What Is ExMoney Win? Is ExMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 30, 2018

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All Info Regarding What Is ExMoney Win


Blowing The Lid Clean Off This Fraud By Answering What Is ExMoney Win!

Your search has led you to the answer of What Is ExMoney Win! Maybe you would like to know, as well, is ExMoney. Win trustworthy? Is Ex Money Win an authority on making money online for watching paid ads? Or maybe you just need a review of ExMoney? Whatever your reason, I can already say, founders of ExMoney have many more sites pulling the wool over thousands of members globally! Such sites include, but not limited to, ommoney. win, utmoney. win, odmoney. win, ytmoney. win, asmoney. win, uxmoney. win, uvmoney. win, ubmoney. win, osmoney. win, ekmoney. win, ezmoney. Site, atmoney. win, ygmoney. win, ugmoney. win, afmoney. win, armoney. win, unmoney. win, yxmoney. bid, xymoney. Site, nonmoney.bid, ummoney. win, yhmoney. win, ydmoney. win etc!

Clearly, to search and compare them, is to find identical sites that don’t pay out! This has been covered in endless exposures from this Russian Scam Network with IP Addresses cropping across the globe. However, though this can be deflating, there is another way we recommend. While there are many legit opportunities online, Ours is Wealthy Affiliate. Full review of such is >HERE< or Sign Up >HERE< to see how to build a financially booming website!



Microscopic Details to What Is ExMoney Win, People Behind it and What Members do to Earn Money.

Before we answer what is ExMoney Win, here is something to consider:- all websites have to go through a site registration process. In this process sites have the option of leaving their name, email and address. This is for Business Opportunities and not necessary for bloggers. While some legit businesses will hide these details, just to show them on their site, fake one’s will hide all details on site as well as registration.

This is the case with ExMoney and is a vital sign in recognizing an online scam.

After 9 months of researching this hornets nest of crooks, there are somethings that are known with certainty.

Not all of their sites come from the same IP Address, as mentioned. I have traced many of their IP’s, for different duplicate sites, to Russia, UK, USA etc. This tells me it is a Global Illegal Enterprise.

This group of illegally operating marketers have been operating from 2014, and to 2017, they have 714 copies in English. Oh, I did mention they come in German (original batch) and Russian. This scam originated in Russia as well. The group of people are a network, thus, their network has an online name known to be WebDengi_Eng. Incidentally, ‘DENGI’ is the Russian word for ‘MONEY’.



What is the work involved?


Review of ExMoney Win


ExMoney is a PTC site, meaning Paid to Click, where people get paid for clicking and viewing ads all day. Free to begin with an email. This email can also be an invalid one and as Exmoney does not even check for confirmation you are a real person.

Anyone, who has gone to their site, will see fake enticements via the huge payouts for a single days labor. These payouts are all fake and so are the names of the people that supposed to have received them. Not int he history of these sites has a single one made anyone any money. They have only made themselves quite profitable and those profits are never shared out to anyone other than among their own scam group.



How much money per viewed ad?

The payment per viewed ad is 10 cents. This is too high and no advertiser is going to pay you that. Not when you consider that they will have to provide 10 cents to members for watching these third party ads, but also, have to now pay the site owners as well. And, as we know, what members get paid anywhere – the owners will make a little more, naturally enough. So now we see that the advertiser would be begging on the streets in no time if he or she would pay such amounts for clicks on their ads.

To further display how ridiculous those payouts are, please consider, if you watch 50 ads, the advertiser must pay you a full $5. This is absurd because advertisers can pay $5 anywhere else and get somewhere close to 1000 Clicks on their ad. Now you see why 10 is too high for just clicking 1 Ad?



Is their Referral Scheme Fake as well?

Completely! However, here is where the ‘enticement’ goes off the scale. You are told to copy your affiliate link. This link is then placed where people like to hang out online. The most popular places would be:-

  • YouTube comments.
  • Twitter.
  • Advertisement Groups. Did you know that scammers are making 200m a year just for placing scam links on Facebook?
  • Leaving links on my blogs like mine. I got one yesterday, so it does happen.
  • You could blog about them and then leave your affiliate link inside the article. This is the best way to make sales on line. But, just not promoting illegal stuff like ExMoney.
  • You Private Message people the link, where this function is available.
  • You can text message family and friends

You get the idea.

This is how people SPAM! This is not a legal nor anyway advisable help to anyone. Here is an article regarding SPAM. Courtesy of techtarget.com. New window will open.

Here is an article that will help identify scam sites:- The American Greed Report: Online Shopping Scams: Eight signs you are on a fake site. Courtesy of www.cnbc.com. Opens in a new window.

