What Is EzMoney Site? Is EzMoney Site a Scam or Legit!

By | March 24, 2018

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Exposing What Is Ezmoney Site


Unearthing the Answer to What Is EzMoney Site.

New Scam Alert! Those suspicious and asking What Is EzMoney Site, is EzMoneySite a hoax, is Ez Money Site a fruitful and promising online job, have landed perfectly! This unbiased review of EzMoney is going to detail why they are con, a racket and a complete hustle of one’s time and work. Yep! EzMoney is dirty little SCAM and NOT LEGIT! I will also uncover to you the name of this Global Scam Network for those are following the trails of these bad operators. Let us begin our review to expose them fully.

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Uncut Answer to What Is EzMoney Site, the ‘Squire’ of ‘Ez’ and the Money Making Work Specifics.

Let us begin answering what is ezmoney site by trying to dig up who the proprietor is. Their registrar is with NameCheap, absent email and same address provided for all of their sites from Panama. February was a very busy month for these rip-off artists as they set up a ton of new IDENTICAL sites to ‘Ez’. This particular one was set up on the 23/03/2018 – not a month as the writing of this article. One year is all they are going to be around for. Bad Signs.


OK, here is what Scam Witness was able to uncover during extensive research in trying to find the owners. I alluded to “all their sites”, meaning they have 1000’s of these sites. 1000’s!! They started out with German copies. Then Russian and have now migrated their criminality into English Versions.

To date there are, or were, 714 English Versions of this money racket!! Scam Witness endeavors to expose them all as they spring up.

OK! Here is the most VALUABLE INFO we have on getting closer to who these people are! THEIR FRAUD NETWORK IS CALLED:- WEBDENGI_ENG! Happy Days – ONE STEP CLOSER 🙂 . Big break through as I have been exposing their sites for the last 9 months.

Below is a list of the new sites I have already reviewed so you know they are all the same. These are the 2018 to 2019 English Versions that are, in every way, identical to ‘Ez’ except in web URL and site logo name.


  1. AtMoney Win.
  2. AfMoney Win.
  3. ArMoney Win.
  4. UnMoney Win.
  5. UgMoney Win.
  6. XyMoney Site.
  7. NonMoney Bid.
  8. YxMoney Bid.
  9. UmMoney Bid.
  10. YhMoney Win.
  11. YdMoney Bid.
  12. YgMoney Win.

Many more have been found, actually, I believe I have found all of the English Versions for 2018 to 2019 🙂 . Those are linked reviews and will open up in a new browser.


Making Money with Fake ‘Ez’.

All their versions run exactly the same! Should you require such details then continue reading.

Free registration. Already, here are scam signs. You can sign up with even a made up email AND they don’t require VERIFICATION – ?! All legit sites do require their members to validate they are a real person and not some bot. This was the first thing that struck me as odd when I first signed up to one of their sites. Unfortunately, I was spammed two minutes later – not nice.

When you get inside you can begin to click and view ads for money. So, we see they are a PTC Scam Site. Each ad is promised 10 cents. Money is topped up in real time to your account. Those are just figures to help motivate and manipulate their members into doing more work

Referral Program? Yes. Very lucrative one if it were real. Instructions will be provided to you to spread your own unique link across the World Wide Web. Places like:-

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • YouTube Comments Boxes.
  • Websites like this one.
  • Any Forum will do.
  • PM’s.
  • SMS.
  • Word of Mouth.

This is called SPAMMING and is illegal. Here is a very interesting and short article to answer What Is Spam. That will open up in a new link so you can come back here. When your referrals go to work watching ads then you are meant to receive 50% of their profits. This is too high a commission rate and even Bill Gates would not do this.

Easy work that anyone can do. Big Money enticing many. This is a recipe for a scam!

An average 3/5 hours per day could be earning their members fifty dollars to three hundred dollars. This is of course not true. With dedication their website is reporting many members making up to $4800 per month! Again, not true. From all of their sites – NOT ONE PERSON HAS EVER PAID A PENNY!

