What Is EcaMoney Site? EcaMoney Site a Scam or Legit!

By | April 27, 2018

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EcaMoney Site Exposed!



New Paid Advertisement Viewing System, but really, What Is EcaMoney Site and Why YOU Won’t Earn Anything with Them.

At the request of a reader, we will now answer What Is EcaMoney Site. Perhaps many are asking is EcaMoney. Site corrupt? Is Eca Money Site decent and profitable? This review of EcaMoney will clearly show you why they can’t be trusted and how ‘ECA’ is only 1 of a vast ocean of duplicated “Paid Advertisement Viewing Systems”. Scam Witness has exposed many of their near identical sites and you may see some below. Those that have been scammed by these sites are welcome to let us know in the comments below this article:-

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EcaMoney Site and Their Up-Scaled Plan To Deceive.

The owners behind EcaMoney Site do not have any legit identity details disclosed online. They have been operating their scams since 2014 and potentially have made millions in defrauding their members. They pretend to be a legit PTC site (paid to click) where the average earnings rocket to nearly $500 a day!

They are a Russian invention and have spread into English and German copies.

The work is all too easy for the money they say they pay and you are said to earn 10 on every ad click you perform. At the end of each advertisement then there is an additional task of doing a code. The code part is not detailed in their fake job description on their site.

Their site is so fake the wording, from all of their sister sites, is identical. There are only a few changes like member names, Logo and URL and that is all. The scam process never varies and neither to the fake payouts. All payouts you see on their site are false because no advertiser can afford to pay 10c a pop on every click when they can buy 1000 clicks for only $5 – you do the math!

Another false-hope-flag is when they say you can earn half of your referrals income! You can try to entice new members with your link. All your links maybe placed on any social media account you have. This may and currently does, pull in participants friends and family members. All monies are clearly displayed in every one’s account giving clear impression of impending payment.

Payment is at $150 and many get to this point in only a few hours. This is REDICULOUS as it takes time to build up a business online that earns that much that quick – though, it is more than possible with Your Own Website.

Here members will stumble into a real money trap when they apply for their cash!!



The Money Trap!

Money Trap from EcaMoney Site.

All is well and the birds are singing as you apply for your earnings. Application response is that you have to wait for too long for your well-earned monies. This is but an enticement to pay $10 to get your money faster! Then they will get real greedy and think they can sell you 100 FAKE REFERRALS FOR $9!!
All bad news. Payments are only sent to these crooks via BTC Wallet where there is no historical trace of money sent or received by any party. This is the inherent flaw of paying with Bit Coin guys – there is no proof of purchase for anything – be very warned!!!

Here is why paying in Bit Coin could leave you robbed of money:- Here’s Why People Don’t Buy Things with Bit Coin. Thanks to motherboard.vice.com for this and opens in a new browser.

Should you fork out those monies to get your cash then you have landed in hot water because you will be booted from your account.

Your account will not be deleted but kept active to show other people that there are many members. Every member who fully falls for this, will have added huge financial value to their site through their work efforts. Those that have made 40 referrals have inadvertently helped this site potentially scam more people. Try to warn your social network of your error and tell them not to go near EcaMoney Site.



DISCLAIMER:- This post is my own opinion and every one is encouraged to seek other opinions from trusted sources. Thank you.






Those that got their cash stolen from them are invited to declare this in the comments below. Here is great opportunity to help warn others. The more we expose these scams the more people are coming forward. For that, I am grateful and thankful for all that has done so thus far. Here we will now end talking about What Is EcaMoney Site and hope there is enough info to satisfy your questions. If not, click on any of the links to their other reviews and you will see many more additional details.



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4 thoughts on “What Is EcaMoney Site? EcaMoney Site a Scam or Legit!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Vanuraag,

      Yep, thank you very much for warning other people regarding EcaMoney Site. They sure are fake and will never pay out.

  1. Danielle

    Now, I thought the big hole was with western union but of-course Bitcoin! I remember a friend involved with BTC telling me that the good thing about Bitcoin is that no one owns it. So yes, checks and balances will be missing too. Those with less integrity find a loophole with all this.

    Another huge tell-tale sign of scammers. Of-course they want payment through methods that can’t be traced!

    I would like to understand more of this. How do people get the bitcoin? I thought it was difficult to get hold of the bitcoin?

    So now people have to go out of their way to get the Bitcoin to get scammed?!

    Is EcaMoney Site a Scam or Legit? From all that you have said, it is obvious that it’s a scam.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      There is so many aspects to their scam that one could pick just one side of it and write on that.

      EcaMoney Site is a multi-faceted scam who does not pay out and sistered to 1000’s of nearly identical sites online. Operators making a killing from peoples genuine desire to earn online.

      Thanks for your review on EcaMoney and love to hear from you again some time.




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