What Is EnyMoney Site? Scam or Legit – Read Here First!

By | June 15, 2018

What Is EnyMoney Site - Wasted Time!



Those asking What Is EnyMoney Site Will Find their Answers Here.

We are going to be answering What Is EnyMoney Site to save people some time and heartbreak guys – and yes – some money as well, potentially. Also, we will answer is EnyMoney. Site a trick and a lie? Is Eny Money Site very good and pay out on time This is a non-member review of EnyMoney Review as we would never risk to sign up to a scam site. So, sorry to inform you, they are only playing you into a trap. Owners are scam-addicts and have no moral base to even consider paying anyone.

Should you have worked with EnyMoney I know this can be disappointing news. I to was scammed in the past. But, we do have good news. There is a good way to earn online. It is even free with opportunity to join an Affiliate Program to earn for free. We will leave so good info and links at this bottom of this post for those sick of scammers and want to earn, not QUICK MONEY, but – Real Money! Let’s Begin!


Company:- http://enymoney. Site.

Created:- 070-06-2018. Expiration – 07-06-2019.

Owners:- Unknown.

Price:- Free to Join.

Payouts:- Never!

Scam/Legit:- Full Blown Scam – Owners have a long history of cyber-criminality!!



What Is EnyMoney Site and Why We Call Them Fake.

Need a List of Internet Scammers?

Don’t Fall for EnyMoney’s Lies.

You can clearly observe, from the data above, there is no identity for the founder. Site registration has no support contact and their address is a far cry from real. We have exposed so many of their site’s and yet new people are still being convinced by their high pay out offers!

The owners, well, no one knows them but we do know they are from Russia. Their site is popping up all across the globe. We have verified this fact by tracing their individual site’s IP addresses and it is always at odds with their official website registration details. This is clear and intentional purpose to hide who they are online. No legit site does this and is a well-known sign of website deception.


See below to view the number of site’s we have exposed:-

Linked reviews and opens in a new tab.

The amount of site’s they mass produce is nearly impossible to expose them all. These site’s come in:-

  1. English.
  2. Russian.
  3. German.

Unknown Founders have produced 1060 of these Fake PTC Paid Advertisement Viewing Systems in English! EsoMoney Bid is the very latest one. All site’s combined culminate in to 1000s of duplicate site’s all running the same scam procedures on their unsuspecting members! They began in 2014 and are earning free money by breaking the law online via fraud.



How the Scam Begins!

You just need an email to begin. I joined one of these site’s once and gave a fake one – they accepted! They don’t even ask you to verify it. This by itself is a clear warning that something is not right then I suspected something really was up with them!

Anyways, upon joining you will be alerted to ads you must click on to view and complete their code. Each one tops up fake money into your fake account where it appears all is running smoothly.


Referral Program.

Another way they heavily promote you earn cash is by making others come to their site. These new sign ups then may begin to work and think they are earning good money as well. This is a very unfortunate situation indeed. Many people have got their own family members and work colleagues in on this racket which only makes for a weird situation for yourself.

You are advised to make such referrals by placing your affiliate on the net where ever you imagination conjures it to be. This is bad Affiliate Marketing and could land you in some deep water.

Here is one such example of someone facing the law on doing this kind of marketing:- Penalties for Spamming. Thank you to spamtitan.com and opens a separate browser.



The bold and flagrant lies continue when you are told you can earn nearly five hundred dollars per day! Even up to $4800 a month for watching ads. This is not true! Typical pay out rate, in the paid to click industry online, is about 100th millionth of a cent!! Maybe up to 1 to 3c – if you are luck!! NO ONE IS PAYING WHAT ENYMONEY SAYS THEY PAY! $5 earns advertisers a decent 1000 clicks so why they pay more for less click throughs They would not!



The Unfolding of the Scam to the Member.

Is EnyMoney Site Legit

Many members will reach $150 in hours and will look to cash out. Here you are to fill out a form and then you be told you must wait 2 to 3 months. You have a quicker option and this option will charge you $10! After paying then you must pay out a further $9 to complete the transaction. The $9 is to buy referrals of up to 100 if you have not made 40 to them yet!

All that, and they still don’t pay you.

You will be locked out of your account.

You can delete your account either. It will remain active for the duration of the site’s life.

Your personal details will be sold onto scammers.

There is no way to get paid!

Should you have handed over bank details then ring your bank for advice – ASAP!

Watch out for spam in your inbox

Those who gave PayPal details need not fret – they can’t do much with that without your password. Go to your PayPal and set up mobile verification to log in with for peace of mind. Article below will show you how to set up this extra layer of security:-

Set Up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). Opens in a new window with thanks from medium.com.




Are There Any Legit Jobs Online?

YES! Of course there are.

Here we wish to draw your attention to a way to make money from all good and trusted online companies. You can learn to earn between $100 to $1000 a month, or, you may wish to earn up to $1000 to $10,000 a month salary.

This company that can show new comers to do this are called Wealthy Affiliate and have been operating online since 2005 with a membership of over 1.4 Million Members – Biggest and Best Online Platform of its kind. No cc to start, so you nothing to lose – CLICK HERE TO START!


Side by Sid let us see what they offer you over the scam site EnyMoney Site:-





Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.



We value all of your comment so do go a head and leave us a comment regarding your experiences. Have any questions then we are glad to help answer them. Do report all online scams here and we will endeavor to expose them for you as well. Thank you for your time as we are now finished answering What Is EnyMoney Site! Looking forward to your comments to come guys 🙂 .

6 thoughts on “What Is EnyMoney Site? Scam or Legit – Read Here First!

  1. Danielle

    Owww, I laughed so hard at your comment, right from – the foreman calling the other guy Sir to – I hope your family still hates you! Lol!

    Never again will I go through scams. I’m done! Wealthy Affiliate is here for me!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Danielle,

      I glad you found it funny and so I now have covered my mistake perfectly. Off the hook! LOL.

      I hear you, I had to get myself scammed a few times before I sought out something like Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Danielle

    Hello Philip

    Your review of what is enymoney site reminded me of my story…

    I’m a big mouth and here is what I did! I got involved with a ponzi scheme and thought I had the best thing since sliced bread! So I convincingly told all my relatives and friends. Most came on board. I was walking on air with a spring in my step!

    Then the ponzi got shut down! Boy oh boy – the embarrassment! I came down to earth with lightning speed! In-fact I just wanted to hide. The people I had brought on board lost thousands! I have never recovered from that one! Once in a while the story comes up in family gatherings and I recoil inside! No longer the big mouth but as quiet as a church mouse!

    The lesson here being, with these Russian pesky sites, anybody reading this don’t get involved and don’t even dream of bringing in people you know. They will lose their time and money and it feels really bad.

    Thank you Philip for a wonderful review.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      I recall when I was about 22 working on a construction a fellow worker had turned 2K into 25K!! Even the Foreman was calling him ‘Sir’ – SIR! HAHA!!! We laughed on this quite hard.

      Anyways, he made it by giving soneone 2k. This ‘someone’ told him to get 2K from Five Peeps and that is how he is making his profit. So basically, he paid 2K fro advice and cost potentially several people to lose 2K – this is the essence of a ponzi scheme! If you can’t find others to invest, after you hand over your own money, you make nothing and lose initial investment.

      I will be honest, back then, if I had the cash – I would of invested!! LOL!!! Thank God I was having a bad week.

      Anyways, point being, it could of happened to any of us and I hope your family still hates you!! (Erm – opss) I mean forgives and still loves you hehhehhehhe 🙂 .

      Thanks again Danielle for your honest account of a lesson learned the hard way.

      – Philip.


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