What Is EkMoney Win? Is EkMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 28, 2018

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Investigation to Details What Is EkMoney Win


Divulging What Is EkMoney Win and Why They are NOT Trustworthy.

All asking What Is EkMoney Win? Is EkMoney. Win a con job? Is Ek Money Win legitimate and paying? Have come to the right place. This is a review of EkMoneyWin and you are very welcome. The owners behind them have 1000s more of these sites such as UgMonee. Win, UnMoney. Win, ArMoney. Win, AfMoney. Win, XyMoney. Site, NonMoney. Bid, YdMoney. Bid, UmMoney. Bid, YhMoney. Win, YdMoney. Bid, YgMoney. Win, OdMoney. Win, YtMoney. Win, UvMoney. Win, AsMoney. Win, Atmoney. Win etc with many more released in January and February 2018! Needless to say, EkMoney is not good and safe and nothing but a HUSTLE CON JOB = TOTAL SCAM!



Spreading the News on What Is EkMoney Win, Who Owns it and Work Offer Logistics.

Shall we begin by trying to locate the owners before expanding upon what is ekmoney win? Background research is essential in ascertaining the honesty of such a PTC Site. Quickly looking at their site registration details, I can see site creation occurred 06/03/2018 and closes operations same time in 2019.

Founder ID is not detailed, email is mysteriously unknown and the address is from Panama – their all from Central America though an IP Look Up dots them across the Globe to Germany, UK, Russian, USA etc. Alas, we do know they are a Global Network of Scammers running the EXACT SAME DUPLICATE SITES!

The name of their particular Network is WebDengi_Eng with three versions of the same operation. First they started off with German sites, went to Russian Sites and have started in on the English Speaking target area. To date,, there are over 714 COPIES of EkMoney in English flooding the net with 1000s of them in total.

Stared in 2014 these people have become prolific and dedicated in expanding their sites across the net. The one that seems to be doing the most damage right now is at the top of the list below. Those are all the reviews done on their sites with proof they are scams – just see the home from each site top of each review:-


New copies of an old scam for 2018 into 2019.

  1. UmMoney. Bid.
  2. AtMoney. Win.
  3. UgMoney. Win.
  4. AfMoney. Win.
  5. ArMoney. Win.
  6. UnMoney. Win.
  7. NonMoney. Bid.
  8. XyMoney. Site.
  9. YxMoney. Bid.
  10. OdMoney. Win.
  11. YhMoney. Win.
  12. YdMoney. Bid.
  13. YgMoney. Win.
  14. AsMoney. Win.
  15. UvMoney. Win.
  16. YtMoney. Win.

Those linked reviews will open up in a new browser.



What Is EkMoney as a Site?


Review of EkMoney Win


They are a PTC Site (Paid to Click) where you get paid to watch ads. PTC sites are infamously difficult to make any money from and is the reason why I consider all PTC sites a total waste of time. They are not a legit paying way to earn money that will any difference to your financial situation, except, to earn a bit of pocket money. Honestly, you would make more money doing a paper round and make it quicker – this is how bad a money making opportunity all such paid to click sites are.


How to make money with ‘Ek’?

Well, obviously, you can’t – they do not pay out to anyone. However, here is the work particulars if you are interested.

First off, easy sign up with your email. In my research I found that the email can be a fake one as they do not ask you to confirm it. Strange!

Landing on their Home Page you will see an impressive list of payments made to members. Those figures are high and are for one days ad watching and actually are just made up numbers. Those members who received payment are NOT REAL PEOPLE! They even contain some fake user reports of positive experiences and payment – I belie those reports are written by the same person.


Ad Unit Compensation?

All ads members watch are meant to deliver 10 CENTS to their members. This is the deal. This money is given to member accounts where members can see it being added to their accounts. Those fake monies can never be redeemed though.


Do they possess a Referral Program?

Absolutely and those referrals are very high paying activities to do – if it were real that is.

When you make a referral through your link, and that person starts to watch ads and starts to make good money, then you will make 50% of that person’s money in profits. 50% Commissions on someone else’s efforts is NUTZ and not real.

To achieve these sign ups quickly, all participants of EkMoney are told to share their affiliate link. This link can be put into places like Twitter, YouTube comments, Facebook and anywhere online that you are NOT allowed to do this. Why? This is called SPAMMING. See this article that explains the dangers of spamming called:- Could You get into Trouble for Sending Unsolicited Emails to certain Businesses Offering Your Services? – long title lol. Courtesy of Quora.com.


