What Is FawMoney Site? Is FawMoney Site Scam or Legit!

By | May 24, 2018

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Unbiased Answer to What Is FawMoney Site and Why You Could Get Stung.

Stumble upon and now asking What Is FawMoney Site? Is FawMoney. Site an elaborate scam trap? Is Faw Money Site on the up and up and giving others a real full time job online? This FawMoney Review is not intended to cause alarm, but only, to inform you of what they are really up to by answering such queries. We will try to gather owner info, pay and work particulars and show you why we are convinced FawMoney is a scam! They have 1000s of duplicate sites scamming people.

Those that have no doubt they were scammed are invited to report as such below this post. Those still working for the site under question – should stop – they won’t pay you anyways.

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FawMoney Site’s Real Owner Agenda, Work and Payment RigmaRoll.



Is FawMoney Site a Phishing Scam

Don’t get phished!

I DON’T Take FawMoney Site one bit serious as a legit way to earn anything online. They have been unscrupulously scamming their own members since 2014!! Not once have they, or will they ever, provide a single shred of payment proof to anyone online. FawMoney site was created 19-06-2018. There is no owner info. NO email and address is fake!

Those observant will have noticed I said they have been ripping people off since 2014 are probably confused. Well, owners, as said, have 1000s of these PTC scam sites. They were first rolled out in 2014 and scammers have puked up Russian and German copies. They are all the same, same script, same wording, same fake names and pay out figures = all the same. Some minor differences like URL etc.

Here are the sites, from same scam owners as Faw Money, we have found and exposed on Page 1 of Google:-

  1. olmoney club.
  2. eromoney win.
  3. afmoney win.
  4. ugmoney win.
  5. ugamoney bid.
  6. satmoney win.
  7. armoney win.
  8. xymoney site.
  9. ydmoney bid.
  10. ummoney bid.
  11. nonmoney bid.
  12. yxmoney bid.
  13. elmoney win.
  14. elmoney club.
  15. ukmoney win.
  16. edmoney site.
  17. elmoney win.
  18. ubmoney win.
  19. agmoney bid.
  20. akmoney win.
  21. ogmoney win.
  22. opmoney win.
  23. oxmoney win.
  24. avmoney win.
  25. yhmoney win.
  26. ekmoney win.
  27. ewmoney win.
  28. ygmoney win.
  29. ytmoney win.
  30. odmoney win.
  31. uvmoney win.
  32. asmoney win.
  33. exmoney win.
  34. ifmoney win.
  35. ommoney win.
  36. osmoney win.
  37. uxmoney win.
  38. agmoney site.
  39. ammoney win.
  40. ubemoney site.
  41. edmoney win.
  42. ebomoney win.
  43. abamoney bid.
  44. epmoney win.
  45. ovmoney win.
  46. oramoney club and also oramoney site.
  47. emumoney club.
  48. immoney club.
  49. otmoney club.
  50. ecamoney site.
  51. epomoney club.
  52. aqmoney win.
  53. atmoney win.
  54. ubamoney club.
  55. arimoney bid.
  56. ehmoney site

Other bloggers have exposed ‘some’ but we are not giving up, as each new site, is scamming a whole new wave of unsuspecting participants. DON’T FORGET TO REPORT THEM BELOW.

The Work Situation.

All members are signed up for free with their emails. No confirmation asked for. Members simply click on ads and fill out codes all day. They do this until they reach the minimum of $150. This amount is earned very fast by determined members and can be done so in hours. One report on this site said he’d earned over $500, in his spare time, in less than two days!

Referral Program Lies.

Here you are given the fake option to refer others to their completely illegal program. The methods they advise you do this are also illegal. Actually, there is not a single thing on their website that adheres to any laws anywhere , unless of course, there is a place without laws.

Here their psychopathy continues when they inform others that they will be given half of anothers pay, the other person they refer, for making referrals. The more you make then the more you should be making with ease. All lies.



Daily Earnings.

On their site you will see clearly on their home page list of figures and names. No one has been paid those numbers and no one by those names exist as members on their site. Should such pay outs, such as:-

1). $150 for one days pay.

2). $300 for one days pay.

3). Nearly $500 for one days pay..

…were real, then Google would be sent into a melt down as the net became flooded with positive reviews. I ask anyone to go find one and relay it back here. Should you encounter one – be VERY assured – they are either victim themselves or scammer!!

4). $4800 a month for viewing somewhere near to 1000 ads! LOL! Never happening, and here is why…

Advertisers are not mental enough to pay ten cents on their ads and then turn around and pay website owner money as well. Advertisers need many thousands of clicks to make their advertising investment convert. No one is chucking money away in this manner in the PTC Industry online. Best hopes for pay are splits of cents (no exaggeration either) up to 3 cents a click.

I have no time for paid to click work as there are too many horror stories out there saying they clicked on 1000 emails and only got paid $20! How is that a wise investment of your time?!!! It is A RIP-OFF AND ABUSIVE TO BE PAID SO LITTLE.


Cash Out Cognition.

There are good reasons you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


When all members head towards that exciting moment to request their cash, the brakes, are applied are swiftly. Members be told to wait for three months. Then you notice a way to do it quicker. Once again, they want $10 for the sped up version of this process of payment.

Once again, they want $9 to sell you 100 referrals and then they want you to pay that $9 again if their system crashes!!

ALL NONSENSE – JUST GIVE IT UP! No one is getting paid. It was never real to begin with guys, sorry.








Decided to keep this one short! Do inform if you were used in the fashion above. Keeping quiet is how bad men triumph over good men – so, say something – our Internet is getting overrun and so we must band together to help protect others. Thank you for your time in reading this article on what is FawMoney Site. I am really looking forward to hearing from you all in the comment section below. Do check out our free to start offer below as well for those that are genuinely looking for a way to earn online.






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