What Is EwuMoney Club? Scam or Legit – Read Here First!

By | June 15, 2018

Answer What Is EwuMoney Club Here



What Is EwuMoney Club and Why No One Can Trust Them.

While we are in the business of showing people how to earn online, we also like to save people some time, by answering questions like What Is EwuMoney Club. We will inform you of the answers to questions like Is EwuMoney. Club a false site? Is EwuMoney Club honest and genuine? This non-member EwuMoney Review is to inform you that they are a fake Paid Advertisement Viewing System. Founder has many copies and they manufacture them at an alarming rate. No one gets paid!

While we know its upsetting to hear this, should you have worked with this site, but we do want to let you know there is good news as well. We do know many good online trusted and legit companies you can work with to earn up to 10K a month! We will leave a few links and some info below this post for those interested in earning Real Money and not ‘QUICK MONEY’ – quick money is not real.


Company:- http://ewumoney. club.

Founder:- No Founder ID Online.

Created:- 07-06-2018.

Price:- Free to Join.

Scam/Legit:- Pure Scam! Never Pays Out.





What Is EwuMoney Club in Reality.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

EwuMoney is Going into Our List of Internet Scammers.

EwuMoney Club is promoted as one of the best ways to earn online. This could not be further from the truth. They are more like one of the worst scams to fall for online! Owners are phantoms and like to stay hidden as they rob people online with thousands of these fake Paid Advertisement Viewing Systems.

We do know the originator of these scams, like EwuMoney Club, comes from Russia and has expanded his PTC Script to many parts of the world. Seems like IP addresses span the globe with a trail of fake addresses, no emails for support and a lot of unhappy members.

They produce these sites in RUSSIAN, ENGLISH AND GERMAN!



  • Owners from Russia.
  • Scam Sites Operating in 3 Languages.
  • No one has ever been paid out by any of their sites.


To give you a small appreciation of how big their online scam operation is, then do draw you attention to the scam sites we have exposed. These sites ALL below are owned by the same online scamming operators. These are only the ones we had time to do and they were only created in 2018 – many more have been created since 2014!


  1. enymoney site.
  2. ugamoney bid.
  3. audmoney site.
  4. olmoney club.
  5. enamoney site.
  6. fsamoney bid.
  7. ugmoney win.
  8. eromoney win.
  9. afmoney win.
  10. satmoney win.
  11. ukmoney win.
  12. ummoney win.
  13. elmoney club.
  14. afumoney club.
  15. nonmoney bid.
  16. yxmoney bid.
  17. ydmoney bid.
  18. edmoney site.
  19. elmoney win.
  20. akmoney win.
  21. ubmoney win.
  22. agmoney bid.
  23. utemoney club.
  24. etimoney bid.
  25. oxmoney win.
  26. ogmoney win.
  27. opmoney win.
  28. avmoney win.
  29. yhmoney win
  30. ovmoney win.
  31. epmoney win.
  32. abamoney bid.
  33. fawmoney site.
  34. ebomoney win.
  35. ocemoney bid.
  36. ubemoney site.
  37. ammoney win.
  38. agmoney site.
  39. uxmoney win.
  40. osmoney win.
  41. ommoney win.
  42. ifmoney win.
  43. exmoney win.
  44. asmoney win.
  45. uvmoney win.
  46. odmoney win.
  47. ytmoney win.
  48. ygmoney win.
  49. olomoney site.
  50. ewmoney win.
  51. ekmoney win.
  52. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  53. ehmoney site.
  54. obamoney win.
  55. ormoney win.
  56. emumoney club.
  57. arimoney bid.
  58. immoney club.
  59. ubamoney club.
  60. duomoney site.
  61. otmoney club.
  62. atmoney win.
  63. ecamoney site.
  64. aqmoney win.
  65. epomoney club.
  66. netmoney 2017. ycamoney win, apimoney win.exumoney club, ozumoney site. efomoney win, termoney bid, ucemoney bid,

The above list are linked to their own reviews. Should you know of any like these then do report them below in the comments box.




Scam Work Offer.

The work they offer is so easy it qualifies everyone on the planet. They accept everyone with only an email address. Then you are expected to simply click on ads and then do a code, which, you don’t really have to watch the ad but just do the code and you are credited for that one advertisement.

Monies are topped up in your account in real time and you will work like this and not know anything is wrong until it is too late!



Affiliate Referral Program Scam.

You are offered even bigger money when members are convinced to share their link around the net. Since the operators can not be traced online, they don’t care who they get into trouble with the law, as spamming is not quite legal. The article below will explain the dangers of spamming:-

Email Anti Spam Laws Around the World. Thanks to verticalresponse.com – opens in a new tab.



Daily Pay of Big Sums Scam.

From clicking on ads and making referrals you are looking at big money!

Up to $150 a day is promised and actually this number can go as high as nearly $500 a day! Monthly they are offering $4800 for 1000 ads that are viewed – for each member!!

Each advertisement is set to net you 10c! SO! – SLOW DOWN, advertisers are only affording to spend a max of maybe 2c a click. People who do clicks on ads only normally get paid a maximum of 3c. However, is usually more like fractions of a cent and is why we never recommend anyone work with any Paid to Click sites. The money they pay out is actually illegal in the real world so why would you allow yourself to be subjected to that?



The Scam Kicks In!

EwuMoney Club Scam

EwuMoney Club Scam.

Here when you reach $150 there is an application process. This process takes five minutes to complete. When the form is returned you will be informed of the waiting period to process your monies. This apparently is for verification purposes. All lies.

They want you to click on the other option you are already staring at. It costs $10 to use and then $9 to buy 100 sign ups. It is a pure con to rob up to $20 of your money. No funds are ever released even after payment.

Should you not pay it does not matter as well because then you are stuck and can’t go any further.

This is why we can’t endorse these scam artists! Below is a real way to earn real money in a relatively short amount of time. Those interested may continue. Those not interested, no hard feelings 🙂 , and we are happy to have helped you out 🙂 .




Is There a Real Way to Earn Online?


ABSOLUTELY! This is the ONE question that is going to set you on the path to making a real and full time income online and potentially for life!

Our #1 Recommendation has been operating online since 2005 and have made millionaires out of new comers in the area of Affiliate Marketing. We did a whole review on them, which you will see below, and they are called Wealthy Affiliate!


Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?


They can show you how to make a site like mine and learn to earn from it. This can lead to incomes up to 10K a month and beyond.


Learn To Be Your Own Boss Today

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I don’t know about you, but I am tired working for other ungrateful people, we call ‘BOSSES’. They can stuff their jobs as I am now earning online and I can show you how to do the same thing.



Let us see how Our #1 Choice Stacks up again EwuMoney Scammers:-





Click the table above To Join for Free or CLICK ON OUR #1 RECOMMENDATION REVIEW BELOW.



Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.




We take every comment on our site with gratitude and we always respond. Do leave your comments on anything said here today. Should you have questions – then you are most welcome to ask us. Maybe you know another site that you aren’t sure on? Let us know and we be happy to expose that site for you. Looking forward to your comments and its good bye for now on answering What Is EwuMoney Club.

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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sandra,

      Yes, EwuMoney is quite interesting in that they only have an interest in duping otheres. They are not recommended and an out right scam.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you again.

      – Philip.


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