What Is EmployThere.Online? Is EmployThere.Online Fake!

By | March 3, 2018

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Investigation Asking What Is EmployThere.Online


Welcome to What Is EmployThere.Online – Not Recommended.

Your research to answer What Is EmployThere.Online has just paid off! We will ask is EmployThereOnline legit or a scam? Is EmployThereOnline really paying out and are they offering a legit job? We do not believe they are even close to being genuine and we recommend one and all stay away from them. The owners revel in creating 1000s of copy cat scam online scams without paying to their loyal members. They are a new online operation and we avidly recommend you don’t sign up to them!

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What Is EmployThere.Online and Why We Call Them A Scam Site.

Hardly need to check if they have any legit online identifying details before we answer in more detail what is EmployThere.Online. They have some PO Box address, zero email and founders can not be observed online. They began EmployThereOnline 11/2017 and ends 1 year from that date. This makes them a website that is designed to run for 12 months, sometimes they even run for two years, with intention NOT TO PAY ANYONE!

Here is their job offer.


What Is EmployThere.Online with Fully Answered

Anyone can sign up for free with a valid email address. You don’t even have to confirm your email as I signed up to one of them once. They have some ‘TASKS‘ like doing a survey, viewing an ad etc but they what they really want from you is to share you affiliate link. This is a referral scam where new members will go through the same dishonest work from home opportunity. They are meant to be pay out once a month but this is only to give members the chance to make as many referrals as possible.

Their website is nearly empty per instructions and just general data like a Privacy Policy Page, FAQ’s page and they don’t even have a copyright on their site. Certainly no payment proofs or income disclosure AND lastly no forum for members.

They offer $10/$20 per ‘TASK’ and $10 per successful referral. Even should a person online click on your affiliate link you can still earn $5 per click. This is absurd as $5 nets anyone 1000 clicks as an advertiser. Now it should be more than evident to everyone their payout promises are not sustainable and they have no hope of ever getting paid.


How This Online Scam Executes its Scam.

We said they have 1000’s of other scam sites that are nearly identical. Certainly the very same template with only a picture changed but wording is the same. They set one site up for one year and the redirects/shut them down once reputation is too poor via blogs like mine and other such online content.

The threshold to payout is $300 and is $200 too high as it is far too high. Legit and honest websites only set this limit to just $100 and most even set it far lower. When members apply for their money then they will ask you to do a survey, do an offer or even upgrade. The point being is they require you to pay cash to complete this process thus unleash your own money. Unfortunately they still will never pay out and even will go to such lengths as block you from your own account, change your password and ultimately sell on your emails. Emails and bank details are sold onto third parties putting their users at risk of online id and other such under handedness.


Here is a List of the current sites they own we have exposed as being dishonest and scams:-

couponpeoples.com, uptimejob.com, thepayz, dollarplane.com, dollarbirth, dutyspace, paywork.info, dollarsjet, dollartent, dollarmilk, dutyrevo,payjut, usdwork.com, cashinwork, dollartell.com, dollar2refer.com, developdollars, dollarstrue, moneyismust, buxinc.com, moneycomefirst, jobtaka, earlypayjob, dollarsplug, nowduty.com, dollarclass.online, freshcash.online, dutykid.com, dollarsteller.com, jobzipo.com, earninghabit.com, dollarsteller.com, buckstip.com.

They are all reviews of their websites and linked. All should open in a new browser.


We will now list ALL the things COMPLETELY WRONG with the website we are currently exposing:-

  • No Founder Name.
  • No email address for support.
  • Zero forum for members to connect with the intention not to allow a space for member complaints for newbies to see.
  • Their website is almost empty with only two pages once in and shoddy instructions.
  • Payouts are far too high.
  • No one is getting paid.
  • Member complaints for all their websites.
  • Harvest emails and other personal details for a personal profit.
  • Have no regard for the law.
  • No Privacy Policy, FAQ’s pages.
  • Without Payment Proofs.
  • You-Tube videos and blogs calling them a scam.
  • They don’t even ask you to confirm your email.

To state a few.

Given all the websites they are running without paying their members we certainly hope you can understand why we can not recommend them. There are legit ways to make money online but they do not endeavor to be honest with their online work from home opportunity and they have already proven to be dishonest. Actually, they have proven this far too many times before as it is.


We endeavor to bring to our readers accurate and informative articles to help stem the flow of online scam instances. Despite the obvious research, clearly indicating that EmployThere is a real scam, please accept my following conclusion based mainly on my opinion. All are welcome to do further research to verify or deny what has been written here and should not be used in any legal sense. Errors, if any, will be undone if applicable.









THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Anyone that signed up to the website we just exposed? Do let us know and if they actually paid you or not. Your experience/opinion may help many other people to decide for themselves. Perhaps you may be curious on another website offering huge payouts for beyond easy work? Then do let us know in the comment box and we will look into them for you. We hope to have informed you all to your satisfaction and we look forward to all comments as we close out answering What Is EmployThere.Online. Consider signing up to my websites free newsletter to keep informed regarding online scams. Thank you for popping in and fare well for now 🙂 .



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6 thoughts on “What Is EmployThere.Online? Is EmployThere.Online Fake!

  1. Tukur Ibrahim

    What of we that registered unknowingly, how do we get out of this mess

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tukur,

      Best to my knowledge you can’t shut down your account. I never saw an option for it. If you handed over bank details, for whatever reason, then ring your bank asap and they will advise you better Tukur – probably to cancel and order a new card.

      Just so you know, this website shows people like yourself online how to make a website with ease, and earn money from it up to a full time income. If this interests you please let me know. You credit card details either for a free account.

      – Philip.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Desmond,

      Employ. There are known for selling the personal details of their members for a personal profit. They are not recommended and deemed a complete scam with zero site owner detail etc.

      – Philip.

  2. moshigodlove

    Your a lier o have make 300us dollar bit you did give me the procedure how to withdraw my money

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mosigodlove,

      I am sorry you are experiencing problems with EmployThere. Online.

      I don’t work for that website. It is not my own. I just wrote about them.

      – Philip.


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