What Is ElaMoney Bid? Is ElaMoney Bid a Scam or Legit!

By | April 22, 2018

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ElaMoney Bid Review

The Truth on What Is ElaMoney Bid.

Those who are tempted to sign up, but stopped to ask What Is ElaMoney Bid first, have done yourselves a favor! Perhaps your asking as well is ElaMoney. Bid allowing members to cash out? Is Ela Money Bid stealing money and personal data from members? You have found the first unbiased review of ElaMoney which will answer such questions, ask who the owners are, including work and pay description. We will provide undeniable proof that they are a new Paid Advertisement Viewing System Scam!! Below is a list of their other con-job sites, they are all identical, and number into the thousands:-

Here is but a fewormoney site, ebomoney win, oramoney club, ubemoney site, edmoney win, ammoney win, agmoney bid, epmoney win, abamoney bid, oxmoney win, ogmoney win, avmoney win, anmoney win, akmoney win, exmoney win, edmoney site, ifmoney win, ukmoney win, ommoney win, ubmoney win, osmoney win, uxmoney win, ekmoney win, odmoney win, uvmoney win, ewmoney win, ytmoney win, ydmoney bid, ummoney bid, unmoney win, afmoney win, ygmoney win, yhmoney win, armoney win, ugmoney win etc! Those are linked reviews and will open in a separate tab.

Naturally, I can’t recommend these sites as a good way to earn anything. There is a way and you may skip to the bottom of this post to view our #1 Recommendation.


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Don’t Ignore the Answers to What Is ElaMoney Bid.

Before our teeth into elamoney bid let us begin to ascertain owner credentials. WHOIS says ElaMoney registered 2018-14-04 without receiving founder name, email, but there is an address. Quick trace on this address and we see they are actually from LA! Scam Sign right there and enough to warn you off.

SO! No one knows who the ring leaders but only they are from Russia. It is my suspicion this PTC Scam sites script is being sold to scammers to profit from this racket. These sites have been flooding the net (no exaggeration either) since 2014 where $00.00 in total have been paid out to all members in all that time.

Here is how they do it. Free to take part and your email could be any kind of fabrication that comes to your mind – fake one is good enough for these hooligans 🙂 . Once in, you can begin your entrepreneurial task of watching ads for 10c a throw. Make good referrals to quicken your cash with a huge 50% sliced off of your referrals pay that goes to you.

$150 is the Goldie Locks Zone where many have tried and failed to get their cash! The application steps are fake and only intended to aggregate you into making a mistake. They provide another route to access your funds but they will charge $10 for this. After such a payment now you must pay $9 for 100 sign ups if you have not made your 40 referrals criteria.


Don't Finance These Scammers.

After both payments you are dismissed from the site without ever accessing your account again. All personal details you have handed over to them will be illegally profited from i.e. sold on. Additionally, these sites are very well-known for downloading malware to hunt down your passwords. This is truly a very nasty and heartless scam to get caught up in.

These crooks who run these sites are at large and their creations receive constant complaints without a single good comment to date!! I have said already they have thousands of sites. Below you will see snippets of complaints on their other sites that are running the same racket. And yes, do be assured all these sites even look the same right down to the coding. They simply copy and paste, change URL and logo, and BOOM = New Site 🙂 !


These sites come in RUSSIAN, ENGLISH AND GERMAN. Well over 714 of these sites have been duplicated in to English so far. The scam network name for the English sites is called webdengi_eng with their site (hidden mantra) is “SAMPLE OF SENTINELS“. Pretty-Dark Web Mentality here.

These sites typically infect the net for 1 year and shut down. Many shut down sooner depending on how long they can go unnoticed for. When reviews like this come out online on page 1 of Google 🙂 Reputation tends to soon shatter their profitability.


We direly need members to come forward and tell us your story. This will help so many others avoid signing up to such sites as the one being reviewed now. Your comments will be noticed and actually help expose thus worsen their online reputation faster. Especially if they scammed you – why let them get away with it..


DISCLAIMER:- Herein you will only find my opinion. It has a good foundation of coming close to 1 year exposing these sites with much learned about them along the way. Those linked reviews will probably contain a host of additional details for you to peruse. We never recommend you take our word ONLY when basing your own conclusion, and so in this instance, you should continue your research from other high reliable sources.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! THESE SITES NEVER GET ANY OTHER RATING FORM US! My channel on YouTube is getting flooded with complaints of no pay outs daily from their other sites. Found is absent in action. IP address contradicts submitted details at site registration – super bad sign!! Not 1 penny have the owners parted with to pay anyone. Tens of thousands of members being screwed over on a regular basis.







Should you have been scammed then why not let us all know below. This will help others to stay safe and also help shame these sites out of existence. If you don’t’, then you are leaving all the work to others, who are just trying to help you and the online community as a whole. So, we look forward to your help. Time to it there regarding What Is ElaMoney Bid as we look forward to all of your comments below. Take care 🙂 .




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2 thoughts on “What Is ElaMoney Bid? Is ElaMoney Bid a Scam or Legit!

  1. Danielle

    Lol! The Goldie locks zone! That made me chuckle.

    Another one of those sites! I am becoming familiar with their logo now. They are littering the Internet!

    You know what, the biggest glaring fact that this is a scam is that on their page they say they can pay people through, listen to this! – WESTERN UNION!!!! What!

    Imagine an organization spending time to go and fill in forms at western union outlets with cash to send to people. How is that feasible? Hilariously obvious scam indication statement!

    I think taking time to look a bit deeper shows obvious signs that this is a scam. They never intend to pay anyone!

    Oh dear, oh dear!



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Yeah, these sites are cropping up everywhere and I am still getting daily reports of new ones. They are now manufacturing them at a high monthly rate. I am just glad so many report them so they can be exposed.



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