Quick Warning on YouTube, Facebook etc of comments promoting ANY of these Fake PTC Sites. Usually, scammers will put up YouTube videos extolling the virtues of one of these sites. In the comments section you will invariably find different user names telling everyone they got paid – THEY ARE THE SCAMMERS! This is a trick to get you to sign up and, of course, what is the point if they don’t pay out?

Facebook ads on such sites are common and certainly Twitter is rife with such links.


What is the Minimum Pay Out?

Some of their sites have it set to $300 and to $150. I believe EkMoney is $150, as it seems to be with the new ‘batch’ of these sites.

All participants are told they can apply for their earnings at this point. Earnings are meant to be released to members within the hour. This is described clearly and adamantly on their site.

However, the water gets murky at this pint of the scam…



Duplicitous Occurrence – The Scam is Triggered!

So yes! At cash out they will show themselves as deceitful and will be plain for many members. However, so many more are still falling for the following tricks to come.

You application for you cash is to be filled out. Admin will receive this and let you know as such. They will come back with the disappointing news that you must be shelved for three months while you wait for them to do their job and process your money. Total Nonsense! They only want you to click on the quicker verification option is all.

Once you go for the quicker option, they can speed up your application, or so it seems. THIS OPTION COSTS $10! Just an attempt to get some money out of you. Don’t Pay It – You Still Won’t Get Your Earnings!

After paying the $10, if you do, you will be required to make new sign ups to them. They call it ‘EXCHANGE REFERRALS‘ and they require you to have made at least 40 of them! This is the condition of monies been given to you. Quickly scanning their site, you will find no mention of such a condition!!

Members will have to make those referrals via their own social media accounts etc. Should you not be bothered with it, EkMoney will kindly offer to give those referrals. This quick way will cast somewhere from $5, $14 and even $20! Those referred people, once bought, do not actually exist – just false figures.



Any other ways they may try to trick money of their members?

It is possible some offers or a survey completion maybe asked of you. Such offers will require to use your card details to take part in them. Do CANCEL THAT TRIAL PERIOD NOW! Once such trial periods are over, you may be charged full whack for whatever their offer was. Not uncommon to come with many hidden charges to boot – contact your bank and see what they advise.

A survey will also (may also) ask you to PAY MONEY FROM YOUR OWN POCKEET TO COMPLETE! While these kinds of tasks are Third Party (off site) work, these websites will make some money from you if you pay, giving EkMoney some little commission. This is the reason why ‘Ek’ will/may ask you to do these last tasks.

Such little commission is not worth it normally, however, when you consider this is a Global Operation attempting to defraud tens of thousands of people – we can see it is worth it to the scammers!!



DISCLAIMER:- All posts on this website, ultimately, are my own opinion. While the evidence can not be denied on this article of ‘Ek’s’ illegal intentions, my own opinion from such research is what I base it on. All are welcome to do such research to see for themselves. This article is submitted to the online community as a warning. Thank you for your time in this matter.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! 1000’S OF SITES CHEATING PEOPLE OUT OF TIME AND MONEY! They also steal and harvest personal data like emails, names, band details etc and sell them onto scammers!! February 2018 saw a whole new batch of these IDENTICAL SITES and so I am endeavoring to expose every last one of them.



I ask of you to please do report your experiences below to help get these scammers shut down in a matter of months, instead of 1 year! This will save countless people from losing money and asking how they can protect their bank details etc! These scams can be very upsetting for many people, especially the older generation. In time, as people see such reports that a site is not legit – they obviously tend NOT to sign up with them. This is YOUR PART AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT TO THIS POST! Thank you for those that will take the time to play their part 🙂 .




This is by far my favorite aspect to writing online. Here you may ask questions on the subject matter just written about. Also, taking questions about our #1 Way To Make a Full Tim income from Home.

Did you sign with ‘Ek’? When you think something was up? How long did it take for you to hit the minimum payout and actually occurred? I gave a number of options and know it can be different for everyone. Perhaps, maybe, you have found ANOTHER one of these sites and would like for Scam Witness to Expose them? This would be a pleasure and we do reader post requests all the time 🙂 . This is a good way for the honest part of the online community help stamp out scams, allowing legit opportunities, to be more in plain sight. I enjoyed answering What Is EkMoney Win and do sign up to this sites Free Newsletter to stay in the loop. Until next time – stay safe online 🙂 .


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