What Is EpicBux? Is EpicBux a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 15, 2017

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Trying to find out What is EpicBux?

With complaints of pay outs being stopped I want to know What Is EpicBux, is Epicbux actually a scam or a safe, real, genuine and legitimate online site or another fraud! I do reviews into suspicious sites and Epic Bux has slipped way down the trust scale!!

The owner behind EpicBux. com is Hyukoo Seo who owns ZenAdvert and EpicClix. com, which have gone ‘rogue’! I have reviewed both of those sites and they are not good to invest your time and money into anymore.

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What Is EpicBux and its descent into Criminality!

EpicBux was created on the 25/9/2015 and was paying out just fine until 19/10/2017! This is when all payments completely stopped. Many are still waiting to get paid and wondering what went wrong. It is now common knowledge that EpicBux, along with EpicClix and ZenAdvert, have stopped being legit!

The WHOIS details for Epic Bux does not show Founders Name, no registration address and no legit email address. I know Hyukoo Seo is the Founder for all three sites as he has put his name to one of these sites. I have also verified this by other reviews. This is all the data I have on the founder. These are signs of a scam site when they are not transparent to owner identity or at least not fully open about them.

Here is a brief explanation of the work and compensation plan.




There are between 10K to 100k MEMBERS, 20/40 clicks every day and each click paying out $00.01. You receive two and a half percent commissions to 10% on upgrades from referrals. You also receive 1% on down line activity! Minimum payout is $4 and $7 thereafter first withdrawal.

The work involves making referrals. Buying and renting referrals. You should be aware that buying and renting referrals is considered to be a scam as ROI is very low per investment. Also, no one can tell you when your investment will yield you a profit! In the mean time you are heavily pressured to buy ‘ad packs’. Advertising Packs gets you banners, links and other marketing paraphernalia.

Downside to advertising on this site is that you are advertising to its members, who, just want to ‘click’ and bounce for small monetary rewards!

Renting and buying referrals is a poor investment and you should not fall for it as it does not convert enough per money spent. Adpacks are similarly scams by nature as they do not convert well either!!

All money comes from new sign ups. The money from new sign ups pays older members. Therefore, when a site does not have its own online service of any kind, and depends on new sign ups to pay older members, we have to conclude, their business model is a Ponzi Scheme!! Ponzi Schemes are widely considered scams.

It takes 25 days to 30 to wait for your few dollars. I see many payment proofs where people seem ‘ECSTATIC’ to get as little as $14, $4 etc!! I don’t get it!!! How is that good money for the huge amount of time and effort expended in watching adverts, doing surveys and signing up to offers. Please remember, when you sign up to offers, you actually have to hand over bank details and other personal data for a few cents! This is insane and not safe practice to do online when you do not actually know who you give details to.

If you do not cancel payments to sign up offers (trials) God knows how much they will take from your account!!


They used to pay out via PayPal, Payza and BitCoin. ON EpicBux. com they seem to be only using Payza.

I also noticed they were advertising InvestEllect! If you do not know who InvestEllect is, well, they are another scam site and I did a full review into them! You may wish to read my InvestEllect Review Here









It certainly is a sad situation to see a once great site go this way. They claim to have paid out over 25K until recently. NBR (netbusinessrating) claims they have paid out over 23K and actually endorsed this site until 19/10/2017! Now, they have labeled them a scam for no more payments. There were many payment proofs much to the sites former credit. Many survey sites will be legitimate for a period before they show their true colors. I always advise you to go to WHOIS before signing up to anyone. If you do not see clear and verifiable details then I suggest you just be careful and look for reviews. Too many negative reviews? Then stay clear!!



Have Your Say!

It would be great to hear from you! This is where you can ask me any questions you may have on what I wrote in my article. You may wish to ask me about Wealthy Affiliate as well. If you have come across a site that seems too good to be true, then you can ask in the comment box below, and I will look into it and get back to you. All your stories, good or bad, whether you agree with me or not, can be put in the comment box below so others may learn more! I do believe you have enough information on What Is EpicBux to come to your own conclusion and I do hope you are not waiting on payments, because, they are not making anymore. You should report them here or to the BBB! I recommend you sign up to websites newsletter as it will help you out smart the fraudsters online. I am very much looking forward to all of your comments, and be assured, I always respond to comments. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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