What Is EdMoney Site? Is EdMoney Site a Scam or Legit!

By | April 6, 2018

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No Bias Answer to What Is EdMoney Site


 Querying What Is EdMoney Site? Full Reveal Below.

Non-Member analysis to answer questions like What Is EdMoney Site, Is EdMoney. Site a lie? Is EdMoney Site good and paying out? In this EdMoney Review we will also look for who owns it, work offer and pay. Also, why EdMoneySite is a total SCAM! This ‘New Paid Views Advertisement System’ have duplicate sites, running a muck online, such as epmoney. win, oxmoney. win, agmoney bid, armoney win, ifmoney win, ubmoney win, ommoney win, exmoney win, osmoney win, uxmoney win, ekmoney win, odmoney win, uvmoney win, asmoney win, ytmoney win, yhmoney win, ygmoney win, yhmoney bid, ydmoney win, ummoney bid, ugmoney win, yxmoney bid, nonmoney bid, unmoney win, xymoney site, afmoney win, armoney win etc, and the list goes on!


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Fully Uncovering What Is EdMoney Site, who it belongs to and Work/Compensation Plans.

Very quickly, before answering what is edmoney site, let us see if we are able to expose the founder. As you may or may not know, all websites must submit legit upon their sites registration. Scam Sites do not ordinarily stick to this and so a lack of these details is our first sign of a scam. EdMoney was set up online on 10/03 (March being a huge roll out month of these sites) and sets to end in 2019. Founder name nowhere to be observed and no email address. Not Good!

Not even on their site are there any owner details and so now we begin even more suspiciously of them.


But, there are a few things that are known about these unknown con artists.

Originally a Russian started scam, they set up in 2014 and continue to this day. They have infected German, Russian and English-speaking web space in these respective languages and in that order. IP locations span the planet, clearly informing anyone, they are a legitimate and organized threat to people online.

The name of this illegal network is labeled as Webdengi_Eng (for the English one’s anyways) and have 714 copies in this language. March as mentioned rolled out a ton of these copies. That is because all the 2017 one’s have expired and are shut down or being pointed to fresher sites. In this way they are seeking to maintain traffic build up from previous sites.

These sites will only ever exist for a max of just 1 year, and already in the 2018 batch, several have gone! The reason why they go so quickly at times is because of online reputation. Soon as people realize they are being scammed, naturally enough, they will report them to blogs and other spaces online. However, the bulk tend to last the full year and the owners do very well indeed financially speaking.

Lastly on this point, EdMoney, and ALL OF THEIR SITES PRESENTLY AND PAST, have NEVER paid a single member per time and effort. Those about to ask how to cash out? How to get paid? If they are a scam? Are they the same as anyone of their identical looking sites, well, should know that yes – they are all owned by the same people. You can not cash out and there is no way to get your earnings. All these monies are hoarded by the owners indefinitely.


Social Media Promotions of these Sites.

These sites are prone to being made into YouTube videos! Here you will see some person cashing out and ‘tricking’ the captcha somehow. Do believe me when I tell you these are the scammers operating their con! Do not be fooled as if is just another tentacle to drive traffic to their dishonest PTC Sites. Ignore all comments that say anything positive about anyone of their sites as well. These guys are on Facebook as well and many get pulled in by friends recommendations.


How It Works.

Well, I probably should have got to this point sooner so here we go!

Free to participate with your email but the email can be a fake one – they don’t require confirmation of this either. This struck me as unprofessional and bizarre as I have NEVER observed this before online.

Clearly, they are a PTC Site (paid to click for those that may not know) where people get paid for viewing ads, making referrals and something to do with filling out codes. The codes part, I do not know about, and so would love for someone to better enlighten me in the comments box below.

Ads are promised to give participants $00.10 per qualified watch and is updated to the members accounts straight away. Making Referrals though, is where big profits lye – if it were real. We shall soon discuss the unreality of 10 cents a video as being financially unsustainable as well.

