What Is Empowr.com? Scam or Legit!

By | February 4, 2018

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Revealing What Is Empowr.com

What Is Empowr.com and is it a Good Online Opportunity.

Let us take a close look to answer What Is Empowr.com, is Empowr safe and legit or is Empowr a total rip off scam!? Perhaps you are just looking for Empowr reviews? It is all here and you are in the right place for all such queries to be answered. I can already inform you that you won’t make anything except pocket money working on their site. We will uncover owner ID, the work, the expected pay, pro’s and con’s followed by my rating. At the very bottom of my article you are invited to Have Your Say 🙂 .

In brief, displays rapidly climbing earnings on members screens, only to pay out just 1% percent of that as well. Those payments are made to people that spend money in order for their earnings to be released to them on their website and, for this reason, they are not 100% legit in my books and indeed – though paying – are scamming people out of their due expected earnings! Not acceptable at all.

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What Is Empowr.com – Big Earnings to Small Payouts. Watch Out For Hidden Fee’s!

Anyone use to my posts knows I always start with finding who owns the website being reviewed before answering, in this case, what is empowr.com?

Owner ID:- The individual owning Empowr does not appear to exist! NO name, NO address, NO email! Big Scam Sign Warning. Legit businesses will always have these in places like WHOIS.

Only thing their site says about who made it is this:- it was made by Professors and Scientists! When was the last time you heard of a ‘Professor‘ or ‘Scientist‘ not taking credit for their own work? LOL! Oh dear.

Their evangelical altruism is fairly nauseating as well as they want all the money to go to users and charities. Am I being cynical? Well, I have investigated so many other websites that are scams, and, well they are all speak very similar to wanting to help others. Usually, a legit site, just says ‘what they are’, ‘how it works’ and why ‘you need to join’ without turning into Martin Luther King or something.



Ill Fated Empowr.com





*You sign up. *Share and *post and *earn. Just like Facebook but you get paid for your efforts instead of them taking all the cash. Profits earned for sharing, even your thoughts, can be exchanged for real world items or even be cashed out. The video on their website says it is “fast and FREE“, which I can tell you, it is NOT FREE – if you want your earnings!

You can exchange your old things as well. Their ultimate mission is to create a website that allows half the planet to earn on average $25 per day by 2015. Bit random, but OK.

At the bottom of their home page website is a book by co-founder of their site. The ‘co-founder’, per book title, is Michael Cyrus Pousti.

Their compensation plan is not very well explained and hard to understand. This unnecessary complication leaves its members not really knowing how much they will be earning except “it could be thousands” in the long run. So, when you come to Cash Out Your Earnings, they will surprise you, by asking for ‘fee’s. Once your fee’s are paid then you will nearly all of that on advertisement fee’s, which they will take, and you only get your hands on 1% ($1 from every $10!) 🙂 .




When was the last time you read a websites Terms and Conditions? I would like to say I read all of their terms and conditions just so you didn’t have to. However, I clicked on their page, hit Control F and typed in the word “fee’s”


Money Clause Hidden in Empowr.com TOS section.



Unsurprising they said they can just straight up take some of your money if they want to for advertising fee’s. Just have a good read of that snippet from their site 🙂 .

So, we now see, they can take out fee’s for advertisements. They actually say “earnings are not redeemable for any monetary value”. (?). When there is ‘conflict’ between ‘WHAT’ they say on their website, and what their TOS says, you know something is definitely not right!

I MEAN that data is buried deep in their TOS and only around 9/10% of people think of reading it. Its known by site owners hardly anyone reads the Terms and Conditions and is an ideal place to cover yourself legally if you intend not to be straight up with people. Also, their TOS is nearly impossible to read and far too much data – this is intentional! Given my extensive researching online regarding online scams. scamdetector .org cites long TOS is a deceptive tactic. This is so to avoid further scrutiny.

It is free to use, but when you try to cash out your earnings, they will charge you for advertising fees. They will charge those fees to your bank account/Paypal once you use more than $2 in ‘adcredits’ without telling you. Whatever amount is left from your earnings will take about 3 months to be paid to you.