Minimum Pay Out is set to $150. Some of their sites, if memory serves right, set pay out to $300 for some sites of theirs! Anyways, its too high in either event. $100 is the maximal and one cent over that is a sign of a scam. Members are promised payment WITHIN THE HOUR. This is clearly displayed in their Home Page, First Paragraph.

HERE! Is where the scam reveals itself to its members. You will be told your application was received and now they are reviewing it. Then they will say it was rejected or you must wait between 30 to 60 days to receive payment. There is a 3/5 minute verification Express Option for which they will try to charge you $10. This is only to get money from you before you are booted form their site forever.

Should you pay, NOW, they want you to make 40 new people to sign up to their site! This is a nasty surprise and is not worded anywhere on their site. BUT, you can pay about $14 to buy those referrals. This saves you jumping all over the net planting your link and waiting for new sign ups.

Should you pay AGAIN, for those referrals or make them honestly, GAME OVER! Your account is either blocked from you or they will ignore you indefinitely. Should they even respond, Admin will act all ‘confused’ and say things like they “don’t understand you.”


Since they don’t pay out – what is the overall point of their site?

Every single ad viewed, by all members across all of their 1000’s of sites, is earning very tiny commissions for EzMoney. These ads are Third Party ads (off site) and only the owners will ever receive these earnings. $00.10 per click per ad should of been everyone’s ‘cue’ that something was not right. For, ads will only pay out from hundreds of a millionth of a cent to 1 cent! or Half a cent!

1000’s sites, thousands of members watching 100’s of 1000’s of ads! That is a lot of money for even one website for one year!


These sites are known to download malware to your device!

This software hunts through your browser for saved passwords. These passwords help scammers to log into your social media accounts and extract personal data. Even Bank Details are sourced with this software. With all this data they now put it onto a Scam List. This list is sold on the Deep Webs to the highest bidder.

Now, you are likely to experience a bombardment in your email inbox. DON’T click on mails you don’t know. Just report them and delete them immediately. Below is our recommended tips to keep your online life safe and secure. There are articles that will futher advise you on how to keep you ID online safe and secure as well.


1. Buy an up to date Anti Virus. There are also Free Versions you can use. Here is a site that is offering the Top Ten Free Anti Virus. Courtesy of thetoptenvirus.com.
2. Clear your browser history and your cache history! Make this a daily thing as their are ‘bots’ online that crawl the web looking for these details. Here is an article that shows you how to stop bots for Website Owners called How to Block Crawlers, Spiders and Bots from Websites. Courtesy of wisdmlabs.com.

3. Change your passwords to all of your social media accounts immediately. Forgot your passwords? Don’t worry, here is an article entitled How To Recover Forgotten Passwords. Now, you can login into any of your accounts and change your passwords with ease. Courtesy of frootvpn.com.

4. Should you have handed over your PayPal or Bank details then contact both parties. Explain the situation and see what they advise. Here is another article on what to do if scammers have your PayPal details. This is called How Do I Report Potential Fraud To My Account. Courtesy of PayPal.com.

These articles will open up in a new browser and should help to remedy any problems you may have, or, prevent such from occurring.


DISCLAIMER:- All works at Scam Witness are only my opinion. Research is carried out and presented here to help alert others to a potential scam online. Nothing here is stated as the ‘ultimate truth’ or ‘fact’. Again, just my opinion. Those that don’t wish to side with it can express so below or continue with your research. Thank you your time in this regards.










To members of Ez, who are suspecting something but don’t know what it was, are welcome to tell everyone your experience. Were you paid? This I doubt very much, but it is typical to get such comments at times. Perhaps there is another of these ‘Ez’ sites you want me to have a look at? Please, do report them all here and Scam Witness will expose them for you. Very much looking forward to all of you comments to come as we finish What Is EzMoney Site. I really enjoyed writing this article and dearly hope it goes a long way to help many avoid this scam. Take care out here guys 🙂 .

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