What Is EhMoney Site? Is EhMoney Site a Scam or Legit!

By | May 2, 2018

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EhMoney Site Fraud.


Your Guide to What Is EhMoney Site.

All you need on What Is EhMoney Site is here. Answers to Is EhMoney. Site on the up and up? Is Eh Money Site a pretense with no pay outs? This review of EhMoney is not by one of their members and so you know there is no intention to recruit you to it. The owners have created many thousands of these sites, which are only “Paid Advertisement Viewing System” clones of each other, and here are some we have exposed below:-

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You might have ‘gleaned’ it by now, but, we are not endorsing these peoples sites. After many years of searching online for a legit opportunity – I found a few. After trial and error, we are now set in our #1 Recommendation. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and they are the best in their field in showing others how to make money online. Click >>HERE<< for all the resources you need and will receive when you join up – Click >>HERE<< for your free lifetime account – no cc to begin.


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Everything We Have to Answer What Is EhMoney Site including Owners, Work and Pay Details.

Every site online must register. These registration details can be found online very easily, if you know where to look. WHOIS has such details. However, their details are non-transparent i.e. they don’t’tell us who they are. Panama is their address. Quick verification of this shows us, via their IP Address of 104. 24. 96. 169, they have 12 other domains using this IP. We also see their address is wildly different and is:-

USA, Postal Code 94107, California San Fransisco, 101 Townsend Street – that’s not Panama! Panama is in Central America.


Many Lies at EhMoney Site

What EhMoney Site’s Nose Looks Like.

Anyways, that is a BIG SIGN OF DECEPTION. No owner name and without email. The email they give out to their members, once signed up, YOU SHOULD GOOGLE IT! It is connected to a huge amount of other online scam sites and it is well-known to be untrustworthy. Watch out for ‘MARTIN WOOD‘ – PROJECT MANAGER – as well. More on him later.

These money stealing operators have been infiltrating the PTC (paid clicking) niche since 2014 and have paid out zero dollars in all of that time. They are a Russian concoction that is scamming without remorse with waves of new versions spun out every month – like clock work! They come in Russian, German and English copies. These sites are being reported here the whole time.

Do you know of one? Do let us know and we will do our best to expose them.


The Work Aspect is very straight forward and only entails clicking on ads. Very boring but the pay, apparently, is enough to help anyone retire quite young. Ten cents is the enticement with an average take home pay of $300 every day. Those figures even go up to just under $500!

The cash is start flying up in your account when you begin to pull in many referrals. These new people, when signed up through your affiliate link, will work so you may get half of their earnings. This scam works on laziness and greed. There is no way hell anyone online is mad enough to cough up $$$s a day to complete strangers for clicking on ads!! Most advertisers will only afford 1 penny, maybe up to 3 pennies to a clicker, and no more. Even many advertisers will only pay fractions of a cent (a ‘FRACTION OF A CENT’ that is SHARED with the site owner to boot!) and that is common with such low skilled work.

There is a way to Make Money Online but its not the way above. All PTC Site are insanely useless to help anyone earn anything that they would be proud to collect. Even 1 years effort for the money they give you – you would be insulted if that happened in a real world situation. And yet, I see people asking how to make money with these sites all the time…

Cash out is set to $150 and so many members report making these criteria within less of 120 minutes!



Time for the Scammers to get Paid – the ‘Crunch’ of the Scam!

Time to Divorce EhMoney Site

Right now, there are many people clicking on these ads by these owners convinced they are getting paid. Those figures are staring at them and they are already dreaming of a better future. It is easy to see how they would get so emotionally attached in this manner, and so, here is where common sense is falling a lot of people.

Application is a head wrecker! They will say first you must wait a ridiculous amount of time. Members will then notice a short route. This route needs you to pay $10 and many people are paying it because it is nothing in comparison to the money they have worked up. This is the thinking the scammers are playing to get paid.

Now, let us say that you pay via your Bit Coin Wallet, now they want all those referrals you should have referred by now. They should number to 40 and many don’t have them at this point. Participants do achieve this manually by leaving their links on YouTube, Twitter! This is spamming and never advised to do this. Once you refer so many people then you are booted out!! Sites like EhMoney have just ensured free traffic to scam with from your work. They have also earned some money from all the ads and codes you done as well.



OK, lets say you did not make the referrals and you can’t be bothered to spend hours to convince people to sign up. Let us face it, it is hard to convince clicking on ads all day because most people are just too suspicious of such offers.

So, EhMoney will say you may buy them for just $9. This will save you time and make you lose even more money. When that payment has gone through you might get a communication from our dear old friend “MARTIN WOOD”. He will apologize about not receiving your payment from you BTC Wallet as the ”SYSTEM” crashed – Yer Rite!!

He also promises that he will release your earnings once you send the payment again!! They are trying to mug you three times over in this process.



Needless to say, no one gets paid.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! They are heartless and dedicated in taking money from good people. You will see a number of YouTube Videos praising these sites as legit – Do Please Note the ARROGANT TONE in Their Voice!! They all have it. So, do watch out for these videos and their comments saying they got paid when no one does get paid.




Shall we discuss your experience with the site(s) just reviewed. Perhaps they really did scam you? Maybe you spotted another online that is not listed here? Let us know as we do expose as many as possible as quickly as possible to try to stop them from going viral. Any questions concerning the topics raised here will be answered in good time. Should you need a real way to earn online then you can have a look below with some links to our #1 Offer. I am very much looking forward to all of your comments regarding What Is EhMoney Site. Take care and remember:- no one’s getting rich for just clicking on ads – ever!



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4 thoughts on “What Is EhMoney Site? Is EhMoney Site a Scam or Legit!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jean,

      They will never pay you. It does not matter it there was a million dollars owed to you – they will never pay you a cent.

  1. Wanda

    Ugh, I’m so tired of these PTC scam sites, like EhMoney Site, taking advantage of innocent and sometimes desperate people out there… Thanks for exposing these parasites!

    Having bought the t-shirt, you are so right when you say that no PTC site will ever pay a decent amount of income in relation to the time and effort you have to put in to reach the cash-out levels.

    Also, people, always remember – WHEN IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE – IT USUALLY IS!! I understand how enticing it may look, they want you to think like that in order to pull you in, but take heed of the warnings here on scamwitness. There are too many loop-holes regarding their location, ownership and payout methods. Don’t fall for their lies! Also, always trust your intuition – I made the mistake of joining one of these and was feeling weird about things through-out the whole process, but, like the article mentions, the earnings were so amazing and enticing that I really HOPED that this would work. Thank GOODNESS, I found a review, right here on Scamwitness.com, that stopped me from paying the $9! Although, by then they already had my Paypal details, as they FIRST ask you for these details before they tell you that there are certain conditions (like the 40-odd referrals) that need to be met in order to “cash-out”.

    Thanks, Philip, for your in-depth research and for publishing your findings so that others, like myself, will not fall into the jaws of these sharks.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Wanda,

      Thank you so much for your in-depth former member review of these sites. They are many and never ending in their production of such sites. I can’t even keep up with all the one’s yet to be exposed.

      Thank you again for popping by and leaving your valuable insight to help warn others, I KNOW, it will go a long way to stopping so many others from falling for EhMoney Site’s scam.




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