What Is EpMoney Win? Is EpMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 6, 2018

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All Info on What Is EpMoney Win



All You Need to Know on What Is EpMoney Win.

Good job on searching to ask What is Epmoney Win! Should you require to know is EpMoney. Win a lie? Is Ep Money Win genuine and upfront? Then, you have landed on the correct review of Ep Money Win to answer these questions. We shall attempt to uncover who owns it while detailing work and compensation details. Early on we can already divulge EpMoney does not have your best interests at heart.

The owners have identical site’s defrauding in the same manner such as exmoney. win, ubmoney. win, osmoney. win, ommoney. win, uxmoney. win, ekmoney. win, odmoney. win, uvmoney. win, asmoney. win, yhmoney. win, ytmoney. win, ygmoney. win, yxmoney. bid, ydmoney. bid, ummoney. bid, ummoney. bid, nonmoney. bid, xymoney. Site, ugmoney. win, unmoney. win, armoney. win, afmoney. win to name only a few. So, easy to say already, they are not honest and are indeed a complete SCAM!!

Bad news for some I imagine, and perhaps, good news for those that Googled first before signing up with them. Either event, there are many opportunities online affording real earning potential. Wealthy Affiliate is our #1 Choice. For Full business model details you can click >HERE< or begin >HERE< to see how you can build a booming site!




Particulars to What Is EpMoney Win, Proprietors and Work on Offer.

Better we try to find out who owns epmoney before further exploring what is epmoney win. All site owners know they must register their site as a legal property online. Those offering work opportunities are indeed required to give transparent details – scam site’s tend not to. Created 18/03/2018 and expiring 2019 same date, Ep does not even have an email address for members. All signs of an illegal operation.


Do we know anything about these people?

That we do! Russian born scam that fledged into German constructions. Later they rendered to the world Russian and English translation of the same operation. These site’s are EXACTLY like each other such as in work offer, fake payouts listed on their home page to non-real members, site mistakes, coding and even same old made up user reviews! No difference.

IP Tracking for their site’s show a Global Radar of scam-bandits 🙂 that are organized and hell-bent from profiting illegally on the backs of good people. Personally I believe all PTC site’s are scams for usually so little and that is why I do not recommend any of them.


What are they?

They are a PTC Site (paid to click) that requires members to ‘click’ and view ads for pay. PTC Sites of late have run aground with online popularity and many people are coming to their senses. Such site’s pay rubbish money, which is not worth collecting, and are too time-consuming. So when I see EpMoney offering riches for easy work‘something’ is definitely up!


Work and Pay?

There are two ways to earn – though no one actually gets paid in reality. The first is to register and one can do so with their email address, even with a one that is NOT REAL. They don’t even ask to you to confirm. Whoever signs up you will notice you have some ads to watch which are unlimited every day. Those ads per view are getting members (not) 10 cents a go. Money will be assigned to participants accounts immediately after each view.

A more profitable and speedy way to earn, which is pushed not so subtly onto members, is to attract new referrals. This option is where the serious cash is. When someone signs up via your link and begins watching ads, then you are netting half of that persons pay. This is very high, even too high, and such new members are now being scammed as well.


Average time for riches?

Per them, 3 hours or 5 hours a day is more than sufficient. Such time is said to get people between $50/$300 every day. 1000 ADS earns people $4800 a month. Naturally, no PTC Site is insane enough to pay this money for zero work skills. Such a business model is asking for failure because $5 can get any advertiser marketer close to 1000 clicks.

Minimum Pay Out is $150!

So why third party advertisers on epmoney think it is wise to pay 10 cents to every member per ad simply does not ad up. Too easy it is now to see how such money can not be afforded to pay participants. Members have and will continue to work and make referrals for zero money. Should you still be sharing your link then I urge you to stop as there is no financial reward for these anyways.

Time to take a look at their real purpose and how they perform their fraudulent scam on their members.


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Pay Hoax Unraveled!

Let us begin by taking a quick overview of the real reason these site’s are being made in bulk!

