What Is EroMoney Win? Scam or Legit?!

By | May 9, 2018

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EroMoney Win Exposed!



#1 Article to Answer What Is EroMoney Win.

You have come to the right place to answer what is EroMoney Win! Those needing to know is EroMoney. Win thieving from people? Is EroMoney Win a surefire way to earn big and fast? In this review of EroMoney we will answer such questions and also who legally owns this site. How much they pay and for what work. And of course, can we trust them. Let us answer the last one first:- EroMoney is an underhanded plot against all who join! Legal owners have conjured many thousands of these sites and we do believe Ero is going to go viral. Hence, we are very intent on exposing them!! Below, you may have a quick glance at all the sites, from 2018 to 2019 copies, we have located and exposed:-


Hit ‘CTRL + ‘F’‘ and a small box appears. Type in the site name and it will be highlighted should it be on this list.

  1. ugmoney win.
  2. ugamoney bid.
  3. armoney win.
  4. afmoney win.
  5. unmoney win.
  6. xymoney site.
  7. yxmoney bid.
  8. nonmoney bid.
  9. ummoney bid.
  10. ydmoney bid.
  11. yhmoney win.
  12. ygmoney win.
  13. ytmoney win.
  14. odmoney win.
  15. asmoney win.
  16. uvmoney win.
  17. ewmoney win.
  18. ekmoney win.
  19. elmoney win.
  20. ubmoney win.
  21. agmoney bid.
  22. oxmoney win.
  23. avmoney win.
  24. opmoney win.
  25. ogmoney win.
  26. akmoney win.
  27. edmoney site.
  28. ukmoney win.
  29. ifmoney win.
  30. exmoney win.
  31. ommoney win.
  32. uxmoney win.
  33. osmoney win.
  34. agmoney site.
  35. ubemoney site.
  36. ammoney win.
  37. edmoney win.
  38. abamoney bid.
  39. ebomoney win.
  40. epmoney win.
  41. oramoney site including oramoney club.
  42. ovmoney win.
  43. emmumoney club.
  44. otmoney club.
  45. immoney bid.
  46. ecamoney site.
  47. aqmoney win.
  48. epomoney club.
  49. arimoney bid.
  50. ubamoney club.
  51. ehmoney site.
  52. atmoney win.

Those are links to their respective reviews and opens in a new tab. Were you scammed by any of these sites? Have a story to tell and would like some answers? You are welcome to leave your experiences/stories below in the comments box.

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EroMoney Win Legal Owners, Payments and Job Offer.

A quick trip to WHOIS and we can see all the owners details submitted when they first registered their site. As with all their false PTC sites, their address is Panama, no email and no assigned name for the founder. This version of the scam was created 21 -04 – 2019 and set to be erased same date in 2019. One year online is no time and only tells us they are only intending to scam and run!

EroMoney Win has two Faces.

Panama is never the real address and many of these sites of late have been IP’ing from CA! This is highly typical of those site owners looking intentional to hide ID.

The creative ‘impulse’ for these sites sprung into being in 2014 and many 1000s have followed since ZatMoney Club. That is the first English copy with unknown numbers in German and Russian. The scam was incepted in Russia and, as a scam in and of itself, has gone completely viral in the Paid to Click niche. This is corrupting the PTC niche which is already a useless way to earn anything online anyways!

The Unpaid Work on Offer.

All these sites are self described as a “Paid Advertisement Viewing System” that is offering the highest rate of pay of its kind. Actually, what they are offering for legit money, would rival most normal online opportunities. While it is more than possible to kick on up to $500 a day, I am afraid, that does take some time to hit the money plateau. A quick look at all the members and the payments received we can say those are fake. All payments are set to “PAID” without a single pending.

Break down of the exact work steps below.

Who is it for?

We don’t’t recommend it is for anyone! However, all people are welcome from across the globe to get scammed with these guys. They brag about paying out through Wester Union and have routinely taken peoples bank details, if the distressed comments on Scam Witness’s YouTube Channel and this site are anything to go by.

Alas, such a payment method is not entertaining such a scam site!

It is 10 cents when you successfully complete viewing an ad and then you fill out some code. This code filling business is not listed on their site and so it is an extra add on I am sure no one was expecting. Executing each tasks then your few cents is delivered to your account. BE ASSURED:- THOSE ARE JUST DIGITS ON A SCREEN! Not even the site owner is receiving that amount per click and so why would they pay you it?



Making Referrals.

As part of the ‘work’ they offer a super fast way to make excellent money! All the people you get to sign up through your site gives you the opportunity to earn exactly half of their money. This is very high though it does successfully entice a great number of members to make referrals.

Pay and how long it takes!

On to their home page is where you will see payouts, in one day, of nearly $500!

The ‘normal’ earnings they say exist is on average from $50 to $300 with $4800 for many hundreds of ads viewed! Where are all the reviews bragging about these payouts?

There are no reviews that are boasting about such things. I know the site is young, but if you Google anyone of the sites listed here, you will see nothing but complaints.

$150 is the point where all members can meet in mere hours, if not, sooner. Here you will go to get that cash and find out they want to you hang around for 2 or three months for your cash. This is the extraordinary time it takes them to ‘process’ such monies! WOW! Slow workers, huh?


