What Is EuroUS.Net? Is EuroUS.Net A Scam – YES THEY ARE!

By | January 20, 2018

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Find Out Why, as I Answer What Is EuroUS.Net, They are a Scam and Not to be Trusted!

Fancy $100 just for signing up to EuroUS.Net? Should you have noticed this fake enticement and asking What Is EuroUS.Net, is Eurous.net a scam or really legit, then, you have come to the only review that will answer all those questions and more. I will show you excellent reasons why they are an online scam, point out lies on their site and a few other absurdities, all pointing, to an illegal online operation. This is an illegal referral program to garner free traffic for themselves.! SCAM!

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What Is EuroUS.Net and Why They Are Not Legitimate!

I always do back ground research before even thinking answering such a question as What Is Eurous.net. You may open Google and search for WHOIS. I see they registered in 1998, though another online resource, declared they actually registered in 2017!! No owner name and contact address is not visible. Clear and obvious signs ‘someone’ is trying to hide their own online identity. They are set to expire the site in 2019, though as evidenced already, they may continue.

SO! Already, we know we can not trust them.

It is free to sign up to them, whereupon, you are promised $100 – however – no one on planet Earth has ever been paid that amount nor will they ever! It is a false advertisement. Below I will detail other false attributes on their site:-


  • Their Statistics do not appear to ever change. It is a static page in this regard.
  • In their ‘About Us’ section they tell us who they are in FOUR LINES! Not even FULL LINES! Fake.
  • Top left of their screen, you will see a ‘real time update’ for payments in last hour. Impressive, except, that is Fake as well 🙁 .

Is there anything real on this site? Yes! Yes there is!!


If you go to their Terms of Service, you will see, they have REAL RUSSIAN TERMS OF SERVICE!! How convenient for non-Russian speaking people. It is OK though, I got it translated!

Now we know we are dealing with someone from Russia, which does not really helping to narrow down ID, as there are 143, 964, 709 people residing there.



What Is EuroUS.Net and Reasons Not to Join Them




Insane Terms of Service Translated From Russian.

I won’t bore you too much here, however, they are a few things that is sneakily worded that basically means YOU are NOT getting PAID – EVER!

They babble on about what you can’t do and the terms you accept and all that is repeated in various other ways. Thus, it is generic and meaningless for the most part.

However, I translated that they will DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT REASON OR NOTICE? They just have the ‘right’ to do this – so random.

They have the right to not communicate with you without notice! That is babble #scammerspeak for, when you try to ask for your money, THEY ARE GOING TO JUST IGNORE YOU! It is a ‘legal’ get out of jail card for NOT paying their users.

As for the ‘magically appearing’ $100 SIGN UP BONUS! Well, I read in one highly respected website, your account will forever say “PENDING” or “PAYMENT IN PROCESS”. It’ will never materialize 🙁 .


I was not to sure if this site I am writing was an online scam operation at first because they looked so professional. However, they do not offer any real work. I will detail what I can understand from their garbled and convoluted website below regarding this.


Work Details – Misnomer Alert!

OK! So they offer a referral program. You bounce around the Internet, like a money crazed lunatic, to try to make as many referrals as possible to Eurous.net. Upon each successful sign up you will be (not be) awarded $1-$2 bonus. So, which is it and what determines who is ‘worth’ $1 and who is ‘worth’ $2? Nonsense!

You have the privilege of using their ‘INSTRUMENT TOOLS ‘(LOL whatever that means) to increase your earnings (their earnings) to $100 a day. Remember, no one gets paid from this website except the mysterious owners whom no one knows. There is no elaboration on this idea.

Tucked away in their poorly written and nonsense FAQ’s section, I read as part of their referral program, you are supposed to get 30% of your referrals work earnings. Of course, that is another lie as well.

There are Daily Bonuses for ‘active users‘ and weekly ones as well – of which – are fake – no surprise there.

They advise you to achieve the Status of “PRO” ASAP but no instructions on how to do this or be a “PRO” in what? Perhaps it is a “PRO VICTIM STATUS” – I don’t know. Should you have signed up to these scammers, could you shed some light on what they are talking about please? You can do this in the comments section below – Thank You.



RECAP:- SO, we have no idea who runs this site. No way of getting paid for fake work. Commissioned based referral program is a false hood. Plenty of online complaints by members culminating in a poor reputation. All stats are fake and only to give an impression of legitimacy.

I will deliver my SCAM RATING BELOW, after which, you can have your say!







Scales of Justice













You are now invited to have your say! Did you sign up to the site I wrote about above and were you paid or not? I will be very surprised if you say yes. What was their support like and did they ever respond to you? I am sure many have asked What Is EuroUS.Net and I hope I have set you straight on this matter. I wish you farewell for now as I look forward to all of your comments below. Please consider sharing this article to help a great number to avoid such an online scam. See you next time 🙂 !



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22 thoughts on “What Is EuroUS.Net? Is EuroUS.Net A Scam – YES THEY ARE!

  1. Luckson Jonathan

    Please sir,
    His can I dictate fraud online ? Kindly advise me.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Luckson,

      If I understand your question correctly, then yes you can learn how to expose online scams and earn money from doing so. Is this your question answered? I can show you how.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Wiseman,

      Congrats! On looking into Virtual Bank before diving in – you just saved yourself a ton of time, money and heart break my friend 🙂 .

