What Is EtiMoney Bid? Is EtiMoney Bid Scam or Legit!

By | May 27, 2018

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EtiMoney Bid Exposed



#1 Answer to What Is EtiMoney Bid to Warn Others.

Should you be querying What is EtiMoney Bid? Is EtiMoney. Bid a scamming nightmare? Is Eti Money Bid a true and genuine Paid Advertisement Viewing Platform? This EtiMoney Review, by non-member, will also to endeavor to answer proprietor details, how much they pay and for what work. We seek to warn its members, and those thinking about signing up to them, that they are no good. Many thousands of these sites exist and they all rob their members of time and money. We will list some of them shortly.

Do report in the comments section if EtiMoney stole your money. Those that continue to work with them – should cease – as they have and more than likely will never pay out to anyone.

Those wanting to earn online with EtiMoney were probably trying to earn decent money quickly. I can tell you that is next to impossible online. Only way, in my experience, anyone earns decent online and in the real world, is by working for themselves. So, we advise all try to be their own boss and you can learn how to do this fast. Our #1 Choice, Wealthy Affiliate, has been showing newbies since 2005 online how to do just that. Full business set up details are >HERE< or sign up >HERE< for you 7 Day (no cc) Free Account today.


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EtiMoney Bid Site Owners, The Work and Pay.

Beware of EtiMoney Bid.

EtiMoney Bid is not legit.

The creators of EtiMoney Bid 21-04-2018, and in such a small amount of time (see date of this post), have begun to rake up a significant following. I believe this site is going viral and so paramount for many to share this article. Owners are hiding their true identity online and their email is nonexistent as well. Address supplied is fake to boot. All ID is hidden and a terrible start for building trust. The email they have on their site is associated with multiple online scams if you cared to Google it for your self.

The owners started these sites, for which there are 1000s, in 2014 and have only grown stronger. They come in English, Russian and German. They come from Russia and they appear to be selling their PTC script to other unscrupulous people online, who also, have their ID hidden. IP Traces these franchisee owners across the world.

Their sites have different URL’s and their site logo is two of the very few differences to observe. Their wording of their work offer, site look and design down to member names and payouts are all the same. No difference and they don’t care to hide it either. They know each site is going to get traffic where people will not know the existence of the other sites until it is too late. In all this time there is no proof of any payments from any of their sites to any members – at all!


Below is the list of the sites we have exposed this year alone, not including last year’s lot:-

exumoney club. netmoney 2017. ucemoney bid.apimoney. win.efomoney win. ozumoney site. ycamoney win. adumoney site. adumoney win. termoney bid. Exposed in the 1 Review.

Should you know of one not on this list please do report them here and we will report them on Page 1 of Google for all to know the truth. This will save a lot of headache for a great number of people in time.

Work Offer that Proffers from Deceit.

It is a huge 10c per any ad that you click on and view and do a code. This code filling part is not detailed in their work offer. It is no charge to join and only your email is required. Such emails you used to sign up with will then be sold onto scammers for a personal profit to EtiMoney owners. Do watch out in your inbox for suspicious looking mails and do report them without clicking into them.


Referrals and the 50% Commission Lie.

Members are advised to promote their own affiliate link. They are told to spread it to places all over the net. This is unsolicited by those that view it and actually is incredibly bad thing to do. Below is an article that will show you how to promote without spamming:-

10 Tips to Promote Your Content without Spamming PeopleThank you to sideshare.com and opens in a new tab.

When referrals sign up through your link, begin their work and appear to be earning, then you are receiving half of their money. None of this is true. No one gets paid ever.

Malware, Phishing and Spamming.

This is probably one of the worst parts of the scam. It is likely they have downloaded bad software to your device to hunt down passwords, addresses, bank details (top prize for scammers) and really anything they can use to profit from. It is probable, since using their site – if you did -, you have seen some weird and numerous emails. That is their scammer friends trying to target you.

We recommend, if you are worried you have been infected by these people, to consider updating your anti virus. We recommend BitDefender and you may have a look and see if it is suitable to your needs to protect your device(s):-


Bitdefender BOX V2 / US | Special $199 price! | 300x250 |

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What you Earn Daily, but, not really.

Here members are heavily told you can earn big money just by clicking on ads. I have never come across any article on online that has shown me big money for working in the PTC (paid to click) industry. All I have ever seen is people going completely bananas-happy because they earned something like $5! Seriously….

Anyways, paid to click work can’t afford nearly $500 a day, per member, per everyone of their sites, because they usually only pay out fractions of cents. I have seen these sites offering 100th of a millionth of a cent where you only have chance to earn roughly about $10 a month – and you really will have to work for that!!

Another thing is, to get 1000 clicks on my ad for instance it would cost me $5. Yet! – We expected to believe an advertiser is paying out 10c a click thus getting less than quarter than traffic?! NOPE, every word on their site is steeped in lies.

They also say you may earn close to $5000 a month on their is you complete 1000 ads. All nonsense. There are no legit reviews online that detail this at all. We advise to always to do a Google search to make sure the site you are about to join has no bad reviews. Should there be no bad reviews then it is likely it is safe. Go to WHOIS and insert site URL to see its date creation. If old, then you should be OK. Should the site be new then be cautious.


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Fake Cash Out.


EtiMoney Bid Tells you to wait 3 Months for Money

Cashing out at EtiMoney Bid is a challenge, to say the least.

Here is where the real worry kicks in as they start to ask you for some unusual things. $150 is the sweet-spot to cash out. Here you are required to fill out a form of some kind. Once submitted, these fraudsters will return saying that you have to wait some serious length of time. I do believe it is 2 months, and in some cases, even 3 months. All nonsense and only geared to assist you in a mistake looming right in front of you.

The quicker option is asking for $10 to speed things up!

They will ask for 40 referrals to exchange for your money as well. Here is where the confusion sets in as none of this is detailed don their site.

You may pay another $9 to buy referrals. Those referrals are all fake and I don’t believe you have a legit way to get your cash back.

Should you have paid with your bank card – THEN RING YOUR BANK WHO MAY REIMBURSE AND GET YOU A NEW CARD.

Once you have paid up and then that is it. You are locked out of your account. There is no way to close it either and will exist until the end of that particular sites 1 year life cycle.




Here you have your chance to warn others and ask questions. Were you scammed by the site under review here or any site on our list? Do report any sites you are not sure about to us so we may expose them for you. Thank you for reading this article on What Is EtiMoney Bid and hope it has helped you greatly. Before you leave, why not check our #1 Recommendation below to learn how to make a full time income online for the long term.





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2 thoughts on “What Is EtiMoney Bid? Is EtiMoney Bid Scam or Legit!

  1. Danielle

    Hi Philip,

    You know what, I have just come to realize something from your post, what is etimoney bid, that the internet market is huge.

    Since 2014 these sites have been scamming people and at the rate they open new sites they are still having new people to scam. I just had this picture of how new people visit the internet all the time.

    These scammers don’t care to hide all those details that point to them being a scam site because over time they have come to realize that it doesn’t matter. That new people come and go all the time.

    They will continue to run this scam until they stop getting new waves of new people to scam! This is not a good picture at all.

    Thank you for all the work that you do.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Yes, each of these sites are not usually noticed by the members for each of the sites separately. This is why it is worth it for us to expose them as we find them.

      Thank you kindly for your comment on EtiMoney Bid.

      – Philip.


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