EroMoney Win Teaches Spamming!

There are real world consequences to spamming online – be careful guys…

As with all their sites, they make it normal to place your link anywhere that can carry digital data. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. Even on websites comments section, YouTube comments section etc. Its Nuts! This is not good marketing and we never advise you go ahead and break the law in this manner. This is quite illegal you know




Unfortunately, these people love to send you secret presents in the form of malware! Those little software will try to find out your passwords, email, names, dates of birth, home addresses and anything the scammers can sell on for their living!

The email you used to sign up with, if legit, may come under heavy fire from spammers and so we recommend you read the article below to show how to stop spam bots from stealing your stuff:-

STOPPING SPAMThank you to websitehelpers.com and opens in a new tab.

Those concerned they may already have a virus on their device, may do well, to read here for full instructions to remove such a thing:-

How to remove virus from PC of LaptopThanks to techadvisor.co.UK and will open in a new window.

To stop future attacks on your devices, we recommend Comodo Internet Security. You get this package for as little as $3.99 a month. The link below is my affiliate link and will take you straight to their site for purchase, if you so choose to.

CLICK HERE FOR COMODO INTERNET SECURITY – STARTING FROM $3.99 PER MONTHFrom comodo.com and opens in a new browser.


Pay Out Pressure Point!

This high-payout-fairy-tale soon comes crashing down when members realize they are dealing with online crooks! The application is swift to complete and the reply is very disappointing to say the least! The waiting time is completely absurd with 60 days, or more, predicted for your cash, as mentioned.

BUT! There does appear to be a light for there is another way – it appears – to get your money today! YOU are required to scratch $10 and pay it in BTC. Now you will see they are asking for more from you. They want 40 members, that is expected from all participants, to be exchanged as the way to continue the money release of your earnings.

Again, this is a cloak and ploy to further mess with your head!

They are hoping you do not have such numbers made to them. In which instance, you may conveniently buy those referrals for a mere $9! One lady got took for $300 for 200 fake referrals. For $9 you are expecting 100. All bogus and only a way to sneak-attack your wallet.

When all is said and done, and you have traversed this scam completely, they are through with you. Your account is no longer your own and you can never change the passwords or even shut it down. They will close that account when the site as a whole as ceased to exist. This could be 12 months, or in a few weeks, as these sites are very unpredictable and are wholly dependent on reputation not decreasing too quickly and of course interest.



Dissecting This Scam Further!

So, we can see they are in this game to rip people off! That is evident.

But, how do they do it to make it worth it if you don’t pay them?

All ads members click will earn site owners some pennies. This could be half a penny, quarter or less, or maybe 1 to 3 cents. Either ways, that is free money. And yes, that is still not a lot. However, it is mountainous when you consider the many 1000s of members per site, times it by the number of sites, and combine the matrix of all monetized actions and we see the money for the scammers soon starts to build.

This, in essence, is free labor.

Peoples honest intentions to earn some money online are being abused and this is financing what has quickly become a Franchise (I suspect) in itself. Since the IP Address come from varying parts of the world, we can only guess, that the originator is selling on the script for a fee. Like a chain of MacDonalds for criminals.

That is really all you need to know. Below is your chance to have your say regarding your experiences such sites. It is important you do comment as it will help get it shut down quicker to help many more from not being scammed.






Were you scammed? How much did they take from you? Maybe you know of a different site but running the same operation? Do let us all know as there is only so much one person can do a lone, alas, team work is the name of the game against these unknown people. I will leave it there and finish answering what is EroMoney Win. I really hope it has helped you avoid them, if not, at least to have saved you some or even answered your queries. Welcome all questions and comments below and we always respond. Don’t forget our $0 to start recommendation below as well 🙂 . Take care for now and thanks for stopping by guys 🙂 .



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4 thoughts on “What Is EroMoney Win? Scam or Legit?!

  1. danielle

    That’s roughly emm, 200 more sites jump in a short space of time! …And that’s just the English version.

    Really, this is a scam on a rampage! Can you keep up with exposing all the sites? It’s a mammoth task!

    Have a GREAT day. I was passing by as usual to see how many more of these paid advertising sites you got today.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Working hard to keep up with them! That is for sure. EroMoney is just another copy cat site that will never pay out to another one. Be warned folks.

      – Philip.

  2. danielle

    Another one of those pesky sites once again, eromoney win. At some point surely they will run out of names!

    I’m glad I was introduced to these sites through your websites and you do such a good job, so I’m lucky I started from the correct point! Not that I am still looking around for an opportunity.

    Your number one recommendation there has me covered all the way through. When we find exactly what we have been looking for and it ticks all the boxes then there is no need to keep looking and so I will never look at investing anywhere else!

    I am going to keep following this to see when they will stop. Just to see how far a scam goes before it’s shut down. I like observing things and gaining experience. It’s knowledge that always come in handy.

    Thank you for all the work that you do.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Not long ago these Russian born sites were at 714 in English versions. Now, I check again today, and they are up to 903!!

      I will do my absolute best to continue to expose each one, which are all the same as EroMoney Win, to help as many people as possible.

      The more that know the truth the less money is going into these ‘Paid Advertisement Viewing Platform’ PTC Scam Sites

      Thanks for your wonderful comment Danielle.

      – Philip.


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