What Is ExchangeWealth.Net? Is ExchangeWealth.Net a Scam!

By | March 7, 2018

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A Close Up To Answer What Is ExchangeWealt.Net


What Is ExchangeWealth.Net Fully Answered.

Here is yet another website offering 100% ROI and 120% in BitCoin! We will answer What Is ExchangeWealth.Net. Those asking is ExchangeWealthNet a safe online job or a scam, and even if you are just looking for an Exchange Wealth Net Review, then this is the only one you need. I am not a member and simply wish to inform others of this ponzi/pyramid scheme that could collapse at anytime leaving about 90% without pay! Should they be paying then it is only a matter of time before they stop doing so, which always surprises me, how surprised people are.

They promote themselves as a Peer to Peer (P2P) that offers the best opportunity to earn online. They hail from Ghana and seeking out who want to earn big money fast. This is only a ‘DONATION PLATFORM’, meaning, when they say you are ‘INVESTING’ they actually give themselves a ‘clause’ not to pay you in the future.

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What Is ExchangeWealth.Net and How Most Will Lose Their Money.

In researching what is ExchangeWealth.Net we tried to answer who owns that website. Apparently, George Baa is the owner but that person fails to supply a contact email for support to their members. They seem not to have a legit address as well. Nothing could be found in Google for the founder name as well and tells em that it ain’t real. They expire their website 7/2018 and it is more than possible it is far too late to be joining this particular ponzi/pyramid scheme. 20 Days, from start, is when you have the best chances of earning with such schemes but of course we do not recommend any such schemes.

How it works.

People can sign up for Free but you only have 3 days to complete your donation/investment. All members have 24 hours to pay at least 20% to another and 1/4 days to complete the rest of the minimum donation. Failure to pay in this time scale will have your account deleted. They require a legit email, full name and phone number to help verify you. However, I advise given out so much personal details as they can easily be sold onto scammers for a personal profit. This has the disastrous effect of making yourself a target to future fraudulent attempts and having their online identity stolen online.


Here is How ExchangeWealth.Net Works


The system ‘merges’ you with other ‘EXCHANGERS’ but they do have a referral program as well. Within 15 days you qualify to gain 100% ROI with a FORCED RECOMMITMENT of 20%. This 20% will keep their ‘SYSTEM’ from collapsing due to a lack of funds, though, that is only a matter of time as all ponzi/pyramid schemes are doomed to failure due to its inherent business structure. All payments made to members come from new sign ups. New sign ups stop coming in then older members will never get paid. They can collapse at any moment in time.



How So Many People Will Lose Their Money.

We already said that it is a ponzi/pyramid scheme so let us now clear up those two terms for complete clarity. A Ponzi Scheme is simply when people sign up. They pay Money. Members do not receive any digital products or services or even any real world products or services. The Product is the Members who ‘Invest/Donate’ for insane returns.

A Pyramid is simply when most/all the money goes to the Top such as the Newest Members and Founder. Again, there is no product/service though there are plenty of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies that have been labeled as such even though they have real world products.

SO! The longer such schemes are around for the less likely it is you will earn any money at all. New members become less and less and until the system is overloaded with members who are waiting to get paid from new members. Here is the flaw and eventually collapses all such schemes. Too soon after starting up such schemes will stop paying the majority of their members and selectively pay only a few from all levels. The majority of the cash will go to Top Tier Members and the Lion Share will certainly go to the Founder.

Whenever you see their ‘benevolent‘ Support stop being helpful and fair and actually ignore members requests for cash then you should know they are about to RUN! In my research I have seen this as a reliable sign that you more than likely will never get paid.

Finally, they offer 5%, 3% and 1% for referrals relative to your down lines.


All efforts have been made to be accurate and to inform people online that they are in danger of being scammed by the site we just reviewed. Nothing is stated for legal purposes and info is based according to online research and my opinion.







THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Anyone that signed up to the site we just exposed are welcome to have their say. Perhaps you may have signed up but not received any returns yet? Maybe you actually got paid? You are most welcome to leave your experience, opinion and questions in the comment box below where they will be responded to in good time. Do you know of any site that seems a little too good to be true? Go ahead and let us know and we will do some research to set your mind at ease. As we close out answering What Is ExchangeWealth.Net I would like to invite you to subscribe to my free newsletter and also to take a look at our Number Job Offer Below. Goodbye for now every one 🙂 .


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