What Is ELMoney.Win? Is ELMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 25, 2018

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Non-Member Answer to What Is ELMoney. Win.

Here you will find your answer to What Is ELMoney. Win, Is ELMoney Win a cheat site, is ELMoney Win a great new paid advertisement viewing system? In this EL Money Win review we will answer these questions and also who owns it, how much they pay and for what work. Lastly, we will show you why they are not to be trusted! ELMoney is a site from many copies of it online that don’t pay out. You may see this link here and see a huge list of their scam sites we have exposed so far:- AtMoney Win. Opens in a new page.



Those who have been scammed by this PTC Site are welcome to report that in the comments below. Our #1 Recommendation is at the bottom of this post as well.


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Job Offer, Pay, Owner ID and Expanded What Is ELMoney Win.

ELMoney Win was created in early 2018 and set to close shop in 2019. They will set up sites like ELMoney with a predetermination of only one year. This is long enough to make a small fortune from their victims before online reputation deteriorates that they must close it down. They are a Paid to Click scam that will never pay you.

Owners details are not detailed online anywhere, hence, we don’t know who they are. Fake address has been submitted at site registration along with zero email as well. They say they are from Panama but this is not true. New releases of these sites puts them other places than Panama and so obviously this is a sign of deception. Why would a good and honest site hide who the owners are? Not good!

The job offer is typical of PTC Sites where members get 10c per ad. However, the amount per ad is far too high and should be set to 1 cents or maybe even 3 cents. This is very expensive advertising on a site who’s whole purpose is to pay people to click ads. These people are not interested in the advertisers products and only click for the few pennies promised.


It will only take a few hours to make you minimum payout of $150 which is another sign that you are dealing with dishonest individuals. The application for your cash is just a set up for cash scam to be perpetrated on you! All of your personal details are sold onward online for a profit for themselves. All profits earned are kept by the owners.

They promote themselves, as part of their job offer, to help you earn Fifty Percent of your referrals earnings. That’s a bit too high and certainly only an enticement to lure more members. You will notice as well they do not possess any real payment proofs to members, just a shoddy table of names and figures, saying “PAID OUT”. That is not how that works and certainly a sign they don’t have any payment proofs. They don’t even have a forum for members in case their complaints put off new sign ups.

The owners have been puking out these sites since 2014 and they still have not been caught. They a Russian Scam and they are networking all over the planet. Their script seems to be sold online and hence why nearly identical copies are springing up all over the place.

Time to have a look at how EXACTLY they are scamming good people out of time and money. There is a way to earn online, that does require work and time, and you may see more details below this post.



Devils in the Details – How They Scam People!

ELMoney Win Details.


$150 is soon achieved in a little amount of hours, as said. This has been reported here or on my YouTube Channel called Scam Witness as well. When you are done trying applying for your fake earnings you will soon be informed that the payment period is very long, thus, leaving members to go for the option that takes only 5 minutes. $10 is the charge for this option and is just the start of a ploy to steal your money.

Should you pay then you will be required to give them 40 sign ups. These sign ups are advised to be made via you share your member link on your social accounts. Such places may include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Even blogs, and text messages and sadly friends and family members are often pulled in.

Once you have manually made all of those sign ups the site has just guaranteed itself potentially new victims. Even though no one gets paid, this site is earning a fortune on members viewing ads, making referrals and basically all actions members take, they are making money for the site. The advertisers are real and do pay the site some money, not ten cents per click that is for sure, but enough to make their illegal activities worth it to themselves.



Soon after such sites come online, it is usual for a YouTube video to be promoting it like made. They tend to get a lot of interest due to the high payouts, but please note these are the scammers at play. Soon, those videos fill up with complaints of no pay and even being ignored by support. Very soon the owner of the video will just start ignoring these comments and it dawns on members they have been had! Any comments saying they have been paid is rubbish and should be reported as spam and misleading AND the channel as well.

Ultimately, once they use you for your time on clicking their ads, making so many referrals and for a few quid, you are utterly sent to Coventry!! There is not a way, I know of, to get your money back.





DISCLAIMER:- Those that are not convinced, the site just reviewed, is scam – are advised to continue their research or find out for themselves. While we never advocate misleading people into a scam, sadly, it is the only way some people will learn. I know I had to. Ultimately, this article is my opinion and it is not forced onto anyone. Thank you.








Want to let everyone know what happened to you when you signed up to the site we have been writing on? This will help so many to avoid the same experience and it will get the attention of the search engines in evaluating the trust score of the site as well. Maybe you have run into another site that you are suspicious of? Do let us know and we will do our best to expose them in time. That is all that we have time for today to discuss what is elmoney win. We sincerely hope it helps many to stay safe online. Take care 🙂 .



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