The Average Earning for members is about $50 to $300 per day. Avid and dedicated ad watchers may earn up to $4800 every month. Naturally, this is all lies.

The ‘fun’ kicks off when you apply for the minimum threshold pay out.

The minimum is at $150 and all members must fill out a form. Support will review it and get back with some nonsense…



Vigilance is Key against Scams!

This application procedure is definitely a point in time when you need to be extra careful. Admin will return with communication telling you that members have to wait a stagering three months. This three month period is to process your money. Of course, that is nonsense as well.

The real reason they will say you must wait this long is because there is another way to access your funds quicker. This option is available to all members and only takes a mere five minutes. They may even respond in three minutes per their own statement.

Remember as well, they do say all payments are made to members in under an hour. So when they say it takes three months, well, that should have been your first and only indicator they were not legit.

The quick way will cost all members a tidy $10! Not a lot, however times that by their many members, across all of their sites, and you will begin to appreciate the amount of money they are defrauding from people.

Should you pay then you will find another annoying obstacle. This obstacle is the recruitment of 40 fresh people into their illegal scheme. They will phrase it as “Exchange Referrals”. Again, this is another point that is NOT put anywhere on their shoddy site.

However, those that do not have the funds to buy these referrals can go about making them the old-fashioned way. Leaving your link all over the Internet where space is found. This is a form of payment to ExMoney because now, the chances are, they are going to scam a number of those people to boot! Please warn all of your own social networks where you left your link. Let them know you unwittingly supplied them a scam link.

These guys will even try to get ang other $11 from you, I don’t know what for mind you, totaling at least $20 before this scam is done with you. When you exchange those referrals you may be put through this whole fake process again. This, obviously, will be your cue to stop wasting your time.



No CC To Join Wealthy Affilite




Something other than having your time wasted and money taken is they also download malware. This malware will try to steal your sensitive data. This data is collated and sent back to the scammers. Now the scammers will have all that data, from ALL OF THEIR MEMBERS, and send it onto an Auction. This auction will, may, take place somewhere on the not so legit Deep Web. The highest bidder gets 1000s of peoples details for mass spamming and phishing attempts. Do watch out for this if you encountered ExMoney.

Here are two articles about phishing and malware:-

What Is Phishing. Thank you to Microsoft.com for this one. Opens in a new window as well.

Malware. Thanks to Wikipedia for this concise article. New window will open up for you.

Scam Witness Top Five Online Safety Tips:-

1. Erase your browsers cache. Malware, shortened version of malicious software, will seek such data in your saved data spaces.

2. Anti Viru’s really are worth the investment when you consider malware is always looking for banking credentials. It just saves you losing money and having to cancel a thousand credit cards. It is just stress you do not need.

3. Where you have a password online, do change all of them. 9 passwords across all accounts is highly recommended. DON’T SAVE PASSWORDS OT YOUR DEVICE! Save them in a real world document.
4. Mail you do not know should just be reported and deleted immediately. You will certainly be getting loads of spam mails after giving over your email to Exmoney.

5. RESEARCH! Google all sites you just don’t know that is offering you big cash for dirt easy work! Too good to be true? Then, it is usually.



DISCLAIMER:- This article is based on my opinion. Enough evidence has been presented, through going on ten months of extensive research into these guys, that I feel my opinion is valid enough to share with others. People must decide for themselves. Any questions, concerns and doubts will be addressed in the comment box below as they come through. Thank you.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! No surprises there then! Yep, these guys are a regular hit-and-run show. They have not paid a single person since they started up in 2014. I have seen nothing but complaints for too many of their sites. These sites stick around for only one year, as any online venture knows, that one year is simply to get established online.

Many of their sites will shut down mere months, or even weeks, because their reputation will start to go bad. Should you have found yet another one of their websites, do let us know. Thank you.





This forum is dedicated solely for the report of complaints, asking questions and revealing more of their sites as well. This is for members that have been cheated already. Those who have been saved from signing up to them, well, yo9u are welcome to let us know below. All comments are responded to. Is there something you know that Scam Witness does not? You are most welcome to ad to this article for a fuller picture of this scam. Time to go on to the next article so it is time to finish answering What Is ExMoney Win. Goodbye and looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂 .


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  1. Gustavo

    Exumoney is a real scam site. Watch out. There is no way you can withdraw the money you earn. This is the webpage: http:/ /exumoney . bid/

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Gustava,

      I did not expose ExuMoney. Bid so I really appreciate you helping to fight the good fight by exposing Exumoney. Nice job man – ever thought of learning how to expose these sites?

      Thanks again Gustavo.


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