What Is EdMoney Win? Is EdMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 18, 2018

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EdMoney Win Investigation



Open Mike Night on What Is EdMoney Win.

Scratching your head wondering What Is EdMoney Win? Maybe asking is Ed Money Win a profitable enterprise? Is EdMoney. Win a fools game? Welcome to this non-member review of EdMoney as we unravel the truth behind their operation. First off, the operators are exemplars of corruption, ergo, ‘Ed’ is a total scam! EdMoney is 1 site among a sea of identical site’s from the same people. This article will leave a list of their site’s to watch out for. The one’s we have found are:-

Atmoney win, ammoney win, agmoney site, abamoney bid, agmoney bid, epmoney win, oxmoney win, anmoney win, avmoney win, akmoney win, edmoney site, ogmoney win, ukmoney win, armoney win, ifmoney win, ubmoney win, exmoney win, osmoney win, uxmoney win, ekmoney win, ytmoney win, ewmoney win, odmoney win, uvmoney win, asmoney winygmoney win, ydmoney bid, yhmoney win, nonmoney bid, ummoney bid, yxmoney win, unmoney win, afmoney win etc! Those ones are reviewed and will open in a new window for you. There are many more to come.

Certainly, that is the short answer. I am sure there will be some who are annoyed at this news. Since you were trying to make money with them, the chances might be, you are still looking for a good and honest opportunity online – with a $0 Capital Start Up? You can see our #1 Recommendation at the bottom of this post.



More on What Is EdMoney Win, Job Offer, Pay and Owners.

As we venture into answering what is edmoney win, it is best to try to find out who owns it first, to determine if they are trustworthy. Quick search returns site registered detaisl are severely lacking. No email, no founder ID and address is not where the IP tracks to!! No honest online business deceives like this by hiding the most important details of their site. EdMoney was born 23-02-108 and is shutting down in just one year. One year site’s do not imbue trust anywhere as they are historical indicators of a scam.

Bad start for transparency, so.


EdMoney Win:- Truth Revealed.


The work they offer is as simple as your abc’s. This is OK but not when you know they are pretending to pay members over $400 a day for work a kid could do. That in itself ain’t gelling too well. The work involves signing up for free. You are invited then to click and view ads. This makes them a PTC Site, or a paid to click job offer, where you are awarded 10c a go.

Once you spread your affiliate link to your social media, make referrals that actually bother to stay around do some work, then you are told you are having half of that persons pay. Seems bit too good to be true? That’s because it is. This work of dumping your link wherever the winds may blow is called spamming and people are now starting to get prosecuted for it. Here is an article that shows you a real life case of what can happen if you continue along these lines in your own affiliate marketing endeavors. This article is called:- Spammer Sentenced to Nine Years in Jail. Courtesy of pcworld.com and opens in a new browser.

You will see fake earnings multiplying in your account like its Christmas Day. The basic pay out is at $150. They are showing off fake stats of people earning up to $300 for about 3 to five hours of ad views. However, I know that viewing ads is not the main priority of these site’s. What they really want is for members to fill out codes all day for no pay.

Should members be unlucky enough to view 1000 adverts in one month then they are supposed to receive $4800! All payments are due in one hour, though their Frequently Asked Questions Section states it happens in 1 to 2 days. Contradictions on any site is a sure sign of a scam.


Granted, we do not know who the owners are we do know somethings about them their time online. Their first site’s began online in 2014 where they first came out in German. They then made German and English Versions. For each language, they simply copy and paste to a new site. They will change website name and logo as well. This is common practice when a site’s reputation is so poor they have no choice but to move houses, so to speak, but hte occupants are always the same.

It is incredible to believe it, but, zero amount of members have received zero amounts of pay. They continue to duplicate these site’s like a virus and they do very well for traffic indeed. I also expose them on YouTube, where you can check out the latest video on these guys. It is about AgMoney. Site. You are welcome to say hi and subscribe if you have time.

IP’s are linking to everywhere else except where the crooks are saying they are from . They always say PANANMA. However, recent searches have shown they are popping up in the UK, USA, GERMANY ETC. I am suspecting there is someone just making money selling their own unique script to other scammers online. This is now a Global Scam Network.

Lastly, they are a Russian originated venture that are showing signs of only growing bigger. They have ramped up duplicates as it appears they are now releasing many by the month. Such other site’s they have released, that you should be mindful of, are:-

  • esmoney win.
  • usmoney win.
  • owmoney win.
  • olmoney club.
  • ermoney win.
  • ecmoney win.
  • ohmoney bid.
  • ucmoney win.
  • awmoney win.
  • elmoney win.
  • uwmoney win.
  • agmoney win.
  • ohmoney club.
  • ammoney club.
  • elamoney bid.
  • ammoney bid.
  • ubemoney site.