      I did a full review called What Is Virtual Bank Net? All questions are answered right there. The truth of the owners behind Virtual Bank may shock.

      Should you know of any similar website please do let us know. Thanks again.



  2. Oliver

    I just started working for Eurous some days ago, in which I have earned over $500 just in few days, ah! I decided to know more about them, but I thank that I came across this eye opener site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Oliver,

      Firstly, thank you kindly sir for taking the time for leaving a comment. It is always a nice surprise 🙂 . However, you earned $500 at Euros.Net? Are you able to cash out successfully so you have the money in your hands? I would be most interested to know if they do actually allow you to get that money in real terms. However, I fear once you try to cash out they will not deliver those funds. Let me know Oliver.

      Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.



  3. Ahmad Ballard

    Hello Phil, thanks for sharing this blog with us. I have been a victim of several scams online until I came across WA. I highly recommend that people looking to make real money online to check out WA. I never heard of Eurous net until I came across this blog, thanks a lot!!!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Ahmad,

      Thank you for you time comment.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate certainly is the most honest opportunity I have found. Here some time now and I am still here with a passion.

      I am glad I was able to help you understand another online scam and I hope to hear from you soon Ahmad.

      1. Parvisekhankharoty

        Hi sir
        Thank you for giving information about this
        But my question is this that have you tried their payment after 26__30 days
        Now I am new here I am working with them I have sent a payment request but till yet it is in process after one month I will know that it is fake or real .
        And show to me a real site for trading like eruous
        Thank you

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Parvisekhankharoty,

          Thank you for your comment and also your question here today.

          I am proficient in spotting online scams, but not proficient, in detailing trading platforms. That is a little out of my area of interest. Alas, I am not the best source of advice on that specific subject.

          I instead show others how to earn money online via having their own website. It cost is only $19 1st Month and then $49 a month. This is how I earn every month and the figure is solely dependent on my own determination and passion for that subject matter.

          Thanks again for stopping by and do ask questions if you have more.

          – Philip.

  4. suzanne

    Hi Philip and thanks for your review. I hadn’t heard of this one yet, but it’s good to know if and when I do. It’s so frustrating how many scams are out there, taking advantage of people who are just trying to make money. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the right place to learn how to build your own business.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi suzane,

      Yes it is frustrating, I was scammed before, so it is poetic justice I serve with every post I do.



  5. Vince

    Many of us get pulled into these get rich quick schemes and this sound like a another one.
    thanks for the warning Philip. I’ve used your recommendation to join Wealthy Affiliate and have to thank you so much for this. This is a great community that has me learning and earning online.

  6. Timotheus

    Thank you Philip! There are so many scams out there, and your website is going to be another resource for me, to help me detect them so that I do not get scammed. E.g. this article about Eurous.Net has my antenna up, and if I receive any communication from them, I will delete and block them.

    In the past, I have a few encounters with scammers. Thankfully, I stopped any further engagement with them when I started to feel that something is fishy. Of course, I did some research, and there were sites that helped with info on how to spot a scam. Now, I have your site to help too.

    Once again, many thanks! 🙂

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Timotheus,

      Great Name by the way!

      Thanks for your comment and you are utterly right in what you say.

      I am honored you have chosen my site as one of your goto sites for finding if something is legit or not 🙂 .

      EuroUS.Net is certainly not legit or trustworthy and it was a pleasure to expose as such.



  7. Krystle

    We live in a world where we want to make money quick and easy. There are so many scams out there that is hard to decipher which ones are real. I have encountered some fake ones myself and I was highly disappointed with the results!

    I am happy to be part of a real online community like Wealthy Affiliate, where I know I can make great money. It’s exciting to be able to own your business without worrying about scams or fake advertisements. Right now i am making my dreams come true and I never have to look anywhere else again.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Krystle,

      Thank you for you lovely comment and I am sorry you encountered online scammers as I did in the past! It is horrible to say the least.

      I was just leaving a scam group, after finding out their founder had done prison time for defrauding his own affiliates, and in the same day found Wealthy Affiliate! As you imagine, I was VERY SUSPICIOUS!

      Much to my amazement they turned out to 100% legit and this is the reason why I always support them and recommend them in my posts.

      Thank you once again for popping by and I hope to hear from you soon.



    2. Luckson Jonathan

      Hello ,
      Thank you for your post. I need your support about how you made it with Wealthy affiliate.
      Will be waiting .

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Hey Luckson,

        I earn monthly commissions to my PayPal, not just from WA, but also – at times – from other programs online.

        My site is relatively new and so it is taking time to make BIG MONEY but I earn enough to be happy for now.

        I am currently branching out into many other ways to earn online as per the training inside Wealthy Affiliate.

        Any questions? Just ask.

        Here is our review on Wealthy Affiliate = Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? or you may SIGN UP HERE for your free starter account.

        Comes with affordable monthly premium fee’s, but your free account is free for life, with no pressure to upgrade. 1st month only $19, then $49 thereafter. Your commissions are paid to you 1st of every month via PayPal.

        You also get a 7 Day Premium Trial and Two Free for life Websites!

        Sign up through the above link and I can walk you through the process. This will involve you doing some training and applying that training. When you are stuck then I am always on call to help you.

        Huge community that will help you as well as you have 24/7 live chat that is always there to assist.

        Let me know if you have any more questions Luckson.

        – Philip.


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