A very interesting point here about Empowr is they use to be called Project Uplight and changed to Fanbox and then to Empowr. Why the changes? When a site gets a high volume of complaints against online, a sneaky tricky, is to change your websites name. Now it starts off in Google afresh and as a new website all over again. Its just a way to dump your bad online reputation and this is what they have done TWICE!


**IT GETS WORSE! Every Month they will charge you 2.9% on whatever tiny little amount is left after you have helped them keep their online business afloat. Stinks like a Pyramid Scheme to me.**


RECAP:- Founder can not be located adequately enough. WHOIS details not good enough. They do pay out but most is gone before you get it! Three month waiting period for your cash – most would forget about it – and so the site gets to keep your money. Not upfront about hidden fee’s on their site – completely buried in legal mumbo jumbo in TOS. Online rep is getting worse with user complaints. Poor support. Near undecipherable per exact amounts you get paid per time and effort. They have RUN away from TWO FORMER WEBSITES DUE TO BAD ONLINE REP! Any Pros? YES!! Apparently, it is a pretty good place to stick your own affiliate links for traffic – so for that – it is good! For money making – it is not!





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Well, I hope you enjoyed my post! It is your turn to express yourself about what I have written here. Perhaps you signed up and had a good experience? Excellent, please do let us know so to help others be better informed. You may do so in the box below. Maybe your experience is one of shock when your $50 was reduced to say $8 or something very similar? In order not to let such online businesses get away with this you can get yoru oen back by declaring it here. It is worth it as it has a chance of being indexed in Google for many to hear your story. I really do hope you enjoyed reading my answer to What Is Empowr.com and understand I did not sign up to them, this review is completely unaffiliated and sourced my data from reliable sources online – coupled – with my extensive knowledge of identifying online scams. Farewell for now guys 🙂 .

For obvious reasons stated I can not recommend them and I would advise you to take a good look at Wealthy Affiliate! WA won’t let you down for hidden fee’s, because there are none! Everything is upfront and comes with a heavily discounted Yearly Savings Plan as well 🙂 .


8 thoughts on “What Is Empowr.com? Scam or Legit!

  1. Craig

    Glad I read this before signing up and investing any of my time and effort into Empowr. You have a link up there to Wealthy Affiliate which I’ve been finding all over the place. It seems you’ve put a pretty great website together already using it. How long have you been part of the community over there?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Craig,

      I am glad this article on Empowr was able to help you and happy you appreciate my site. A lot of hard work and hours went into it for sure.

      I am with Wealthy Affiliate over 12 Months and, since some time ago now, it is generating a monthly income which I am very happy with and proud of.

      Regarding signing up to anything online, joining WA was the best decision I ever made.

      Thanks again Craig look forward to seeing you around.

      – Philip.

  2. ty

    Great information here. Was never a fan of Empowr and you just proved my concerns.
    Nice investigative work…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi ty,

      I am glad my article on Empowr. com was good enough for you to confirm your suspicions. Really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and place a comment here.

      – Philip.

  3. Anna

    Wow Philip,
    Your my hero. I’ve been scammed a few times now trying to get started online with my Blog and my business and so, when someone takes the time and effort to save newbies like me I am forever grateful.

    You really put a lot of work into uncovering the dirty details her and so, I am going to come to your site for a review before I sign up for anything else.

    Thanks again

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Anna,

      Thank you kindly for your lovely comment. I am very happy you found our non-member review of Empowr. com illuminating and see that it has saved you sometime. We have many works in the pipeline going forward so I do hope to see you around in due course.

      Thanks again.


  4. Joo

    Wow thank you for all these investigative work and presenting your conclusions! It’s really an eye-opener for me, reading about how you look out for stuff to ascertain whether Empowr is legit or not. My favourite is the part about ownership, it really strikes me, the truth about what you said, that it is totally suspicious when there is no information put up there about who owns the site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Joo,

      Thank you so much for your comment regarding Empowr. com. One of the first things I look for is registration details. Typically, scam sites won’t have any real legit data. Then I compare to website – no legit ownership details again?! Then, that has my interest peaked before I call it a scam but it nearly is always the most reliable indicator of fake sites.

      I am really glad you found this article helpful and I am very appreciative of your comment as well Joo.




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