What Is EpoMoney Club? Is EpoMoney Club a Scam or Legit!

By | April 29, 2018

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EpoMoney Club Fake Job Offer.



All You Ever Wanted to Know on What Is EpoMoney Club.

This Paid Advertisement Viewing System, per big payouts vs work, engenders us to ask What Is EpoMoney Club? As well, is EpoMoney. Club a gang of robbers? Is Epo Money Club a fine opportunity to get-rich-quick? This review of EpoMoney is by a non-member and we will ask for owner details, display work duties and pay out comes. All in all, we will show why they are dark-hooded-cyber-crooks seething for your cash! OK – that was dramatic 🙂 , but yeah, ‘Epo’ is a scam guys. See below, to the sites (identical ones) by the same owners running the same fraudulent gimmick:-

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EpoMoney Club and it’s Fake Job Offer, Shy Owners and False Payouts etc.

The proprietors of EpoMoney Club live a really quiet life online regarding their online ID. No one knows their names or faces. They have all that hidden at site registration. They don’t like to talk to members as there is no email and the address is 100% a lie! All easy to spot signs that they are being disingenuous. They offer work, and yet, only staying online for one year? Ridiculous! No legit business online only gives themselves a year when they offer work to others for pay.

We have already said EpoMoney is a scam and a copy of a scam. Let us quickly look into the history of these sites so you know the magnitude of it.

The inventors of this scam are coming from Russia. They have mechanized them into German and of course English replica’s. Most notably, they all look EXACTLY like one another, barring logo and web address. Work never changes and the scam is set up to entice payment from members for the members earnings. They have been scamming millions out of people from as far back as 2014!

Work Offer.

Learn The Work On Offer at EpoMoney Club.

Work involves joining their site for free with your inbox address. This is all you need to do to start to watch ads. Since they promise pay for watching ads, they are then, a Paid to Click (ptc) scam operation. Each ad is meant to acquire 10c for every one who watches them. Then you must do a code to complete that ad, though, one can just fill out the code and not watch the ad.

There is great enticement to create many referrals to Epo because they say you may collect exactly half of those referrals pay. New sign ups can be made by making your affiliate link very visible online by leaving it on your social networks. This is heavily advised with these guys but what they don’t tell you be this practice is very illegal!! You can be brought to court for this.

Do have a look at why you should not do this in your own affiliate campaigns:- What is Spam, What are its Effects and How Can I Prevent it? Courtesy of security-faqs.com and will be visible in a new window.


Daily Take Home Pay Nonsense.

Has anyone ever been paid $50 a day for click on ads? Nope, oh, well these guys are offering at least up to $300 a day for this work. That payment can sky-rocket further into above $400 and closer to $500 a day. 1000 clicks, and code fills, will gain members (no it won’t) $4800! LOL! All lies and, actually while we are on this subject, do you know how much all of their sites combined have paid out to people from 2014 to present date of this article? – .


EpoMoney Club Payments.!

That is not a ‘rough-estimate’by the way 🙂 , that is a cold hard FACT!! They never pay out.

This antiquated scam rears its head when you try to get paid…



Cash-Out – Fall-Out!

EpoMoney Club Employee Termination.

Many members have worked on anyone of these sites for a whole month before realizing there is no money coming t them. Here is how they would have found out that such websites are not real and indeed criminal!

All participants may proceed to cash out their pay when they reach $150. Incredibly, this amount can be reached very soon as in the same day. Admin will let you know your status very soon. They will upset members by saying the waiting time is months away for your cash. This is not stated on their site.

Moreover, on their site it states pending payments are carried out in 60 minutes. Their website FAQ’s’s will state one to two days. NOW, their say months!

But there is a glimmer of hope when you see a five-minute shortcut to your money. This will ask of $10 for this and many do pay it, as it is not a lot, in comparison to hundreds of dollars. So, many takes that risk to see if they will get paid. The scammers depend on this natural conclusion.

After payment, you will see that you may receive a communication from MARTIN WOOD – PROJECT MANAGER, SAYING some rubbish that their system has crashed. He will be very apologetic and ‘PROMISES’ it will not happen again ( 🙁 ) if you pay by BTC once more for your cash. This is of course a silly ploy to entice members to spew more dollars into the fraudsters coffers. This may not sound like a lot to lose, but when you consider they are doing this to thousands of people, you can see how in 1 year they can make a million or dollar in criminal profits.



Those members that will pay you will see now that they want, in order to exchange your cash to you, 40 new people you are meant to have pulled in by your affiliate marketing tactics.

Here is a complaint of a former member of ormoney. Site (same as the one being exposed here) describing his experience with these scammers:-


Complaints on OgMoney Win.

As you can see, the experience is as detailed here. You may check out that comment on my YouTube Video about Ogmoney, and if you have time, why not subscribe, comment like etc if this post has helped you 🙂 . Thank you in advance. Opens in a new link and courtesy of Scam Witness – Avoid Scams to Earn Online YouTube.

Soon as members give money in the hopes you will get paid then they will end your membership with them. You are disbarred from the program and your account is no longer accessible by you. Your account, however, will remain alive to give your referrals the impression you are still working away. This also helps to make believe they have more members there then what are actually active.



DISCLAIMER:- While hours of online research has culminated in this article, you should know, it is based (ultimately) and my own opinion. Everyone is encouraged to continue their research to be 100% certain of their own conclusions and not take blindly every word said on this, or any other blog, as complete fact in and of itself..



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! NO PAY OUTS EVER! Fake payouts on their site. Fake reviews on their site. Member payouts are not real. Site errors everywhere. Founder is not known anywhere on their website or online. They continue to mass produce this trickery netting themselves excellent returns. Some of their sites shut down within weeks, but enough service the year, to make it all worth to to themselves.





I imagine, there maybe a number of people reading this article that have been scammed by the site exposed or any other of their fake job offers. Should this be the case everyone is very welcome to place their experiences below to help warn others. Many readers report new sites daily to Scam Witness where we always endeavor to expose them, 1 by 1, to help as many people as possible. You r contribution is recognized and appreciated, also, it IS making a huge difference to the number of people not falling for these scams. Please keep them coming 🙂 . Very much looking forward to all of your comments to come as we finish answering What Is EpoMoney Club.


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