WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF DOING THIS! This is how they make cash off of you!! They will sell on your personal sign up details to third parties for money as well!! Whether you pay or not you will still be booted out of the site and your password deleted and changed. That is the end of the scam! I have read there is not even an option to delete your account, giving your referrals the impression, you are still there.


Should you want to see the reviews I have done on their sites so far you are welcome to click What Is BestCashJob. com. It has an up to date listing of these online scam sites.







You are welcome to speak your mind! Did you sign up and find out they will not pay you? You would be doing a great service if you left your story in the comments below to help warn others. The more that know the less will be ripped off online. Need advice on another site? Just ask me and I will get back to you on it. I believe I have answered What Is FreshCash.com, oh should it be, What Is LifeJobSet.com to help one and all to stay clear and safe. Looking forward to all of your comments 🙂 and hope to see you again soon. Finally, should you be interested in my #1 RECOMMENDATION you can click that link. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!


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