High Pay Out enticements, for next to no skill work, is just a lure to warrant further cooperation. Instructions will be waiting to get more referrals – REAL REASON! More people equal traffic equals further opportunities to steal money and peoples time. Free Traffic is the purpose and just when they will get rid of you they will want 40 new people under you as a pretense for pay!

Another reason they exist is t steal sensitive data from all members. Downloadable little ‘gifts’ are planted on members devices in the hunt for passwords and anything of value. Such info is compiled on a list which is then auctioned off. This is just 1 way they seek to hurt people for personal profit.


You Must Apply for Your Money – Announcing the Scam Process .

With such high money it is simple to see how easy it is to hit that $150 payment threshold. An application form is required to be filled out and submitted. There are no problems until they communicate payment time is about 3 months – sometimes sooner.

The fake good news is they have a quicker procedure for the relinquishment of monies. This option will need $10 from all members to complete – non-refundable. Once you pay, should you do, then you are needed to give to them the sign ups you have made. These sign ups are a minimum of 40 people! These are naturally made via spamming your fake work offer link online.

Don’t have them? That is OK because you can buy 100 new sign ups for just $9! This figure varies from $5 to a max of $20. There is another expense of $11 for something, but, I do not know what for. Should you do then do please let us know in the comment box below.

All in all, once you pay or not, you are simply restarted on this not so merry-go-round until it dawns on you that you have been had! Or maybe they will be kind enough to re-direct to one of there many 1000s of copied site’s to start to earn money in their ‘New Paid Advertisement System’ – one such report online detailed this.


Surveys and Offers?

Do be careful should they offer you to do a survey or fill out some third party offer. The offers will require you bank info and that will be harvested for selling by Ep. Either situation will require you, potentially, to pay to complete these tasks. Should this be what they are currently recommending doing to unleash your money – please don’t! It is just another scam way to earn money from you before you are rudely exited from their illegal online program.



Do they have your PayPal address?

Don’t worry too much – they can’t do much with just having that info. I would recommend you sign in to your PayPal and change the password. Set up phone verification for text while you are there. Should someone, though they say they are 100% secure, hack your account – PayPal will text you a code to verify it is you. Once you verify yourself – the hacker is locked out!



Do not underestimate the scamaholic nature of these people as they will NEVER pay you for your time and effort.




DISCLAIMER:- Though backed by endless hours of meticulous research, ultimately, this and all articles on this site are based on my Own Opinion. Anything that is not right will be corrected and in no way intentional – should there be errors. I welcome all additional data where valid to enhance transparency. Thank you for your time.



SCAM RAT:- In my opinion – it is TOO obvious these are prolific and an organized group of sophisticated scammers. Since 2014, when they first started out, there has not been one report of a valid payment to members. Founder forever absent at site(s) registration and on website as well. Blatant lies are told on their website and only apparent while in the scam process at cash out. They harvest personal data of their members to sell on. I could go on – I believe you get the idea – 0/100! Well deserved and actually there is no other rating for a site like the one just covered.



Scam Witness Requires Your Help!

Have questions or need to report on EpMoney for wasting your time and perhaps stealing your money? Should this be the case, and yo don’t speak up, they will have gotten away with it tacitly. Many reports of illegal activities on this site will see them shut down so much quicker! Please bear this in mind for the multitudes they will end up scamming should you refuse this effort to expose them.

For those that will report and help out – Thank You 🙂 .






Not only was this article created to PREVENT many from being scammed, it was also created as a true forum for members to report their complaints. Currently online, there appears to be none to very few other places where members can do this. Perhaps they stole you money? Why not let us in the comment box below to help others avoid them. May you have stumbled upon yet another identical site of theirs? We are taking reader posts requests and will definitely expose them for the betterment and safety of online users. Enough and much has been said to answering What Is EpMoney Win and I feel very confident, those that find this post, are adequately and truthfully informed. We advise you sign up to this site’s newsletter and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments below. Until next time – take care 🙂 .



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