What Is For Money Only? Is For Money Only A Scam or Legit?

By | December 3, 2017

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What Is For Money Only and Why There is NO Money To Earn.

Need to know What Is For Money Only and is For Money Only a fraud or real, safe, legit and genuine. I do reviews regarding online scams and ForMoneyOnly.com is DEFINITELY not to be trusted and IS indeed an online scam! Herein my review of ForMoneyOnly I will show you how many other sites they run, how they scam you and the work, pay details. I will seek to uncover the ID of the owners as well and the HIDDEN threats this site presents to its users. They NEVER PAY OUT nor have they ever paid out to anyone online. Should there exist ‘some’ payments, then, they are either fake or a way to generate payment proofs to entice others in. Stay away from these guys!!

Now you know ForMoneyOnly is a total scam, which I will prove soon, and you may still be looking hard for a real online opportunity? If not, no hard feelings, I am happy to help you stay clear of the site in question. However, should you want a $0 Start Up Opportunity Online Business then >CLICK HERE< to learn how or >CLICK HERE< to Sign Up!! Comes with paid options down the line. Ideal for Online Entrepreneurs. Upload picture, does not have to be of yourself, and fill out your bio once in!! I will meet and greet you on the other side of your online journey.





What Is For Money Only and How They Scam Its Members.

ForMoneyOnly.com was created on the 23/10/2016. There is No Founder’s Name (very bad sign as well) and a fake registration address to boot! Additionally, their contact email is hidden! We hit the JACKPOT regarding Online Deceptive Behavior!! Why would a ‘legit’ online business hide such details if their intentions were good? You can confirm this at WHOIS!

It is Free to Sign Up to For Money Only with a $5 Bonus for doing so. You make money by simply sharing your affiliate link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype, Messenger, Emails, Texts, Word of Mouth, blogs, forums and wherever else you feel comfortable spamming your links. You will (may) pull in family and friends, and when they get scammed, you probably will be struck of their Christmas List! Should you be sharing your link this way please stop doing this as you don’t get paid anyways.

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Sharing your link is ALL you do with the site under review!



formoneyonly.com home page


Not Recommended!


The Pay and The Scam Exposed!

Quite simply, for every referral you make to For Money Only you will earn $10. I do not have a problem with that amount of money and seems pretty cool as you make some money from their activities as well. However, and this is where things get shady, you will (not) $5 for every person who ‘CLICKS’ on your links and visits the site! Who can afford to pay anyone just for getting one lousy ‘click’! Please consider $5 gets you nearly 1000 clicks and $1 will get you somewhere near 50 clicks, so why would anyone lose their minds, and payout $5 for ONE CLICK! OK, I think I overstated my point but I do believe this absurdity needs to be highlighted and impinged to reveal its lack of logic!

The Scam Revealed:-

The Minimum Pay Out is $150 and you can ask for your earnings then. When you apply you will be presented with some options before payment is possible. They may ask you to ‘Upgrade‘ your account. You may be presented with a survey or an offer to complete. You have to pay money out of your own pocket before funds are released to complete either one of these actions. This is where they make money out of their users.

The point of the site is to entice people to drive traffic to their site for FREE! Should you pay, per any of the options above, you will still NOT GET PAID and it is possible they will Lock You Out Of Your Account! SCAM OVER!!

Did I mention the owner of the site under review has 100s or even 1000s of other sites that operate to defraud this way!? I found some and did reviews on them all! Should you need further proof you may have a brief glance. The online scams they own are dollarplane, thepayz, dutyspace, dollartent, cashinwork, payjut, dutytimes, dollarbirth, buckstip, moneyismust, dutykid, dutyrevo, dollarmilk, developdollars, dollar2refer, dollartell, usdwork, dollarsplug, earninghabit, earlypayjob, moneycomefirst, dollarsteller, jobzipo.com, jobtaka, buxinc and I am still finding more! Some have shut down after some time in business, which is what sites like these do. They stick around for one year, maybe two, make loads of cash and run!!









Why not have your say! Do you have firsthand experience with the site under review? I’d appreciate if you left your experience in the comment box below to help warn others. Perhaps you may be looking at other online opportunities that you are uncertain about? You can ask me, I will research them, and get back to you with an answer. I may even do an article on them and give you credit. Along with the listed reviews, and this one of course, I am confident everyone has enough data on What Is For Money Only to make a sensible decision NOT to venture there! As always, I am looking forward to your comments and questions. Thank you for reading my article and consider subscribing to my sites newsletter to learn how to combat online scams. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!


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