Those are not reviewed and they are very new indeed. Their site’s will only ever last one year, as mentioned. And so, they are forever replenishing these site’s. Often times, when a site shuts down for poor rep, they will just re-direct created traffic to a new site. This has the bonus of not losing their traffic to a better extent. When you site a site’s name, is different to its URL name, you know you are in trouble if you do not leave – the biggest scam sign in history!!

But, how is the scam implemented? This will be our next port of call in the final unveiling of their cheating site.



Beware of How Their Scam Works!

The anti-fun begins when you ask for your moneyain’t that just always the way!

At the nice moment you make $150 you have to apply for it. They will come back with some mind-bending waiting time of 3 months for your own cash. The ‘crazy‘ gets better when you have to pay $10 to get some money from them. Needless to say, if you got to pay money to get money – we now have slipped into the twilight zone in such a situation.

Unfortunately, quite a few do pay this fee. Then reports have revealed they will want more money. They want $9 to sell you 100 new sign ups. This is because you have to make 40 of these sign ups to qualify for your money. It is completely ‘Huey – and I am not even sure what that means exactly – but I do know it does’t sound right in both cases 🙂 .

Should you pay on both counts you are just locked out of your own account. This account is never deleted and you never gain access to it again. Your email, name, bank details – if handed over, PayPal – if handed over is put onto a list and sold onto scammers. This is quite a serious scam to fall for and there should be immediate online safety measures implemented.

Here is a superb article showing us all how to keep our online ID safe. It is called:- 20 Ways to Keep Your Internet ID Safe From Hackers. Opens in a new window and it is courtesy of theguardian.com.

Below is our disclaimer, scam rating, a section where you have your say and our #1 Recommendation.



DISCLAIMER:- The final conclusion of this article is based on my opinion and is not to be accepted ahead of other views if valid. Though, the evidence does overwhelmingly point to a scam, those that still doubt are welcome to continue their research here:- Google. Should you find additional details, like who they are exactly, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time in this matter.





Here is where all members, and potential new sign ups to the site just written on, can have your say. Were you tempted to sign up but now thinking twice? Did you sign up and get your money taken from you ? Let us know below so others are better informed to the reality of these operators. Maybe you have spotted a new one that I have not come across as yet? As mentioned, they have 1000s, and great thanks to this websites readers, I continue to receive reports of their new site’s. Each one is being religiously exposed. Well, I think you have heard enough from me on What Is EdMoney Win, and now pass the Mike to you. Looking forward to all of your comments and I respond to them all. Take care out there online 🙂 .


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14 thoughts on “What Is EdMoney Win? Is EdMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Issouf

    Merci pour tout car j’ai moi même j’ai fait ma demande de retrait ils m’ont dit de payer 10$ j’ai su que c’était une arnaque nous vous soutenons

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Issouf,

      I really do appreciate your support and I am over the moon you did not pay that $10 and found our article on them instead. Good job!

      – Philip.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for popping by to say hi – much appreciated.

      If there is something I can help with please don’t hesitate to ask.


  2. Danielle

    Oh, you will certainly hear from me, Philip! Your site has invaluable information.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jonaly,

      Total Scam! No difference to Edmoney Win except URL and Site Logo. Same operation to defraud money from their members. If you have given them personal details please take the appropriate safety measures to ensure you don’t fall victim to phishing, spamming and fraud.

      Thank you for reporting asumoney. site to use as we did not know about this one – much appreciated and we will expose them for you.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ali,

      Thank you very much for your question. There is another atmoney and it is called atmoney. win. You will find an ever growing and nearly daily updated list of the all the sites these scammers own that I have been able to find.

      Atmoney. bid was not on that list and I will put it there short. Alas, atmoney bid is a scam site and they will never pay you.



  3. Danielle

    Hi Philip
    Big questions – what is edmoney win? Is edmoney win a scam or legit?

    Seriously, they promise to pay $400 a day?! And then the part of paying half of a referrals’ pay to one who refers them? So if a referrals earns $400 they will pay $200? How on earth can this be real? What more, being asked to put yourself on line to spread their links everywhere!

    Oh-my-gosh, what utter nonsense!

    I must admit there is a price to pay when people get lazy and want easy money. There is no easy money in such amounts! People don’t realize that. Those sites are still around because it’s working for them and they are getting people’s money for free instead.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this post. It will save some people from being scammed because you have made it so clear that this is a scam.

    What is EdMoney.Win? Is it legit or a scam? I say it is a scam! Thank you.

    I really appreciate that you took the time to enlighten people on this and I am going to share this post on my social media.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      I am glad how clearly you can see that EdMoney Win is a true fraud site and an organized one at that.

      So, when I first started out online looking for ways to earn online, I have to admit, I easily would of fell for something like EdMoney. I have fallen for similar and so it is only a pleasure to alert others to such sites.

      This way they won’t get their personal ID stolen, money defrauded and just saves others a good bit of time as well.

      I am very happy for your comment and certainly hope to hear from you again in the future Danielle 🙂 .




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