Making Referrals is the bulk of profits and can be achieved by simply sharing your affiliate link. You link can be placed on YouTube, splattered all over Twitter and Facebook, blogs and really just about anywhere you can find space online and get away with it. This is called SPAMMING and is seriously frowned upon, and incidentally, may have your promotional emails automatically sent to the ‘SPAM’ inbox for future campaigns.

Here is a prime example of what can happen to someone that spams in live chat boxes called Canadian Man Faces Criminal Charges for Allegedly Spamming Twitch Chat. Courtesy of digitaltrends.com. Opens in a new window.

When Referrals join and begin to work then you make half of the money they generate. Again, this is unexpectedly high and can not be considered real. PTC Sites make nearly zero profits for members relative to time and effort. One can spend close to 12 months watching ads and only make $100, and in one report, not even $10! This is why Scam Witness never recommends these sites as the money is worthless and can never justify your time and effort.


The Fake 10 Cents Per Ad Myth.

Quickly, I will say that 10 cents is too high. Advertisers are real people who will pay even half a penny per watched ad. Consider if you will as well that $10 can garner 2000 clicks and now you see that 10 cents is a lie. At that rate advertisers are only getting a mere 200 clicks for the same amount of money paid i.e. $10 – LOL!


No CC To Join Wealthy Affilite


How Members are being Tricked out of Money and Time!

The Minimum amount you may request your money is at $150!

There is a fraudulent process already in place where you must complete an application form. This form is submitted and viewed for approval. Admin will return saying that 3 months is the period all participants wait for their cash. This is of course utter B. S !

One other way exists to speed up this process but it does involve parting with $10! It only takes five minutes or fewer and you are promised quicker verification. This is an attempt to extort real money out of members for the release of fake monies. Obviously, do not pay it.

However, some have and so the scam still continues. They will now demand 40 sign ups in ‘exchange’ for your cash. This is the point where some will realize it is nonsense and a con. Unfortunately, some will manually waste further time by promoting their affiliate link to make these sign ups. Once made – you are done! Scam Over! You account is shut down, though it looks to be still opened, but you no longer can access it!

EdMoney does run a service that you can buy those referrals for $9 for 100. This is even more nonsense and just another fraud attempt on your wallet. Should a member pay then the same thing happens – Locked out of your Account Permanently.

Those seeking help from support with either be ignored or receive responses where nothing is understood – this is where the scammers won’t understand ANYTHING you are saying to them. I have observed this playing dumb phenomena within YouTube Comments and elsewhere.

They only want to get members to send them as much traffic, for free, as possible to view ads and defraud. Even if NO MEMBERS PAY A DIME, participants are still earning Edmoney a fortune by viewing ads. Though the payout is small per view, the money for the owners is huge, when you think about the 1000s of sites running times by the number of members viewing them. All monies go to owners and no where else.



DISCLAIMER:- Much time and research has gone into collating this data. Ultimately however, you should consider this article as my own opinion. I only want to warn others of what I believe to be a dishonest site. Others may continue researching via Google etc to better understand the scale of their operations and their hidden intentions. Thank you.




Scam Witness Needs Your Help!

Sites that rip people off should be shut down. Since there are 1000s cropping up every day, there are not enough resources to combat this situation. The Best way for now is if we band together! You can do this by leaving your complaints below of being conned and this will help many others avoid it. This will eventually starve such sites of traffic whereupon they must should down for lack of reward.

Those that will help in this matter are very much appreciated – Thank You 🙂 .






So, don’t be shy and say hi below 🙂 . Perhaps you were used by the site just investigated? Do let everyone know below. Or did you find another of their frauds? This is very useful as I will expose them for everyone to know. We are also taking questions on our #1 Recommendation as well where I will be happy to show you how to make money online. Time to call time on What Is EdMoney Site and certainly hope you found it illuminating. Looking forward to responding to all of your comment below and until next time – take care 🙂 .

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