What Is EmuMoney Club? Is EmuMoney Club a Scam or Legit!

By | April 27, 2018

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EmuMoney Club Swindle Exposed!

Everything on What Is EmuMoney Club.

This article will answer what is EmuMoney Club, is EmuMoney. Club disingenuous or safe and paying out? This non-member review of EmuMoney to answer as well who the owners are, how much they are paying, the work involved and if they are honest. So, they are a Paid Advertisement Viewing System pretending to be a paying out Paid to Click site. EmuMoney is only a copy of other sites running the same illegal operation online. They never pay out! Below see the identical copies running the shame nonsense on so many other people – Been Scammed? – Let us Know in the comments below:-

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The Dark Side of EmuMoney Win, Pay, Work and Owner Credentials.

Let us begin with the owners first! They registered their site online 14-04-2018 and will shut it down same time in 2019. Owners name is not listed nor is there an email address. The registered address is from Panama but a quick trace places them in a different place 9 other domains using the same IP Address as EmuMoney.

Operators of these sites open up one site to only run for one year. This is because they have zero intention on staying around and only intend to rip people off. They hail from Russia and have scammed people on their German and English Versions of these scam sites. The websites are so identical there is only difference in site’s log and web address. Incidentally, these sites are conning people since 2014 and have enjoyed millions of dollars in defrauded profits and run unabated. The aim of these EmuMoney Club Scam.articles, on these sites, is stop this from occurring as much as is feasible.

The work involved requires no special skills or knowledge. Only that you sign up using your email address. Once in you will see advertisements needing you to click them for 10 cents every time. This money is put into your account straight away where you will see it all adding up. After each add you may be required to do a code as well, though, it has been long reported one can just do the code and to hell with the ad.

Making referrals is meant to get members half of their sign ups take home pay. This is very high and not real. All referrals are made via illegal methods of continuously spamming ones own link on any white space they can find online. There are specific instructions on how to break the law this way on EmuMoney’s site and actually one can get into some trouble for this.

Anyways, Average amount of money you can make a day is minimally $50 – even this is too high for a PTC site. It can go up to as high as nearly $500 a day! $4800 is promised to those that watch 1 thousand ads in one calendar month.

Payments are made within 1 hour of application. Of course, that never happens, and there exist contradictions on their site where the work hours and payment times vary. These are excellent scam signs.



Just out of curiosity, I popped onto YouTube and found a video promoting this ‘Emu’ nonsense. The man in the video, going by ‘Blue Diamond’, says “it is as easy as drinking water” to cash out $300 a day. SO!! I reported his criminal self to YouTube and hopefully that will be the end of that silly person trying to con others. See below, I know it is a ‘snitchy’ thing to do, but scams really boil my blood:-


There are many videos out there promoting many of their identical sites. There may be comments saying it is good and honest and paying out. These are the scammers promoting their own franchised version of this site. Don’t believe them. Any site that looks like the site being expose here are ALL THE SAME! – There is no longer any doubt about this.




You will surely be jolted back into reality by the time you try to get your money from these people!

MINIMUM APPLICATION FOR PAYMENT is $150 and this figure is achievable close to only a few hours. Many have made $500 and more in only two days. How can that be considered real? While it is more possible to make money online with legit sites, advertisements however, are notoriously poor payers.

ALL PTC SITES are not worth one second of your time because they take exorbitant amounts of time to earn even a few small dollars. Money so small, relative to time and effort, that a kid wouldn’t even take it as good pocket money. This is why I truly believe all PTC sites are scams because it is not no where close to offering minimum pay. How then is such endeavors not criminal in nature?

Application is filled and then returned to inform you that you have to wait nearly a quarter of a year to get your due earnings. That is of course a ploy to make you pay out $10 to use their quick option. Once paid, if you do, now you must give over 40 referrals.

Take a good look on their site – there is no mention of this utter rubbish on their site!!

Continuing, if you don’t have those sign ups you may be tricked into parting with a further $9 to buy 100 fake members. Those monies are not refundable and they will not give you a penny for your cash. Do also be careful, should you get a communication saying their ‘SYSTEM’ went down and now you must pay again (from someone called “MARTIN WOOD – PROJECT MANAGER” – just know that is another lie. Incidentally, Martin Wood is a Canadian Director.


Member Complaints of EmuMoney Club.

At the end – no earnings are released even though you may have paid to achieve this. That is the end of their grubby little penny-pinching scam!




DISCLAIMER:- In my opinion, the site we have spoken of, is a rampant scam. Those who disagree are welcome to do so below. Those who need further research, may take a look at all the links in the introduction, or continue on to Yahoo.com to do so further. We always recommend you seek other valid sources as well and not just accept blindly all that is written here. Thank you for you time.





Do please report your problems with the site or sites we have mentioned in this article. This is the only way, currently we have online for 90% of the scams, to keep each other safe. If you know of another site then do let us know this as we will do our best to get round to it and expose that one as well. Really looking forward to all of your comments to come as we wrap up What Is EmuMoney Club. Take care for now guys and do give a second to our #1 Recommendation below if you have time and are interested 🙂 .




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2 thoughts on “What Is EmuMoney Club? Is EmuMoney Club a Scam or Legit!

  1. Michelle G. Soriano

    I have over thousand dollars in my account from emumoney.club and 27 attracted referrals. I’m jobless at the moment that’s why I accepted the offer but still wondering of their business if it’s a scam or not until I read your blog. I’ve been trying to contact them through a chat forum to get answers from the administrator but unfortunately no one answers. If this is truly a scam/fraud, then efforts and time were totally wasted.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      Yes, I am sorry.

      Look, see my article above. There is a $0 Start Up Offer for people determined like yourself to earn online.

      Why not give it a go.




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