What Is ElMoney Club? Is ElMoney Club Scam or Legit!

By | May 24, 2018

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ElMoney.Club - What is It?



Complete Guide to What Is ElMoney Club – New Paid Advertisement Viewing Platform Exposed.


Wisely researching What Is ElMoney Club? Asking is ElMoney. Club a cloak and dagger operation? Is El Money Club the real thing and paying out? Here is the first non-member review of ElMoney who are offering Paid to Click work. Here we will find out if there are any real owner details, work and pay and ultimately we they are a lousy, rotten scam! Actually, it is quite a nasty scam to fall for. Aside from the fact they don’t pay you – they do rob your personal details for a profit. They have many duplicate sites operating 100% the same, we will list them shortly.

We Strongly Advise all Members to Cease and Desist Your Partnership with ElMoney. Those who have member complaints can place them below this post in the comments section to help warn others. Thank you.

Naturally, we can not ill-advise readers to work for such sites. Personally, I have worked for other people my whole life and never got anywhere. Only those that work for themselves seem to make any real money for a high quality life. Thus, we recommend that readers learn to become their own boss. We are confident in our #1 Recommendation can show anyone to do this. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and you may find all info on them in our review >HERE< or sign up >HERE< to find out more.


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ElMoney Club Operators, Pay and Work Details.

ElMoney Club was set up on the 1-04-2018 and will retire 2019 same time. 365 days, for a site that is offering paid work of their pay, would stay around longer if profitability was a reality. No legit site that offers work to others online seeks to retire operations so soon. Classic Sign of a Scam Site!

Zero owner identifying details on their website nor on their site’s registration date on WHOIS. Again, those offering work from home jobs always make known themselves and only scam sites don’t. Widely considered to be ‘DECEPTIVE‘ behavior.

ElMoney is just ‘1’ of 1000s of these sites where they have over 900 in English versions. They started in German, but more recently I read, they started out in Russian. Either ways, they are in those threes languages. They operate exactly the same with only Logo and URL different. Originally from Russia and this scam as a whole has been ripping people off since 2014!


Here are the new ones from beginning of 2018 below we have exposed and all open in a new browser. There are many more yet to write up yet:-


New versions of this PTC fake job offer appears to be released almost daily. Certainly a new batch is uncovered on a monthly basis. Their sites script is just a copy and paste job and it is no more technical than that.


Work From Home Offer – For Zero Pay!

Getting Conned Online Is Nasty!

Working for free is not nice – but least you get to enjoy a few cups of nice coffee.

The work is monotonous but very simple to do. They accept registrants globally just for an email – even a fake one! You begin by reading some instructions that you just need to click advertisements and then you earn ten cents. What they don’t say is you must fill out a captcha (Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) code. Anyways, that doesn’t really matter but does show a lack of transparencies.

Clicking ads is very profitable with these guys, it seems. Ten cent per click is sending anyone bankrupt! Advertisers will pay mere fractions of a cent for clicks and is the real reason why the PTC Industry online is NOT worth the code it is written in!! I have a strong feeling that one day they will be banned online for the illegal pay they offer their members.



Would you like for ‘me’ to do a whole days work and then hand ‘you’ 50% of my pay?!

That is the percentage and offer they are making to members if they make sign ups. They promise to give them 50% of the money their referrals make. LOL! This gives little chances to your referrals to make decent money in a decent amount of time – its bonkers!!

Members are told to share their affiliate link, that is created when you sign up and unique to your account, to places all over the net. Places like Facebook, PM’s, texts, Twitter, YouTube Videos, blogs and really anyway. This is not endorsed by any legit site and can land practitioners of this in hot water with authorities. Have a look at the article below for more info on spamming:-

Spamming for Dummies. Opens in a new tab and comes from wired.com.


Pay Per Day!


Here is where my alarm bells REALLY start to malfunction!!


Anyways, from $300 to nearly $500 a day for this kind of work that a child could do a day! HAHA! EXCELLENT – where are all the reviews of these amazing earnings?!

We all know that if someone online earns anything higher than a ‘DOLLAR‘ online they like to blog it to the ends of the earth. And yet, there is no positive reviews, that I could see, extolling the virtues of this platform called ‘HELLMONEY’ – oppzz, sorry 🙂 -‘ ‘ElMoney’.

That is because if you do find a review saying they are ‘super-stars’ for chucking money at people for work that only generates tiny fractions of a cent, per task, then you are staring at a scammer blog! Report them here immediately and I will write them up for sure.

So, how do they scam their members out of their cash?

That is our next topic below…



Cash Out Dilemma!

Cash Out is Where the Scam is At!



Once members find themselves at$150 – which is more than achievable in mere hours – they are allowed to request cash out.

Waiting time is stupid long for it to be real. The option to quicken it is for $10 and then they hit you with a $9 charge to buy up 100 referrals. This is if you failed to make 40 people referrals to them.

All part of the scam!

MARTIN WOOD – FAKE PROJECT MANAGER – may pipe up and say that their system crashed and did not receive your funds. He may ‘promise’ to pay you if you pay again. LOL! All part of the scam.

No one, since they started all these sites in 2014, have ever paid out. There is zero trace of legit payment proofs online. I have reported several of their condescending YouTube videos to YouTube and My Channel gets spammed daily with their illegal affiliate links.

Members think, “What is $19 for my $150 – its worth the risk” and so here is the dilemma I speak that is purposefully designed to incite this thinking. This is how they seek to con you for your money.

Those seeking TONS MORE INFO on any these sites, may click on any of the links of the reviews of their sites already covered above, as there is more to learn – if you are interested.





We speak as One Voice or get drowned out by our own silence…

If you, or someone you know, were scammed then it is paramount you let us all know here. Google will see your complaint about the site just exposed and it may be shown to others in its search engine. This is good news to starve these scammers of traffic and of course of illegal funds. This way you get to play your contribution to get back at these guys and lessen their online power. Enough is enough on answering what is ElMoney Club and truly hopes it helps many in time. Thank you for your time and do check out our #1 recommendation below if you are serious about making money online for the long term.




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